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AMC Short Interest Today
Momentum Stocks: AMC Short Interest Information – Plus more.

Community, I’m going to be updating this list of momentum stock and their short interest and utilization daily (AMC short interest, BBIG, MULN, BIOR, GME, APE, and many others).

Be sure to bookmark this page for daily AMC short interest updates and more.

Other metrics being updated daily will include the cost to borrow, shares on loan, + short squeeze scores.

If there are other heavily shorted stocks you’d like me to update daily, please leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to look into them before adding them to the list!

– Frank Nez


#1. BBIG Short Interest

Short Interest: 15.64% | Utilization: 100.00 | Cost To Borrow: 11.41 | Shares On Loan: 58.37 Million | Days To Cover: 8.49

BBIG Short Squeeze Score: 82

(Updated Daily)

#2. MMAT Short Interest

Short Interest: 12.67% | Utilization: 100.00. | Cost To Borrow: 17.46 | Shares On Loan: 35.51 Million | Days To Cover: 5.07

MMAT Short Squeeze Score: 80

(Updated Daily)

mmat stock news today
Click the image to read the latest MMAT stock news article.

#3. BIOR (PROG Stock) Short Interest Today

Short Interest: 9.44% | Utilization: 63.82 | Cost To Borrow: 95.60 | Shares On Loan: 990.52 Million | Days To Cover: 0.45

BIOR Short Squeeze Score: 75

(Updated Daily)

BIOR Stock news
Click the image to read the latest BIOR news article.

#4. AMC Short Interest Today

Short Interest: 24.34% | Utilization: 100.00 | Cost To Borrow: 220.35 | Shares On Loan: 197.01 Million | Days To Cover: 5.54

AMC Short Squeeze Score: 89

(Updated Daily)

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#5. GME Short Interest

Short Interest: 23.66% | Utilization: 100.00 | Cost To Borrow: 15.56 | Shares On Loan: 92.48 Million | Days To Cover: 16.80

(Updated Daily)

GME Short Squeeze Score: 92

GameStop stock news
Click the image to read the latest GameStop news article.


Short Interest: 6.63% | Utilization: 98.10 | Cost To Borrow: 16.00 | Shares On Loan: 2.11 Million

DWAC Short Squeeze Score: 71

(Updated Daily)


Short Interest: 13.17% | Utilization: 100.00 | Cost To Borrow: 13.22 | Shares On Loan: 365.25 Million | Days To Cover: 1.65

(Updated Daily)

MULN Short Squeeze Score: 73

Click the image to read the latest MULN stock news aritlce.


Short Interest: 21.78% | Utilization: 100.00 | Cost To Borrow: 13.82 | Shares On Loan: 246.39 Million | Days To Cover: 8.15

(Updated Daily)

LCID Short Squeeze Score: 85

#9. APE Short Interest

Short Interest: 6.44% | Utilization: 79.19 | Cost To Borrow: 8.68 | Shares On Loan: 27.48 Million | Days To Cover: 0.80

(Updated Daily)

APE Short Squeeze Score: N/A

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BBIG Shareholders Nominate Retail Investors for Board of Directors

Market News Today – BBIG Shareholders Nominate Retail Investors for Board of Directors.

On Thursday, a group of shareholders announced the nomination of three new “retail investor” candidates to the board of directors of Vinco Ventures (NASDAQ:BBIG), citing the company’s lack of transparency. 

The move comes in response to concerns about Vinco Ventures’ compliance with Nasdaq rules and regulations, including the company’s failure to file quarterly reports for Q2 and late filings of Q3 of 2022, as well as its failure to hold an annual meeting in 2022, according to the community’s website.

“There’s a lot of people hurting”, says Lorne Ross, one of the three retail investor candidates in a Twitter space call.

Shares of BBIG stock have fallen more than -22% this year-to-date alone and more than -77% in the past year, hitting a record all-time low.

The three nominees are Lorne Ross, Shadwrick Vick and Christopher Muntz.

I was able to hop on a space call and hear about what they had to say.

“This is just a little phase, this doesn’t guarantee anything, but it’s an action we’re taking”, says Vick, who also hosted the meeting.

The BBIG community wants to place retail investors on the Vinco Ventures Board of Directors in efforts to improve communication between the company and its shareholders, as well as help turn the company around.

BBIG Retail Investor News Today

Vinco Ventures - BBIG Stock
BBIG Stock News Today – Franknez.com.

Investors are supporting the effort to help the business go through what shareholders believe is much needed change.

Here are some comments from the BBIG Family press release:

“As a worldwide community of retail investors, we are deeply concerned about the recent Nasdaq deficiency notices received by Vinco Ventures and lack of transparency into our investment” said Shadwrick Vick, a shareholder of Vinco Ventures and a community nominee.

“It’s time to consider additional leadership that will prioritize transparency, accountability, and compliance.

Real people have put their hard-earned dollars into this company and deserve a roadmap, filings and basic communication”.

Shareholders feel the current board of directors are not serving retail investors’ best interests but rather those potentially of another party.

The retail investors plan to file their nomination materials with Vinco Ventures today, in accordance with the company’s bylaws and rules governing shareholder nominations. 

“We are confident that our nominees have the skills and expertise needed to help guide Vinco Ventures through these challenging times and position the company for long-term success,” said Austin Gilmore – Nominator. 

The nomination letter outlines the qualifications and experience of each nominee and highlights their commitment to creating value for all shareholders. 

The election of new board members is anticipated to take place at Vinco Ventures’ upcoming annual meeting.

Vinco Ventures Shareholder Meeting 2023

A filing shows Vinco Ventures will be holding an annual shareholder meeting on April 18, 2023 at 10:00am Eastern time.

The company is asking its investors to vote for a variety set of proposals that would dilute the company stock in order to raise more cash.

One of the proposals authorizes shares of common stock from 249,000,000 to 750,000,000 and to increase preferred stock from 1,000,000 to 5,000,000.

A reverse stock split in a range of 1:2-1:20 is also being proposed in the filing — similar to what AMC Entertainment shareholders have approved and to what Mullen Automotive will undergo should they fail to meet Nasdaq’s $1 bid per share compliance.

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Market News Published Daily

Market News Today - BBIG Shareholders Nominate Retail Investors for Board of Directors.
Market News Today – BBIG Shareholders Nominate Retail Investors for Board of Directors.

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BBIG Stock Has Very High Short Interest Data

BBIG Stock
BBIG Stock & Short Squeeze Data

Community, it brings me great pleasure to provide you with some more high short interest data. Some of you wanted to know my personal thoughts on BBIG stock.

Right away, I can tell this is a great play and see why many of you were holding this particular stock. Lets talk about it.


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Lets get started!

Vinco Ventures, stock ticker symbol BBIG, is a company that acquires brands and grows them using their Honey Badger and Social Pulse Media platforms.

This company is fairly new to the market. Its IPO price started around $5-$6 per share back in 2018. The stock is currently trading around $6 per share.

BBIG stock has been trading double its average volume which shows a massive interest in this acquisition company. I could go over earnings reports and other fundamentals but we’re not here to talk about fundamentals.

BBIG stock is currently heavily shorted.

BBIG Stock Short Interest Data

Lets go over the latest Ortex short interest data to see just how heavily shorted this stock is. BBIG’s short interest is considered to be extremely high at 23.61%.

The amount of shares being loan is a whopping 26.91 million and the utilization is currently at 98.80!

The demand for borrowed shares to short the stock is insane! Our community has identified that stocks with these high short interest numbers means its possible to squeeze shorts from their positions.

We’ve also noticed that gamma squeezes and quick runups actually take months of buying and holding to manifest. BBIG stock was trading $1.25 back in January of this year.

If you bought the stock then, that means you you 10X’d your initial investment. 1,000 shares of BBIG stock would have earned you $10,000.

Despite the f’ery in the markets, you have to admit the stock market is an amazing tool to multiply your money.

Will BBIG Stock Keep Going Up?

will bbig stock go up

BBIG stock certainly has the potential to continue surging. Retail investors will have to keep a bullish sentiment and attitude towards the stock in order to see higher gains come to fruition.

BBIG is at an all-time high right now and it’s possible retail investors begin to selloff and begin taking profits. This where short sellers can double down on their positions and further bring the stock price down.

BBIG shareholders will have to refrain from selling if they are to set new levels of resistance and support. See, the crazy thing is that shorts have not covered their positions in this stock and you can tell due to the massive short borrow fee rate and short interest.

Short sellers are paying a 146.02% to borrow the stock! If you’re already paying 24%-32% on your credit card, imagine their fees!

With proper momentum, retail investors can certainly experience a BBIG short squeeze, where short sellers are forced to close their positions driving the stock price up.

How High Can BBIG Stock Go?

I cannot make a prediction on the stock price ceiling since BBIG has recently passed its initial IPO stock price. However, what I can tell you is that the stock has much more room for growth than it’s current trading price of $6 per share.

Should You Buy BBIG Stock?

I’m going to be one hundred with you guys because your success is extremely important to me. I don’t hold BBIG stock but have it on my list to buy. If you’re looking to diversify your momentum plays, this could be a stock with lots of potential.

Of course, it’s the community that holds the sentiment behind these massively shorted stocks. And I think that as more retail investors begin to diversify, these stocks will continue to soar in the long run as long the stock is being bought and held.

If you’ve been reading FrankNez for quite some time then you know AMC is my main play, no questions asked. This article isn’t to convince you to buy BBIG stock, but to merely present to you the short interest data so you can make a financial decision for yourself.

I’m personally bullish on this stock and can see it gaining more traction as more retail investors buy into it. Something to keep in mind is that after significant gains a stock is usually quick to drop. And this is primarily due to some investors taking profit combined with short sellers doubling their positions or new short sellers getting in.

If you’re thinking about buying the stock, I would personally wait for a dip; especially after seeing these all-time highs. Because the short interest is so high and the utilization is so high, BBIG stock could prove to provide significant gains down the road as it already has for early investors.

And lastly…


I’d love to know your BBIG stock story. Are you an early investor or are you looking to get in? And, what other momentum stocks are you holding? Would you like me to publish an article on other stocks? Let me know in the comment section below.

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With that being said, thank you for taking the time for reading the blog and for being here right now. It means more than you could ever know.

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4 Meme Stocks Causing A Disruption In The Market

Meme Stocks Reddit
Meme Stocks List

Meme stocks have been causing a disruption all of 2021. You might have heard of the infamous GameStop and AMC rallies that originated from the Reddit group, r/wallstreetbets.

Here’s a list of meme stocks causing a disruption in the stock market.


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What’s A Meme Stock?

A meme stock is a heavily shorted stock discovered by retail investors, usually on forums such as Reddit or other sub communities.

Retail investors will then hype these so called ‘meme stocks’ and immensely increase the buying pressure of a particular stock to drive the share price up.

How Long Does It Take For A Meme Stock To Go Up?

We’ve seen that these stocks may take a month to several months to see some serious upswings in the market. Retail investors pump the price by buying the dips and holding the stock until their mission is a success.

While not all meme stocks are pump and dumps, the concept is to pump a stock and hold it to further elevate the floor.

The end goal is to squeeze shorts from their positions to drive the stock price ‘to the moon’. Here’s the most current list of meme stocks seen in the community.

#1. GameStop, GME Stock

GameStop Meme Stock

Number one on my list is GameStop. GameStop notoriously put many short sellers and hedge funds under stress, starting this incredible retail movement.

GME stock began squeezing just below $500 per share before Robinhood halted buying pressure from retail investors, ultimately limiting its growth potential back in January.

This meme stock is currently up more than 1000% year-to-date. Retail investors continue to hold the stock in order to squeeze the remaining shorts from their positions.

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#2. AMC Entertainment, AMC Stock

AMC Meme Stock

And by far the most popular meme stock at the moment, AMC Entertainment stock. Retail investors who missed getting in early on GME stock saw AMC stock was heavily shorted and decided to bulk up on this meme stock.

The stock sharply rose up to $20 per share in late January before ultimately coming back down to $5 per share. After several months of ‘apes’ buying and holding the stock, AMC Entertainment stock rose to $72 per share and found a new bottom around $32 per share.

The meme stock has been trading in the low $50 range and is currently set up for a short squeeze.

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#3. GREE Stock (Formerly, SPRT)

Before its merger with the blockchain compamy Greenidge, SPRT stock had reached a high of $35 per share before ultimately plummeting back to $11. It has now merged with Greenidge and its ticker symbol is now GREE.

This meme stock perhaps lost its status as it still had potential to squeeze higher prior to the merge. However, this stock still caused quite a disruption for short sellers shorting the stock.

This stock has now become a long-term stock depending on your conviction towards blockchain technology.

Read: What does an SPRT merge with Greenridge mean for retail?

#4. Vinco Venture, BBIG Stock

Vinco Ventures Meme Stock

BBIG stock is a meme stock that surged from $1.25 to close to $11 per share. The stock’s retail momentum has it up more than 500% this year-to-date.

In order for you to have made massive moves with these stocks you would have had to opened a position in them earlier this year.

While investors who bought these stocks early this Summer still profited, investors who bought after could be breaking even or under significant gains.

These Meme Stocks Still Have Room To Squeeze

What’s mind boggling is that these meme stocks are still heavily shorted by hedge funds and short sellers.

I update the short interest data daily here for these stocks plus other retail favorites.

GME has been in the high $100s but has now reached $200 again. AMC finally broke its floor of $30 per share and is trading in the low $50s again. The other meme stocks show an increase of short interest data which means they still have room for growth.

Want To Stay Updated On These Momentum Plays?

If you’re thinking about investing in one of these momentum stocks, be sure to do your due diligence first before putting some serious cash first.

Once you have the data at hand, make an honest assessment for yourself and decide whether it is the right financial decision for you to make.

The AMC community has proven to be one of the most open, accepting, and positive communities so I definitely recommend checking it out even if it’s to see what the discussions are about.

Luckily, I update the community with trending stocks and keep an eye out on the data so you’re up-to-date on the next stocks to buy before they blow up. My readers who found out about AMC early this year are now up tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars!

And lastly…


Consider subscribing to the newsletter for more content like this, straight to your inbox! Do you have a position in any of these meme stocks? Or as I like to refer as momentum stocks. Let me know in the comment section below.

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