A Beloved Restaurant Now Makes an Unexpected Closure

A beloved restaurant now makes an unexpected closure at a California location due to crime and safety reasons, sources report.

A Popular Denny’s restaurant has closed its doors for good due to crime in Oakland, California, reports The-Sun.

Customers were greeted at the restaurant on 601 Hegenberger Road with a sign on the doors after it closed at 1 pm, on January 31.

The sign explained the reason for the closure.

“Closing a restaurant location is never an easy decision or one taken lightly,” the notice said.

“However, the safety and well-being of Denny’s team members and valued guests is our top priority.”

Denny’s also thanked its customers and staff for the 54 years it had been in operation.

“Denny’s offers its heartfelt thanks to the team members and the local community for their love of the Denny’s brand; it has been a pleasure serving you,” the sign said.

The notice added that staff members at the Oakland location would be offered positions at other branches where available.

This spot was less than two miles from Oakland International Airport so it was often visited by tourists and travelers after their flights.

Police said its location attracted thieves would would target these visitors and their cars with luggage, according to SFGATE.

Some of the location’s final few customers shared their sad thoughts on the situation, according to Fox affiliate KTVU.

Aloy Ekane, a customer and Grubhub worker, shared why they would particularly miss that spot.

“I feel so bad for Oakland because it’s like everybody’s leaving,” Ekane said.

“Oh yeah, I eat here all the time, sometimes [at] midnight. I come here and eat, because [in the] last few years, it was quite good.

“Just a good place. I feel so bad that they’re leaving, you know?”

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Other Economy News Today

Market News Today - A Beloved Restaurant Now Makes an Unexpected Closure.
Market News Today – A Beloved Restaurant Now Makes an Unexpected Closure.

A massive fast food franchisee now files for bankruptcy in Barry, Illinois, baffling employees and customer alike, sources report.

Staff at a Wendy’s location were shocked when they arrived at the store to see its doors were shut, reports The-Sun.

The location in Barry, Illinois, around 30 miles east of Springfield, announced it would close down for good.

The announcement came through the surprised members of staff at the 2 Cieten Plaza branch on January 20, according to My Journal Courier.

This shock closure followed news that the franchisee that owns the location had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in November 2023.

The Starboard Group had leases for around 72 restaurants across the south and midwest in Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri, Alabama, and Florida.

This group also operated several other restaurants like 20 Applebee’s and 15 Subways.

Customers took to social media after learning about the news.

“Welp, Wendy’s in Barry is permanently closed,” one Facebook poster said with a crying face emoji.

“I’m gonna miss my chicken sandwiches,” one person responded.

“Oh god I was just thinking about running over there soon,” another person posted.

Another Starboard Group-owned local Wendy’s location in Hannibal, Missouri has also shut its doors.

This location employed around 13 people and one employee shared how she found out.

Abigail Conley, the night manager of the restaurant, said the news was confirmed by the general manager when she arrived for her shift, according to Muddy River News.

“I walked in to do my 5 p.m.-to-midnight shift, and they just said we were closing,” she said.

“I asked if they would be giving us a reason, and they said no.”

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Market News Today - A Beloved Restaurant Now Makes an Unexpected Closure.
Market News Today – A Beloved Restaurant Now Makes an Unexpected Closure.

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