What is Happening with MULN Stock Right Now?

Stock Market News: What's happening with MULN stock?
Stock Market News: What’s happening with MULN stock? Will MULN shares keep rising?

Mullen Automotive (NASDAQ:MULN) stock shares rose +2.27% on Monday after a turbulent past few days last week.

The automotive stock surged to $0.44 before in January before retesting $0.28 and closing at $0.30 the start of the new week.

Retail investors have been buying the stock after analysts gave MULN stock a price target of $24.15.

The current analyst consensus is a strong buy, but shares fell after Mullen Automotive submitted its Form 10-K on Friday the 13th, revealing a number of risk factors.

Will Mullen Automotive stock recover?

Here’s what’s happening with MULN stock right now.

MULN Call Options Continue to Dominate Put Options

Even as MULN shares make gains and slide in January, we see that MULN call options continue to dominate the number of put options in the market.

On Monday, there were 96.41K calls total and 1.64K puts total.

This demonstrates there are more bullish investors than there are bearish investors.

What's happening with MULN stock? MULN stock Webull - Market News.
What’s happening with MULN stock? MULN stock Webull – Market News.

Many institutions are going long on Mullen Automotive stock.

Out of 173 financial institutions investing in Mullen Automotive, only 1 is short with 172 being long, per Fintel.

Still, the company is a target for short seller, per Ortex figures (updated daily).

Shareholders even suggest naked shorting is fueling lower share prices and preventing shares from rising based on retail and institutional demand.

Fintel is also reporting a large percentage of MULN trades going to dark pools.

Approximately 46.16% of MULN trading is happening outside the lit exchange which equates to roughly 85.8 million shares per day.

Dark pool trading as unfortunate as it is, is a tool institutions have been using to gain an advantage over retail investors.

However, massive buying pressure in the end has always proven to play in retail’s favor.

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MULN stock news, Market News, BusinessNews by Frank Nez.
MULN stock news, Market News, BusinessNews by Frank Nez.

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