Webull is Charging Big Fees for Next Bridge Shares

Market News Daily - Webull is Charging Big Fees for Next Bridge Shares.
Market News Daily – Webull is Charging Big Fees for Next Bridge Shares.

MMTLP investors have posted information detailing Webull charging a big fee for Next Bridge Hydrocarbon shares.

Investors who held shares of MMTLP stock on the record date of December 12 would receive a preferred dividend of Next Bridge Hydrocarbon on Wednesday, December the 14th.

Investors anticipated a long-awaited MMTLP short squeeze during the last few trading days prior to the spinoff — primarily due to big buying volume flooding the market to receive Next Bridge Hydrocarbon shares, ultimately squeezing short sellers from their positions.

However, MMTLP stock stopped trading on Thursday, December 8 after FINRA delisted the security without notice or warning.

MMTLP shareholders never received Next Bridge shares from their brokers, but now Webull is alerting investors of a $235 fee to receive what is rightfully theirs.

The second option the broker is giving MMTLP investors carries a fee of $75 for processing.

For months now, the MMTLP community has raised awareness of the market injustice seen during the U3 halt and blatant theft of all holdings during the delisting of the ticker.

The problem here is shareholders were to receive these shares on Wednesday, December 14th.

Investors lost everything during this unprecedented event and are now being asked to pay a fee for shares of Next Bridge Hydrocarbon.

Here’s what Webull is stating.

Webull on Next Bridge Hydrocarbon Shares

“Dear Valued Client,

Clearing firm APEX, has reported another REORG event to facilitate the transferring of your shares of Next Bridge Hydrocarbons to AST.

The terms of this transfer event are posted below.

Please be aware that there are multiple options, which correlate to different transfer methods and fee.

Option 01, the transfer and ship election does carry a fee of $235.

If electing this option, please be aware that a physical certificate will be produced and mailed to your address listed on file.

Option 02, electronic transfer, does carry a fee of $75 to be processed.

If electing this option, the shares of Next Bridge Hydrocarbons will be sent electronically to AST.

The deadline to participate in this event is 06/01/2023, please reach out in the Help Center if you with to participate in this transfer event.

Please be aware that funds to cover these transfer fees should be fully settled in your cash balance, before submitting instructions to transfer.”

MMTLP Stock News and Updates

Recently, more than 34K MMTLP letters have been sent to regulators by investors affected by the aftermath of the U3 halt and delisting of ticker symbol MMTLP.

Investors affected by the MMTLP scandal have been flocking to D.C to meet with representatives, they’re making calls daily, and raising awareness on social media about the injustices that have been forced upon them.

Congress is now investigating the matter.

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Market News Today - Webull is Charging Big Fees for Next Bridge Shares.
Market News Today – Webull is Charging Big Fees for Next Bridge Shares.

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