A Fast Food Chain Now Makes An Unexpected Closure

A fast food chain now makes an unexpected closure in California due to a rapid surge in crime, sources are confirming.

The In-N-Out joint in Oakland, California, closed its doors for the last time on March 24, reports The-Sun.

Bosses announced the closure in January as they blasted ‘lawlessness’ that impacted diners and staffers.

The final burgers were flipped for the last time this weekend, bringing an end to almost 20 years of business and leaving fans in despair, per The US Sun.

Local, state, and federal politicians have been blamed by hundreds of social media users.

“It’s sad our world has come to this,” one woman lamented.

“One more nail in the coffin for progressive governance,” another said.

“Damn shame. Oakland has to do better,” a third person ranted.

“So sad. Once upon a time, Oakland was the place to be and live,” a fan reminisced.

“Now it’s so riddled with crime that businesses can’t thrive there anymore.”

Others have hit out at city chiefs and called on them to clean up the city.

“Such a beautiful part of the state gone to the bin. Something is gotta change,” a Facebook user commented.

Social media users said companies shouldn’t have to close businesses to keep workers safe.

“This should send a message, a loud message to the people who have caused this problem. Violence, looting, stealing are not the way,” a man said.

“Why would you want to live like that or live in that kind of environment?

“In the end, all it does is cause more deterioration of that neighborhood and that spreads like fire to other neighborhoods.

I am saddened by this action and fear that this is just the beginning.”

Furious residents branded the closure a disaster and a travesty and have called on police forces to enforce the law or risk losing businesses.

Clarisa Mares, a former staffer, was left devastated by the shutdown.

“Yeah, it’s really sad because it’s a spot where a lot of teens come [to] have their first job,” she told the ABC affiliate KGO.

“This was my first job ever.”

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Other Economy News Today

Market News Today - A Fast Food Chain Now Makes An Unexpected Closure.
Market News Today – A Fast Food Chain Now Makes An Unexpected Closure.

A massive retailer now has a closing liquidation sale following the shutter of another location, sources are confirming.

Family Dollar is offering liquidation sales after announcing it would close another location.

The Dayton, Ohio store is selling all products store-wide at 50% off.

The location at 440 N James H McGee Boulevard will close soon, though there is no confirmed shutdown date yet.

Dayton is losing the affordable store after Family Dollar announced it would close around 600 stores in 2024.

The chain has been under Dollar Tree’s ownership since 2015.

A store employee told The U.S. Sun that the location is expected to close in mid-April.

Despite the sales, some customers took to social media to express their dismay at the shutdown.

“Now they are closing everywhere,” customer Sharon Beightler said on Facebook. “This just breaks my heart.”

A five minute drive west of the closing store, there is another Family Dollar on North Gettysburg Avenue.

Less than half a mile to the south, there is a Dollar General.

Family Dollars across the country are on the chopping block, reports The-Sun.

At an earnings call to investors this month, Dollar Tree revealed it could shut hundreds of locations.

The company announced it would close 600 Family Dollars in the next six months.

It also plans to shut 370 more Family Dollars and around 30 Dollar Tree locations in the next few years as lease terms expire.

The company did not announce a full list of stores that would be shutting.

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Market News Today - A Fast Food Chain Now Makes An Unexpected Closure.
Market News Today – A Fast Food Chain Now Makes An Unexpected Closure.

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