5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Ignore AMC Stock

should I buy AMC stock
Market News: Should you buy AMC stock? Here are 5 reasons why people are buying it.

AMC stock is up more than 30% on the monthly chart.

Investing $1,000 into the largest movie theatre chain in the world one month ago would have yielded a return of $300 today.

$3,000 if you invested $10,000 and $30,000 if you invested $100,000.

Everyone is buying AMC stock right now.

And here are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t ignore it.


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Why are people buying AMC stock?

AMC stock has a very interesting back story, and if you’ve been following anything in the financial world, you know that investors who bought AMC stock last year humiliated Wall Street when they beat hedge funds at their own game.

Here’s why people are buying AMC stock in 2022.

#1. The potential of another short squeeze

AMC short squeeze

Mainstream media cannot keep hiding this anymore, the cat is out of the bag.

AMC Entertainment stock continues to be a very heavily shorted company despite the media trying to sway investors from investing in it.

Why doesn’t mainstream media want investors to buy AMC stock?

They’re tied in a major conflict of interest where employers who are short on the company cannot afford to lose billions again.

But new investors are getting in on the stock to squeeze shorts from their positions and profit big.

Last year, AMC’s share price skyrocketed to an all-time high of $72 per share when a few short sellers began to close their positions.

You can learn more about AMC’s short squeeze data here.

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#2. AMC stock price is low right now

AMC stock price Yahoo
Should you invest in AMC stock? AMC stock price Yahoo

AMC’s current share price makes it a bargain for most retail investors looking to buy the stock.

Today we’re starting to see AMC is breaking important technical levels as we did last year prior to its massive runup.

The movie theatre chain stock traded just below $12 per share in June and has since risen to over $16.50 in July.

Will AMC stock go up higher?

The massive number of shareholders certainly think so.

The play itself has always been a ticking time-bomb for a short squeeze.

And the question today is, will you miss it a third time, or will you be able to catch the train on time when it takes off?

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#3. The movie theatre chain is expanding and innovating

Should you invest in AMC stock?

AMC Entertainment has acquired multiple Cinemark locations and Bow Tie Cinemas across the country in the past year.

It has also taken under its wing the Grove and Americana in Los Angeles, CA; two of the most successful movie theatre locations in the world.

In April, the company invested a quarter billion dollars in state-of-the-art laser projectors.

The century old movie theatre chain company has also entered the crypto space by accepting a variety of cryptocurrencies as form of payment for movie tickets, gift cards, and soon merchandise.

And speaking of the crypto space, AMC’s NFTs are getting huge.

#4. NFT movie titles and benefits


AMC shareholders have been granted with 2/3 exclusive shareholder NFTs from the company.

I Own AMC” NFTs are in the market for $500-$9,000.

A second NFT partnership between AMC Entertainment and their acquired gold mining company Hycroft, were also just distributed to shareholders.

Long-term shareholders who received an “I Own AMC” NFT will also be granted a third NFT, a more exclusive AMC-Hycroft NFT by the end of the year.

AMC has been killing it in the NFT space.

And now shareholders and movie theatre guests are investing in the company to collect these rare series 1 NFTs.

Movie lovers will be excited to find out new movie title NFTs are distributed amongst the first movie ticket buyers.

I guess you can say being an investor has never had perks from a company like this before.

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#5. Community

Should you invest in AMC stock?

And of course, there are the investors who are buying AMC stock to join the growing ‘ape’ community.

This dedicated community made up of retail investors is standing up against market injustices and corrupt players in the system.

This very diverse group of people are your average people, doctors, business owners, lawyers, retirees, stay-at-home moms, veterans, and so much more.

People are buying AMC stock just because of what it stands for, equality in the markets.

For so long, hedge funds and banks have stolen from the people.

Not just through pension plans, but by using backdoors in the market that would tilt the playfield in their favor against retail.

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  1. Tata Carnatica

    Thank You So Much for sharing.I have found it extremely helpful.

  2. Jerome

    Thanks for the update. The MOASS is inevitable. It’s just a question of “when.”

    I’m still holding my 777 AMC shares w/ an average price of $37.12. My 1st entry price was around $57(May 2021). Thank God i was able to average down🙏

  3. Petals

    Hey Frank, I appreciate your work. I have a question. A few months ago, as an AMC stock holder, I signed up through your site to receive AMC NFT but I never got it. I am not versed in this NFT stuff so how do I get it? And the 2nd and 3rd from AMC when it comes out?

  4. Steve Ray

    Fortunately, I got in at a range of $12 – $15 per share. I held when it went to $72, hoping for a much greater profit. Go AMC – be the moass we believe you will be! If you’re waiting to buy – get onboard before the price gets too high. Steve

  5. Remus

    That’s great that the stock is up 30% this month for those who bought it last month. What about us poor suckers that bought $10k worth at $50 per share! As of today that is a -$6,682 loss on the initial investment.

    • Teran Allen

      I bout 70k worth and my average is in the 50’s.

      I’m not upset, Still holding, Don’t plan on selling until shorts close.

  6. Frank Nez

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