Wells Fargo Now Shares Painful Projection As Branches Shutter

Wells Fargo executives are now sharing a rather painful projection as branches shutter nationwide this year.

Bank branches have been closing down quickly this year with many more scheduled to shutter before year’s end.

The bank has even closed one of its major California branches until 2024.

“Wells Fargo officials have shared a concerning projection for the company’s future as some branches begin counting down their final days,” reports The-Sun.

Richmond, Virginia, will lose one location on October 28 and another will shutter in Charlottesville on November 1.

Meanwhile, a branch in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, will also close for good on November 1.

On the same date, a location in Hanover Township, Pennsylvania, is also scheduled to close.

Even more closures have been announced in other states including California.

What has customers uneasy is that in an earnings call CEO Charlie Scharf admitted: “This company is not efficient – like, period. End of story.

“Even with all of the reductions that we’ve made, it’s not surprising because as you peel the onion back, other things present themselves.”

Around 1,000 Wells Fargo branches closed in just a year, according to the Wells Fargo 2022 annual report.

The closures were part of a $10 billion expense-reduction program that has seen almost 50,000 workers lose their jobs and a 6% reduction of branches.

“It’s not over yet, however, with the US Treasury Department’s Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) revealing last Friday that 15 Wells Fargo branches are going to be axed across Arizona, Georgia, Iowa, Florida, Alabama, and Texas,” reports The-Sun.

Mike Slusark, Wells Fargo spokesperson, said in a written statement: “This is not an easy decision or one we take lightly.”

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Other Banking News Today

Market News Today - Wells Fargo Now Shares Painful Projection As Branches Shutter.
Market News Today – Wells Fargo Now Shares Painful Projection As Branches Shutter.

JPMorgan Chase customers are now reporting an alarming glitch causing missing money in their accounts.

Outage complaints on Downdetector rose sharply on Wednesday with nearly 7,000 reports filed so far.

85% of reports on Wednesday have been due to ‘Account balances and transactions’ according to the site.

“I’m definitely leaving Chase. I thought banking with them, which I had for the last seven years, because they are supposed to be the leading prestigious bank in America. I am definitely not banking at a bank where I can’t access my money when I want it because they have outages,” says Barbara Wollschlager.

“Transferred money from my Paypal account & it’s not showing up, that was as early as 8am central time this morning. Was told it would be fixed in 3-4 hours….it’s still not up. Will wait it out,” reports Becca R on Downdetector.

“I transferred my money from my uber acct to my chase acct. And it’s not showing in my acct that it’s there at all. Been so disappointed in Chase since I opened an acct.

Earlier they said it be down till later today or possibly tomorrow sometime. Then I called back and a guy said 3-4 hours. This was at 10am this morning. I think they’re lying.

When they put back my money I will no longer be doing business with Chase . I used to think they were a good bank, I was wrong. No other bank has issues like this,” says another JPMorgan Chase customer.

Users are reporting several concerns stating they fear the bank may not be a secure system to hold their money.

In August, Republican attorneys general from 19 states said the bank was “persistently” discriminating against its own clients and closing bank accounts without warning, just one of many customer scandals.

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Market News Today - Wells Fargo Now Shares Painful Projection As Branches Shutter.
Market News Today – Wells Fargo Now Shares Painful Projection As Branches Shutter.

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