Is the SEC Complicit to Market Injustices?

Is the SEC Complicit to Market Injustices?
SEC Chairman Gary Gensler, SEC Market Injustices

Retail investors are beginning to question whether the SEC is complicit to market injustices.

An out of touch Gary Gensler has made it rather clear that keeping his job is more important than actually enforcing the law.

In an alarming interview with Jon Stewart, the SEC Chairman merely smiles with no response when confronted about why he’s not doing anything about hedge funds abusing the market.

Many retail investors gave Gary Gensler the benefit of the doubt but after the Jon Stewart interview and cancellation of NSCC-2021-010, it’s hard to believe the SEC is on retail’s side.

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The SEC is very well aware of the issues at hand

Retail investors were told naked shares didn’t exist, and that dark pool trading was a myth.

That is until sophisticated tools have allowed retail investors to see a hint of what’s happening behind the scenes.

The use of naked shorting has been publicized on national television and dark pool trading has also publicly discussed about.

In a Bloomberg exclusive, Gary Gensler said 90%-95% of retail orders are not processed through the lit exchange but rather traded in dark exchanges.

So, while corporate media tried to gaslight investors, the cat has been out of the bag and the SEC knew this all along.

Retail investors have stressed their concerns to regulators on Twitter such as the @SECGov, @GaryGensler, @DOJCrimDiv, and even the @FBI.

The community needs more leverage.

Personalities unite

While personalities such as Jon Stewart and Charles Payne have spoken out against the injustices in the market, the community needs more influencers to speak out against these issues.

Elon Musk has in the past spoken out against the incompetence of the SEC.

He is now the number one shareholder of Twitter stock and has even joined the Twitter board.

Elon for president?

Jokes aside, it takes courage to stand up against injustice in any system.

A community member reached out today with a petition to remove AMC and GME from dark pool trading.

You can view the petition and vote for it below.

Rule 304a4 suspends a NYSE stock from trading in ATS’s, or alternative trading systems such as foreign exchanges and dark pools.

304a4 would allow AMC and GME to trade in the lit exchange for 12 months as long as the commission deems that such action is necessary in the public interest and is consistent with investor protection, per the reform founded here.

I’m pro voting if it means taking a chance on change.


The people must force regulators to enforce the rules


Is there another less aggressive way to say that?

I couldn’t think of one without being intentional about the delivery of that statement.

The retail community has stayed calm, but 90%-95% of every dollar you’ve put in AMC or GameStop is being used against you.

How do we get a dog owner to clean up their dog s#*%?

While tweeting to raise awareness on social media is effective in many ways, it’s simply not enough.

Retail investors must organize petitions to amplify the message.

The important thing here is to refrain from protesting, at least at this stage of negligence.

What’s at risk?

While there are risks in the market, there is also preventable damage in the market that the SEC is neglecting.

This preventable damage is caused by market manipulation in a pay-to-play system where financial institutions lobby congress to bend rules and policies in their favor.

Businesses, shareholders, and the economy take a toll as a consequence.

This is something Jon Stewart brought up to Gary Gensler to which he had no real honest regard to it.

The risks are felt by shareholders worldwide.

Is the SEC complicit to market injustices?

Or has a system been created solely as a facade where even their own employees don’t realize it?

Retail investors are facing a real issue and they must prevent it from being swept underneath the rug.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter.

Leave a comment below.

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  1. wksk

    Lost me at AMC

  2. Daryl T Olson

    A few Billionaires own most of the media, so easy to manipulate. Suggest including Federal Reserve in a lawsuit since they created and own DTCC as a clearinghouse to hide NYSE trades from the public (naked short sales and option manipulation) and limit SEC access to trade data. If you can depose the Fed owners (super rich, such as Rothschilds, Rockefellers….) to identify how much they made tax free from DTCC, who is shorting Boeing (BA) stock, who bought 1,370 21 Jan $212.50 puts at $.36 on 20 Jan 2022 and made a 20-1 return in 1 day by dropping the stock 14 points from $219.05 to about $205, then the public exposure may push GS et al to stop the naked shorting (selling fake shares) – at least on BA for a while?
    I submitted the option manipulation data to a class action law firm, but they declined to act. I read Wes Christian won a suit (Overstock?) regarding naked shorting. It might be worth touching base with him – I think the article indicated he touched on shorting shill articles, also.
    I contacted local U.S. attorney office today regarding my 23 Jan fraud complaint to AG Garland on BA stock manipulation. A rep there said they don’t do investigations, but suggested contacting FBI.
    I think biggest problem is MM/hedge funds “own” most of Congress/SEC……, so difficult to get anyone to “bite the hand that feeds them” (blatant fraud pays off well). Gensler won’t bite that hand either!

  3. Eric

    Did you happen to hear the Spotify story?
    End of a trade day last week for reasons unknown Spotifys share price increased 100.00 per share then dropped back down 100.00 and this all took place in under 60 sec and 1 lucky company was able to capitalize on that 1 min of THE “SG,GG” Sheriff Garys, Gensler Glitch.
    Oh its Citadel who made that 100.00 per share gain,
    Genslers Glitch has a smell like somethings fishy

  4. Frank Nez

    Let’s start a discussion!

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