Wall Street Has Decimated APE Stock

APE Stock News
Market News: Here’s the latest on AMC’s Preferred Equity, APE.

Retail investors are angry at regulators for allowing Wall Street to decimate APE stock.

While AMC’s Preferred Equity (APE) was intended for the company to capitalize on, banks, institutions, and short sellers have abused shares to the ground.

The equity was meant to provide AMC Entertainment with liquidity in order to pay down their debt.

While AMC was able to reduce their debt by $106 million due to APE, shares have been shorted from $7 all the way down to $0.81.

APE momentarily made Yahoo Finance’s Top List of Most Shorted Stock.

Shareholders questioned how shorting APE was possible in the first place, failing to recognize that APE is a tradable security just like any other stock.

Faceless influencers within the AMC community led many retail investors to believe that shorting AMC’s Preferred Equity was impossible.

And unfortunately, this perception clouded many people from creating a proper investment strategy or embracing for what was to come.

Let’s discuss it.

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Retail Investors Seek to CEO for Answers

AMC and APE shareholders all have one common goal in mind, an AMC short squeeze and an APE short squeeze.

And although many shareholders have been transformed into paying customers, others are looking at AMC CEO Adam Aron for answers.

Loyalists don’t question the CEO and will condemn you for doing so, but if shareholders are still invested in the company, they have every right to yearn for answers.

Adam Aron has successfully maneuvered AMC out of bankruptcy, primarily thanks to its shareholders of course.

He’s utilized Twitter magnificently in a way that no other CEO has ever done so before.

And you can’t help but to admire the business personality in him that can raise cash out of thin air.

Even if it’s from his most loyal followers.

But the CEO has failed to address shareholder concerns on the decimation of APE, or the distribution of APE from Citigroup, who’s been short on the company.

Addressing shareholder concerns is important, whether you agree or not.

Does It Even Matter?

Some of you care about your money, your finances, your investments, and some of you simply don’t.

To some, being part of an embracing community, being known in a community, and embracing the movie theatre industry, but more specifically AMC Entertainment, is more important than monetary gains or financial abundance at this point.

And is that even a bad thing?

You just want to be heard; you want to fight evil in the markets without a care about money.

Or maybe you’re simply in the middle.

Let us know who you are – leave your story down in the comment section below.

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  1. Jesse

    I wish this is only a bad dream, I’m losing everything .

  2. Keith

    Robinhood tricked people into lending their shares. Everyone needs to disable lending. So no matter where you trade you need to disable lending then shorts will be forced to cover

  3. AngryApe

    I agree with general sentiment that AA has some explaining to do. But what infuriates me most is that the SEC is just watching this go down and not intervening. We know for a fact that they halted trading in January last year and killed the squeeze to protect hedge funds. They are the monitors of their own process. How is that even remotely transparent? And, absolutely no protection for retail when the stock took a nosedive. It’s criminal. Re: APE – I took a screenshot of my E-Trade account when Ape was released and it showed outstanding shares of approx. 800 million. How is that even possible? There were only approx 500 million shares of ape distributed. So how is it possible that they had 800 million shares to trade against? It is literally impossible without phantom shares. How is this being allowed? SEC and DOJ need to do their jobs. Having said that, I am hopeful that some financial recovery (not squeeze) is possible when the overall market recovers.

  4. Fireball RW

    Pepe is right , Adam Aron needs to be confronted by a group of investors so he can feel the pain a lot of us are feeling , sleepless nights , the emotional roller coaster ride is not fun , feeling down on ourselves knowing we can’t afford to lose our money like this. I know for a fact there are a lot of Single Parents out there with kids living in Studios /1 bedroom small apartments while he lives like a King , Yes he is smart and earned his money and deserves what he has, But to keep profiting of the backs of innocent poor people who believed in him and the company is not right.

  5. Lisa Marie

    Adam Aron is eating the delicious AMC popcorn, as he watches his loyal retail investors get a swirley in the blockbuster hit “Rubes Down the Drain,” starring Nicole Kidman.

  6. Lorenzo

    I’m pissed about all of the above!

  7. Bart Bingham

    Instead of supporting a 100 year old American company wall street tries to kill it. Killing American jobs. Meanwhile propping up Chinese stocks. That is the crime. F wall street

  8. Fireball RW

    Ok Frank you asked for a comment, Follow the bouncing ball , Please correct me if I am wrong and after following MY RANT, Tell me if you still trust the CEO.
    The truth is Adam Aron has done everything he can to stop us from squeezing . Starting with selling ton of his shares at $72.00,
    then when it dropped and started coming back up somewhere around $30 What did he do, hes sold a shit load more and sold
    us on the idea that he is 70 something and needed to think about his future . We bought it. I am not done , The stock kept dropping
    and when it started to make a run from around $15 to 19 or $20. I remember Lou saying the shorts are screwed and saying any day now
    we would squeeze , What did Adam do ? He came out with the knife to our heat APE . AS Clear as yesterday Lou kept saying why now Adam,
    I understand your point , but why now he begged the guy to delay it a month or two. Lou really believed we where going to squeeze then. What
    did Adam do again Sold us that on how it was great for us,and the company . He knew we would bite the BS that when it converted back to AMC
    we would have the shorts right where we wanted them. REMEMBER POUNCE , he did not give us shit. We got 1 APE for every AMC , BUT they took our
    Value away from AMC it was 19 when right before APE came out. The Value of AMC went from $19 to around 12 & APE was around 7. It kept dropping
    we did not get shit We got fucked. Lou kept saying this was a screw job and he was getting out, he got called every name in the book, Guess What he got out when
    APE was somewhere around 6 to $ 7, He was Right AGAIN and always said AA was against us. I wish I sold whenLou did . Ape is at .81 and I hear chatter
    it could get D Listed. I am not Done The shit about how Ape will make money and save the company . What did Adam do ? He gave Ape to A bank that shorts AMC
    to handle the sale of APE. I have a feeling he knows Ape is gone and will never issue anymore APE because he wants to sneak away from APE not as the
    bad guy. Now CSI is saying Maybe he loaned or sold whatever to others to short the company. The question is why?? If he lets AMC squeeze NOW after all this time
    and all the emotions we retail have been through , he knows most of us Just like the shorts know will be happy as I don’t know what if it ever got to $50, and we would be gone and then what would happen to AMC stock? back to $1 or $2 and where would APE be? I am stuck in this fuck job for more money than I can afford, Like a fool I kept averaging down saying it can’t keep dropping. Its going to very interesting what AA does now, I think if he wants to keep us long enough to figure out how to get APE up so he can unload a bunch of APE to raise Capital , he is going to need to get AMC up. This crap about Popcorn Sales and their name on a credit card is one big distraction.
    to say look what we are doing. They OWE A TON OF MONEY. I don’t think Pop Corn Sales are going to pay it off. I pray I am wrong and he figures out to give us one more
    run and all of us can get out alive. But that’s the problem he stuck between a rock and hard place. Maybe Ape did not work they way he though it would, all I know is there are to many good people who can’t afford to take a loss like this.

  9. T.

    Also the big players always have the 401k money to absolutely own anyone. This is not about building a company and watching it grow. This is handing money to people that do not work do not pay taxes and could care less if you flew out a window. Adam Aaron must be asleep at the wheel. Thanks for nothing Adam. You cashed out. Bye bye

  10. T.

    When I started investment in stocks I was unaware that shorting stock was actually borrowing without having to put money upfront. Lord knows they never could cover or they never would stop trading, always in short favor. If I had known the whole story I would have just played the lotto. I would just warn people new to stocks to avoid it altogether we are doing nothing but handing out money to the big players who all short stock. Regards

  11. Devene Davis

    Very much devastated by all that is taking place this not anticipated when brought AMC shares. Manipulation has been out of proportion. Scandalous

  12. AA isA JOKE

    AA totally screwed us with APE he screwed us twice to cash in his own pension he isn’t for investors he’s working for the other side even letting citigroup issue ape is a massive no no. I know one thing I ever meet AA I’m punching him square in the face that’s a promise about time people wake up he’s the biggest enemy great pounce you stole our investment after we saved yours the man is a piece of 💩 great pounce I may add your right only a matter of time before karma catches up with him.


    Adam Aron must do a better job protecting his investors. His fight of the SEC is embarrassing.

  14. Pepe

    AA is lucky he hasn’t been confronted by an irate shareholder during his premiers. Your 💯 correct-he does need to address it.

    • FrankNez

      And hopefully he doesn’t. This is why addressing shareholders now can prevent any unnecessary confrontation in person.

    • Nicole

      I agree. He was vocal for quite a while. Nw nothing. I feel abandoned by him.

  15. FrankNez

    Leave your thoughts below!

    • Jason S

      The Matrix always wins. They took my 300k

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