TD Bank Customers Now Say They Cannot Access Their Money

TD Bank customers now say they cannot access their money after the company recently had an outage last month.

Those affected have been unable to pay their bills or have had their accounts fall below zero.

“Still cannot access the funds I need. What is the plan for people whose rent check will bounce, or have automatic deductions for bills and stuff?

Senior citizens living check to check won’t be able to get their food or medicines. This is causing bigger problems then just a mere delay,” reported one TD Bank customer on Monday.

“This is beyond ridiculous – this is the second occurrence within the last two months. What good is a banking institution when you can’t receive or transfer funds seamlessly for days and I have to wonder what’s next. Seriously considering changing providers!!” said another bank user on Downdetector.

Last month, customers on were reporting they were unable to pull cash from TD Bank while others stated debit cards have been declined despite having funds in their accounts.

Similarly, Chase customers are currently reporting the bank holding their direct deposits up to a week!

The bank has recently had an array of banking issues including a massive ATM outage that prevented customers from pulling out their money during labor day weekend.

“Just got off the phone with Chase they are telling people the issue is cleared up but I have yet to receive my direct deposit it’s been 6 days and I am very frustrated I want to figure out what can be done about this,” reports Shadaya.

“This is very frustrating and there is nothing we can do but wait this is like a scam.”

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Other Banking News Today

Market News Today - TD Bank Customers Now Say They Cannot Access Their Money.
Market News Today – TD Bank Customers Now Say They Cannot Access Their Money.

A popular US bank now unexpectedly closes a customer’s account and credit cards who’s transactions were completely innocent.

Caroline Potter had her Citibank accounts shut down unexpectedly after moving across the country, she told the New York Times.

“You feel like you’re walking around wearing this scarlet letter,” she said.

The Potters moved to Idaho during the pandemic after selling their New York home, according to the Times report.

With the move, Caroline and her husband’s accounts expectedly had some large sums of money moving around like final mortgage payments and a new down payment.

She said: “There were these weird calls with a very mysterious customer care department, and they kept asking for our tax returns … No one sees my tax returns except the I.R.S. and my C.P.A.”

Soon after the move, Citi had all affiliated accounts shut down, including their checking and credit cards, Potter told the Times.

When the couple tried to rectify the issue, they were given minimal information.

“It felt like there was this secretive department, and anyone who wasn’t in that department didn’t even know about it,” she said about her attempts to speak to the bank.

Potter added that she believed the issue was caused by her husband’s paychecks.

Her husband’s employer was recently absorbed by a cannabis company, meaning his checks started being signed by this company.

Prior to the federally passed SAFER Banking Act, banks were at risk of penalty for working with businesses related to cannabis sales.

Although legal in 23 states, cannabis is still an illicit substance at the federal level of law.

Because banks are federally regulated bodies, this federal law supersedes any state law protections on cannabis.

“Caroline is not alone in her plight, the New York Times interviewed 500 different people who experienced something similar,” reports The-Sun.

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Market News Today - TD Bank Customers Now Say They Cannot Access Their Money.
Market News Today – TD Bank Customers Now Say They Cannot Access Their Money.

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