A Massive Retailer Now Has A Closing Liquidation Sale

A massive retailer now has a closing liquidation sale following the shutter of another location, sources are confirming.

Family Dollar is offering liquidation sales after announcing it would close another location.

The Dayton, Ohio store is selling all products store-wide at 50% off.

The location at 440 N James H McGee Boulevard will close soon, though there is no confirmed shutdown date yet.

Dayton is losing the affordable store after Family Dollar announced it would close around 600 stores in 2024.

The chain has been under Dollar Tree’s ownership since 2015.

A store employee told The U.S. Sun that the location is expected to close in mid-April.

Despite the sales, some customers took to social media to express their dismay at the shutdown.

“Now they are closing everywhere,” customer Sharon Beightler said on Facebook. “This just breaks my heart.”

A five minute drive west of the closing store, there is another Family Dollar on North Gettysburg Avenue.

Less than half a mile to the south, there is a Dollar General.

Family Dollars across the country are on the chopping block, reports The-Sun.

At an earnings call to investors this month, Dollar Tree revealed it could shut hundreds of locations.

The company announced it would close 600 Family Dollars in the next six months.

It also plans to shut 370 more Family Dollars and around 30 Dollar Tree locations in the next few years as lease terms expire.

The company did not announce a full list of stores that would be shutting.

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Other Economy News Today

Market News Today - A Massive Retailer Now Has A Closing Liquidation Sale.
Market News Today – A Massive Retailer Now Has A Closing Liquidation Sale.

Another beloved brewery now files an unexpected bankruptcy after reporting liabilities of $601,000 and assets of $135,000.

7 Mile Brewery of Rio Grande, New Jersey has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

The company, which closed its doors in May, officially filed for bankruptcy in late -February, reports TheStreet.

The company did share a goodbye on its Facebook page after its last day of operations in May.

“Well that’s a wrap. Thank you to all that came out this weekend to support us.

Thank you to all of you for sharing your memories and sending well wishes. We will miss you all. We would also like to thank all our amazing employees through the years.

7 Mile Brewery was all because of you,” the company shared.

It remains unclear why 7 Mile Brewery waited this long to file as it did not appear to be working toward a plan to reopen.

The company reported liabilities of $601,000 and assets of $135,000, which is mainly in brewing equipment.

Filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection might allow the company’s owners to work out a plan to keep that equipment.

That could, in theory, allow them to open in another location or brew beer to sell to wholesalers, reports TheStreet.

However, local radio station, 92.3 The Buzz shared what it believes to be the reason for the filing.

“The craft brewer closed down its operation in May 2023 but has gone to court seeking protection after landlord threats of on-site auctions to sell the property outright.”

7 Mile Brewery isn’t the only one in its industry to shutter.

Deadwords and Persimmon Hollow, two Florida breweries also filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy earlier this year.

Both of those beer brands are trying to stay open.

Forgotten Boardwalk Brewing in New Jersey was not as lucky, having closed down in February.

That was the same fate met by The Alementary Brewing Co., another New Jersey brewery which closed after a bankruptcy filing.

In addition, franchise retail chain Craft Beer Cellar filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy to liquidate its assets, after suffering from financial distress and failing to sell its business.

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Market News Today - A Massive Retailer Now Has A Closing Liquidation Sale.
Market News Today – A Massive Retailer Now Has A Closing Liquidation Sale.

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