Here are 3 undeniable reasons why AMC stock will keep surging

Media platforms such as The Motley Fool and Yahoo Finance continue to attempt to divert the public from buying AMC stock. They’re just as much a culprit to the shameful game of bankrupting businesses.

Isn’t The Fool supposed to help you make money anyway? We’re up 3000% year-to-date but they’ve been restlessly pointing the public away from the stock. Obviously they’re affiliate partners to the hedge funds losing billions of dollars.

Despite what these shills publish, here are 3 undeniable reasons why AMC Entertainment stock will continue to go up. AMC stock

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#1. AMC Entertainment fundamentals

In a recent interview with CNBC Matt Kohrs entertained the idea that AMC’s fundamentals are only a side show. I disagree however. Fundamentals have always been a catalyst that’s helped stocks move up.

AMC Entertainment is currently breaking pandemic records and bringing in revenue to the business. New movie titles are topping one another and these positive fundamentals have no doubt some influence regarding the AMC’s stock price.

As mask restrictions are lifted in the U.S., I expect more people will be drawn to the movie theaters; further driving sales revenue in the company up.

I like to bring up AMC Entertainment fundamentals because although an AMC short squeeze doesn’t necessarily rely on them, Gasparino and Greenfield need to be shut down in regards to this sentiment.

They want to speak on fundamentals so let’s speak on fundamentals. AMC has raised a ton of cash, new movie titles are bringing in millions in revenue, and AMC is looking at acquiring other movie theater franchises.

AMC is no longer going bankrupt and this is a fact short sellers cannot keep denying.

#2. Short squeeze data is driving big purchasing volume

AMC’s short squeeze data is becoming more mainstream and people aren’t going to miss it. They’re buying the stock in bulk.

People are buying the ask and it’s validating the stock’s current price action. Experts shorting the stock know this, they’re just damn nervous we’ve figured out this strategy.

Some people are asking, well doesn’t AMC need a market cap of trillions of dollars to reach over $1,000 per share? Well, yes if you’re going based off of fundamentals alone. A short squeeze will be the result of short sellers closing their positions in AMC, not retail investors increasing AMC’s market cap.

The volume is only one piece of the puzzle for an AMC short squeeze to occur. This essentially puts short sellers under hot boiling water until they tap out and willingly close their positions; resulting in a short squeeze.

Either they close their positions or they get margin called and are forced to liquidate their accounts. As long as hedge funds continue to lose billions of dollars, retail investors will continue to buy and hold the stock inevitably driving the share price up.

We have time, they don’t.

#3. AMC stock is neither bearish nor bullish

It’s apeish. The AMC community is buying both the dips and rips. Trey has said it before, there’s bears, there’s bulls, and now there’s apes. But no seriously, AMC’s stock has never been this bullish before.

So what does this mean? The community has discovered what can drive up the price action of a stock without relying 100% on company fundamentals.

We took a $2 stock and brought it up to $60 (currently). And this is only the beginning. The ape community is willing to buy and hold this heavily shorted stock until shorts are squeezed out of their positions; no matter how long it takes.

And if you’re one of those people who are going to spam my comment section with “oh you’re just trying to recruit people”, gtfo 😂.

We are all grown ups here and have free choice. I’m not here to convince you to buy the stock. I’m here to put the information out that the mainstream media isn’t willing to put out. I will continue to stand up to the lies and the corruption in our financial system. The data is out there and the choice is yours and only yours to make.

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