Mullen Makes New Delivery of EVs to UNC Charlotte

Market News Daily - Mullen Makes New Delivery of EVs to UNC Charlotte.
Market News Daily – Mullen Makes New Delivery of EVs to UNC Charlotte.

Mullen Automotive (NASDAQ:MULN) announced today that UNC Charlotte (The University of North Carolina at Charlotte) will be taking delivery of an additional 8 Mullen EV cargo vans.

This is the second vehicle order for UNC Charlotte, with a total of 15 vehicles to be utilized across the university’s campus.

UNC’s first order of seven Mullen EV cargo vans was delivered in March of 2023.

Vehicle orders are being fulfilled through Randy Marion Automotive, a distributor of Mullen’s commercial EVs.

UNC Charlotte, North Carolina’s urban research university, founded in 1946, purchased the Mullen EV cargo vans for use across its 1,000-acre Charlotte campus and more than 29,500 students.

The EV cargo vans are being used for a variety of university use cases, including campus delivery and facility services. 

Mullen Automotive stock continues to get beat by short sellers despite several positive developments.

The company announced last week that it is looking into the possibility of manipulation and illegal shorting activity in the stock.

UNC Delivery Statements

Mullen Automotive News -
Mullen Automotive News –

“We are very impressed with the first set of Mullen EV vans for our on-campus use,” said T.J. Woods, the university’s transportation, warehouse, and logistics manager.

“Ordering additional Mullen EV cargo vans makes perfect sense for us.

There’s a lower cost of ownership, no messy fill-ups, tailpipe exhaust, or disruptive vehicle idling sounds to impact our daily campus life.

Mullen Campus EVs are also great to highlight to our students, as it shows we can all make a difference in lowering our overall carbon footprint.” 

“Offering college campuses a low-cost acquisition that allows schools to reduce their operating costs, reduce their maintenance and reduce their CO2 emissions is an ideal use case for our EV cargo vans,” said John Schwegman, chief commercial officer Mullen Automotive.

“It’s exciting to see UNC grow their EV fleet business with us.

Our EVs are a perfect fit for university use, and Charlotte is at the forefront of implementing EVs into their daily campus life,” said David Michery, CEO and chairman of Mullen Automotive.

With 186 miles of range, the Mullen Campus EV cargo van is a highly efficient electric van designed for closed campus use.

The Campus Delivery Van has all the same DNA as the Mullen ONE Class 1 EV cargo van but was purpose-built to be an ideal delivery solution for micro-environments. Learn more today at

Latest Mullen Automotive News

mullen automotive news

Mullen Automotive is currently testing new technology in Washington, D.C.

Last week, Mullen announced that it is working on its $680,000 federal contract agreement with the District of Columbia.

The contract is for the purchase and installation of Energy Management Module units on Chevrolet Bolts within the D.C. city government’s vehicle fleet.

Previous testing indicates that Energy Management Module (“EMM”) technology substantially increases the driving range and efficiency of any current EV battery.

In March 2021, Element Materials Technology conducted specific vehicle testing on 2020 Chevy Bolts installed with EMM units with test results being a calculated increase in range from 269 to 431 miles, which is a 60% increase in efficiency.

“We have tested EMM technology in various vehicle applications and have repeatedly seen significant improvements in range.

I am extremely pleased to partner with Mullen for the commercialization and global availability of the EMM technology,” said Lawrence Hardge, CEO of Global EVT.

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Market News Today - Mullen Makes New Delivery of EVs to UNC Charlotte.
Market News Today – Mullen Makes New Delivery of EVs to UNC Charlotte.

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