$300K Was Now Stolen From This Massive Bank

$300K was now stolen from this massive bank in Texas while its ATM was being serviced, leading to a high speed police chase.

Police have arrested several people suspected of a massive ATM heist after a police chase left multiple injured.

Cedar Hill Police Department officers in Texas announced the arrest of three suspects on Friday afternoon, just hours after the theft occurred, reports The-Sun.

Earlier on Friday, police had responded to a call for help from an ATM service worker who said a pair of masked assailants had robbed him of over $300,000, according to local Fox affiliate KDFW.

The shocking theft occurred at the Bank of America on West Belt Line Road near Highway 67 in Cedar Hill.

The caller said that the thieves ran off in a black SUV after taking the money — and that’s where the police found them.

Officers from the Duncanville Police Department spotted the car in an area neighborhood and attempted to stop it, leading to a high-speed car chase across town.

The suspects were able to escape momentarily and switch cars, stealing a second vehicle from a man trying to enter his car near Highway 67 and Cockrell Hill Road.

Police again picked up the chase, leading to at least two car accidents that disabled the SUV and forced the suspects to exit the car and try to escape from police on foot.

Two suspects who tried to run from police were quickly apprehended.

A third suspect was soon picked trying to hide out in a nearby backyard.

The car chase resulted in a bystander and two of the suspects sustaining injuries that needed treatment at a local hospital.

Cedar Hill police have yet to release the names of the suspects.

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Other Banking News Today

Market News Today - $300K Was Now Stolen From This Massive Bank.
Market News Today – $300K Was Now Stolen From This Massive Bank.

A bank customer now gets their money from account drained claiming she is more upset with the bank than with the actual situation.

A JPMorgan Chase customer who watched tens of thousands of dollars exit her account says she’s more upset with the bank than the scammers who made her a target, reports The Daily Hodl.

Kristal Kuhn in San Diego says she recently received a phone call from someone pretending to work at Chase’s fraud department, reports FOX News 5.

Out of an abundance of caution, Kristal says she asked her daughter to Google the caller’s phone number, and the results showed it belonged to Chase.

At that point, the caller claimed they flagged a $2,000 transaction and would be sending an access code to Kristal.

Soon after giving the access code to the caller, Kristal says she looked at her accounts and saw that the thieves were moving money around, attempting to transfer a huge sum in one go.

Kristal says she immediately called Chase to freeze the transaction but was told she needed to visit a local branch.

It took her about five minutes to get to a Carlsbad branch but no one was available to assist her.

Still on the phone with Chase, the lender said she could try again the next day because there was no one available to assist her, prompting her to rush to a Vista branch where she again received no help.

She abruptly left to visit a third branch in San Marco where her account was flagged, but the employees who called Chase’s back office struggled to freeze her account.

Eventually it was successfully frozen, after the thieves had already drained her account to the tune of $49,500.

“Had the accounts been frozen in the first five minutes when I asked for it to be frozen, we would not be – or even in the second bank, or even at the beginning of the third bank – we would not be in this situation, and now we’re out $49,000…

I am more angry with Chase Bank than I am with the scammers because of how much Chase Bank failed us as a customer.”

Kristal says she reached out to the FBI and filed a complaint with Chase but the lender refused to give her a refund, claiming that she approved the transaction.

US banking laws require lenders to reimburse victims for certain types of fraud, but not when customers are tricked into giving scammers access to their account.

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Market News Today - $300K Was Now Stolen From This Massive Bank.
Market News Today – $300K Was Now Stolen From This Massive Bank.

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