GameStop Says 30% of Shareholders Have Registered Their Shares

Market News: At least 30% of GameStop shareholders have registered their shares.
Market News: At least 30% of GameStop shareholders have registered their shares.

GameStop says at least 30% of its shareholders have registered their shares with the Direct Registration System (DRS).

According to the filing, approximately 30% of GME’s float is registered equating, to 71.3 million shares.

The efforts from retail investors come as a means to prevent manipulative short seller attacks.

GME stock is trading at $21.66 on Monday with trading volume surpassing the company’s average volume of 5.1 million.

Shares of GameStop (NYSE:GME) are up +26% this year-to-date, a great start to the new year.

On Monday, GameStop shares have risen more than 11% intraday where shares rose to nearly $22.50.

GME’s short interest is currently sitting at 23.55% with approximately 95 million shares out on loan.

This means that despite DRS, the game retailer continues to be heavily shorted.

GameStop Ownership Structure

How much of GameStop’s float is owned by retail investors?

Nearly 70% of the float is owned by individual shareholders according to Vickers Stock Research.

GameStop Ownership Structure -
GameStop Ownership Structure –

This means nearly 40% of retail investors have not registered their GameStop shares through DRS.

Yet it’s very possible the percentage of GameStop shareholders who have registered their shares has grown in the past months.

GameStop’s Chair Ryan Cohen himself owns more than 12% of GME shares.

These are held through Ryan’s holding company RC Ventures, which Vickers considers to be Institutional ownership (12% on graph).

Is DRS working out for GameStop shareholders?

It very well could be, considering GME shares are up nearly +26% this year despite having a high short interest rate.

AMC Entertainment (NYSE:AMC) stock on the other hand is up +44% this year despite DRS being significantly less popular within shareholders.

The movie theatre stock is also heavily shorted at 21.96%.

And according to AMC’s CEO, roughly 90% of shareholders own the float.

Where is GameStop headed in 2023?

GameStop 2023
30% of GameStop Shareholders have registered their shares according to GameStop.

GME stock has the potential to have a big year in 2023.

GameStop continues to be a popular company amongst retail investors, primarily due to the massive community of shareholders who are looking to squeeze short sellers again.

During the spark of the ‘meme stock’ frenzy, GameStop shares rose to $483 per share, a superior all-time high.

But shareholders are not convinced the stock is done running.

2023 opens up new possibilities for GameStop as e-commerce, NFTs, and Web 3.0 gaming continues to grow.

While the company may benefit from arming itself with more short-term capital, GameStop enters the new year with positive cash flow, an incredible start for the company as many continue to struggle.

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