Amazon is Considering Acquiring AMC Entertainment

Market News Daily: Amazon is Considering Acquiring AMC Entertainment.
Market News Daily: Amazon is Considering Acquiring AMC Entertainment.

Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) is considering buying AMC Entertainment (NYSE:AMC) according to Amazon Insiders, per Intersect.

AMC stock rose more than +16% on the news before getting halted.

The thinking is that Amazon can use AMC’s theatres as “marketing weigh stations,” said one Amazon insider.

This would be used for promoting Amazon Prime movies for awards contention, cross-selling services such as grocery delivery, serving as local distribution hubs, and collecting crucial data from AMC’s annual 200 million moviegoing customers.

“It would also throw a lifeline to AMC, the world’s largest theater chain whose financials were torpedoed by the COVID pandemic chased by Hollywood’s cut-throat pivot to their own streaming services. The cinema chain – whose stock traded a year ago at $34 and now languishes at about $4 – can be scooped up cheaply (and without a major premium) for just a few billion dollars,” says Intersect.

“The discussions inside Amazon’s headquarters in Seattle and entertainment offices in Los Angeles are fluid, and there is no certainty that the retail giant will even make an offer.

One insider told The Intersect that Bezos may just bide his time should AMC’s stock continue to erode, or even pounce on AMC assets if the company buckles into bankruptcy — a strategy reminiscent of British banking giant Barclays’ takeover of Lehman Bros. during the financial crisis.”

Amazon AMC Acquisition Rumor

Market News Daily: Amazon is Considering Acquiring AMC Entertainment.
Market News Daily: Amazon is Considering Acquiring AMC Entertainment | Amazon AMC Acquisition News.

Sources say Adam Aron responded to a text message late Monday evening with “we do not reply to rumors and speculation.”

Amazon did not immediately reply to several email inquiries seeking comment.

Intersect says these are internal discussions being held inside Amazon and no official offer has been made from either party.

Still, many investors over the years have speculated an offer would one day be brought to the table.

If Amazon acquired AMC Entertainment, it would boost the company’s market cap substantially, more than likely squeezing short sellers from this acquisition.

Would this be a gamechanger for AMC Entertainment?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this in the comment section down below.

Source(s): Intersect.

Market News Published Daily

Market News Today: Amazon is Considering Acquiring AMC Entertainment.
Market News Today: Is Amazon buying AMC? Amazon is Considering Acquiring AMC Entertainment.

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  1. Pepe

    I’ll bet top dollar that by tomorrow morning our so-called Ape leader AA will open his mouth and take down any momentum on the AMC run. He’ll say something like ‘Don’t believe the rumors. There’s no justification for a AMC squeeze. Trust me. we’re right where we need to be. In fact, we’ve sold more wieners than any theater in Frankfurt, Germany. Heck, I contributed to the sales by eating 8 myself.’

    • FCKAA

      Heck, I contributed to the sales by eating 8 myself.’ LMAO!

  2. mrcomp11

    This seems like a fishy rumor with no substance, but no doubt SOMETHING big is about to happen with AMC.

    • Frank Nez

      Don’t think it’s fishy. Amazon is trying to expand their movie presence, actually makes sense. I don’t doubt talks are on the table as Amazon insiders are stating. Insiders said talks about Amazon investing billions in the movie theatre industry were also happening during the last quarter of 2022; they ended up being true. Still, it seems no offers have been made from either party.

  3. Tim

    If this were to happen would the AMC shares be absorbed into amazon? Giving everyone who owns AMC equal value worth of amazon and setting free all of Jeff’s rich buddy’s to ever have to pay out a dime.

  4. Frank Nez

    Leave your thoughts below!

    • Ken

      It’s a MSM cover for the run up coming. It’s just shorts closing out as best they can….no way Amazon let’s the price run before they have a deal.

      • Frank Nez


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