Some Chase Customers Now Unable to Use Money From Cards

Market News Today - Some Chase Customers Now Unable to Use Money From Cards.
Market News Today – Some Chase Customers Now Unable to Use Money From Cards.

Some Chase customers are now unable to use money from debit cards according to several reports submitted on Tuesday.

Last week, Chase customers were having issues accessing their money from ATMs nationwide.

More than 16,000 Chase ATMs were affected during labor day weekend, with hundreds of reports still lingering throughout the week.

Downdetector reports that Chase customers have been experiencing being unable to use their money from their debit cards.

I can’t withdrawal any money off my card. I can swipe to spend it. And I can’t see what I spent already. So I have to write everything down to keep track of what I spent. So inconvenient. I might go back to chime never had a problem like this,” says Naomi.

“I just deposited money from my Apple Cash to my debit card with instant transfer fee and it’s still not showing up and has been a full hour. Am the only person dealing with this issue,” says Jess Coronado.

I’ve been dealing with this since yesterday. How are they going to have this kind of problem for days now…makes no sense. Card declining, not showing deposits, not reflecting purchases,” responded Amanda on Downdetector.

The lack of liquidity being seen in the banking sector is quite alarming to say the least, just one reason why more people have begun moving their money to online-only banks.

“Was just fine all morning and now it’s not showing recent debit card transactions. Also showed double charges earlier this morning. Chase really needs to get it together. I plan on filing a complaint with the FDIC and CFPB,” said another user on Tuesday.

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Other JPMorgan Chase News Today

Market News Today - Some Chase Customers Now Unable to Use Money From Cards.
Market News Today – Some Chase Customers Now Unable to Use Money From Cards.

Banking giant JP Morgan announced that it will be closing two branch locations in Indianapolis.

Each week, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) releases a bulletin of banks set to close, and the list continues to grow.

The banks are required to provide 90 days advance notice of a location closing. On this week’s report, two locations in Indianapolis were listed to close.

  • JP Morgan. 7001 Madison Ave, Indianapolis
  • JP Morgan. 8120 South Meridian St, Indianapolis

“While some people do their banking online, many still prefer to visit a branch to conduct their finances so these closures will cause some customer concerns.

According to data from data from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, approximately 8,000 banks were in operation in 2000, but by 2022, this figure was halved. As banks continue to close, there is a fear that this could lead to banking deserts in some communities,” reports Ash Jurberg.

CNBC reports: “,The consolidation of bank branches is also creating “banking deserts,” when communities are without access to a bank or credit union within 10 miles.

Several studies have shown these communities are more likely to use non-traditional and high-fee lending options such as payday loans and check-cashing services, which increases financial inequities and ends up widening the wealth gap.”

Last week, there was notification that four more bank branches in Washington State will close this year, with two being JPMorgan Chase locations:

  • JP Morgan. 6916 19th St W University Place
  • JP Morgan. 5464 Sand Point Way NE, Seattle

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Market News Today - Some Chase Customers Now Unable to Use Money From Cards.
Market News Today – Some Chase Customers Now Unable to Use Money From Cards.

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