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Wall Street Journal is Indirectly Owned by Citadel’s Ken Griffin

wall street journal is owned by Ken Griffin

Wall Street Journal just published a piece on the AMC community where the conflict of interest is only so obvious.

They refer to the community as a mob and disrespect AMC’s CEO Adam Aron by saying apes made the CEO “play by their rules.”

WSJ tries to discredit the CEO and portrays the community as an entirely different culture than what it is.

Come to find out, Ken Griffin actually owns Wall Street Journal, well sorta.

Let’s dive right into it.


Welcome to Franknez.com – the blog that fights FUD media. When the community is getting attacked you know we’re doing something right.

Let’s get started!

Now, we can’t be too harsh on the two writers who published this article.

Afterall, they’re just doing their job, right?

Who owns the Wall Street Journal?

The Wall Street Journal is owned by News Corp., a company where Ken Griffin’s Citadel has a stake in.

Who owns Wall Street Journal? Source, Investopedia

News Corp is Wall Street Journal’s parent company.

Not only do they have ownership of the Wall Street Journal, but they also own other DOW Jones assets such as the Dow Jones Newswire.

Other media brands by the DOW Jones include Barrons and MarketWatch, media companies who have been attacking AMC Entertainment all year.

DOW Jones Media Brands
DOW Jones Media Brands

All these finance media platforms are tied and owned by News Corp.

So, where does Ken Griffin come in?

Ken Griffin Owns Almost 1.4 Million Shares of News Corp.

Ken Griffin owns news corp
Ken Griffin owns News Corp, source

CEO of Citadel Securities, Ken Griffin owns News Corp, the company that has ownership over Wall Street Journal, Barrons, MarketWatch, DOW Jones, and other media outlets spewing ill words of AMC Entertainment and its community.

Citadel Securities is on the top 10 list of hedge funds shorting AMC stock.

Anchorage Capital, who was also on that list just closed down after betting against AMC.

The hedge fund had an 18-year run.

There’s a major conflict of interest when the owner of all these companies is using them to pump propaganda to fit a nefarious agenda.

Citadel Securities attempted to bankrupt AMC Entertainment earlier this year but failed after retail investors saved the company.

Because AMC stock has a short squeeze set up, retail investors are not leaving until overleveraged hedge funds have closed their short positions in AMC.

Though the multi-billionaire has the power to influence these companies, the community has the power to expose these untrustworthy media platforms.

And that’s enough to raise awareness.

The Fall of Hedge Funds and FUD Media

Both hedge funds and FUD media platforms face intense scrutiny from investors.

Not only are hedge funds such as Citadel Securities causing financial turmoil for their clients, but financial news platforms are now being exposed as being tied to manipulation tactics.

What can the community do to fight against this manipulation?

It’s simpler than you might think.

By raising awareness.

The more people are educated, the more they will have a clear conscious of what news to consume and what financial path to follow.

These mainstream finance platforms have cost the public so much money.

By scaring them out of their money, they missed the opportunity to secure a position in AMC Entertainment when it traded low.

AMC stock is currently up more than 1300% year-to-date.

Share This News


Share this news to raise awareness.

Your voice is a weapon against the corruption in our financial system.

And a special thanks to Kat for bringing this information to my attention.

Together, the community will reshape how we invest, with honor and with integrity.

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How Soon Will Hedge Funds Get Margin Called? (AMC)

Citadel Margin Call, When will hedge funds get margin called
When will hedge funds get margin called? Citadel Margin Call

Retail investors all want to know. How soon will hedge funds get margin called?

I’m going to be updating this article with new information as it becomes available so be sure to bookmark it.

If you’re investing in AMC or GameStop, this article will prove to be of value to you.

You’ve done an outstanding job. You’ve bought the rips and dips but most importantly, you’ve held on.

Let’s go over the data that is currently available regarding margin calls and hedge funds.

There are some incredible things happening behind the scenes that you need to know.


Welcome to Franknez.com – the blog keeping retail investors informed in stocks, crypto, and market news.

Lets get started!

But first, I want to give a massive thank you to my readers.

A lot of you have just recently started following me and I’m very grateful for your support.

I love seeing the community sharing FrankNez content on social media. It brings me great pleasure to know I’m providing value in your daily lives.

What is a margin call?

I published a piece fully dedicated to what a margin call is in the stock market world some time ago.

In short, a margin call occurs when the value of an investor’s brokerage account falls below the broker’s required amount.

This is when a broker demands that an investor deposits additional money into their account so that it meets the minimum requirement.

A margin call is usually an indicator that a security (asset) held in the margin account has decreased in value.

When a margin call occurs, the investor must either add funds to their account or liquidate (sell) some of their assets in that account.

Why does a margin call occur?

  • It may occur when an account runs low on funds usually as a result of a losing trade
  • A margin call occurs when a demand for additional capital is required to meet the minimum margin requirement
  • Brokers may force traders to sell assets, no matter the current market price, in order to meet the margin requirement if the trader does not deposit the funds

If you’re a new retail investor and have recently joined the ape community then you’ve more than likely heard the term margin call before.

A margin call is basically a 50/50% chance a short squeeze may occur on the spot.

However, even if hedge funds are able to keep enough capital in their margin accounts to keep them afloat, at some point they’ll have to cave in.

Hedge funds have lost billions of dollars and this game is only costing them more money each day that passes.

Bloomberg News on Gary Gensler / Margin Calls

Margin call hedge funds

In this video, Bloomberg News discusses Gary Gensler, the new SEC chairman’s concerns of overleveraging and manipulation in the stock market.

This five minute video is important to log because it demonstrates and acknowledges the concerns in the market.

Perhaps the SEC was incompetent in the past to say the least. But it looks like we might be looking at some change here community.

And although this particular video was published on May 6th, below are some things Gary Gensler is already proposing in order to protect retail investors and the overall market in general.


SR-NSCC-2021-002 AMC automatic margin calls

This proposal from the SEC is massive if it gets approved.

The SEC has heard you and they’ve been looking into hedge funds overleveraging their positions in AMC stock and other ‘meme stocks’.

This proposal would allow an automatic margin call system to margin call hedge funds with overleveraged accounts.

This margin call system will essentially target short sellers on a daily basis and identify whether they are required to raise margin minimums or liquidate their positions.

SR-NSCC-2021-002 APPROVED 6/21/2021

SR-NSCC-2021-002 APPROVED margin calls
SR-NSCC-2021-002 Approved

This proposal was delayed after its initial approval date.

However, as of today the proposal has gone through and should be in effect in the coming weeks.

However, as long as short sellers are able to keep up with their margin requirements then this regulation is rather neutral.

A lot of these rules being put into place play in our favor the more money short sellers lose.

Total Return Swap AMC

The SEC and FINRA have gotten together to review the activity of ongoing overleveraging in the stock market.

Hedge funds could soon face total return swaps per Gary Gensler, SEC chairman.

In a total return swap, the payer (hedge fund) must pay the interest on the underlying assets, plus any appreciation in the market value of the asset.

This sounds a lot like shorts paying all short borrow fee owed on top of the market value of naked shares they’ve traded.

13-F filings and short selling disclosures

Citadel Margin Call - SEC cracks down on hedge funds
Citadel margin call – SEC cracks down on hedge funds

There’s a strong possibility that hedge funds also face 13-F filings. This filing will provide the SEC with insight on equity and dark pool disclosure.

Everything now seems to be falling right into place despite the continuous short laddering.

The SEC voted 3-1 and approved the hedge fund disclosure proposal on January 26, 2022.

When will hedge funds get margin called?

Charles Schwab has recently raised margin requirements for both AMC and GME stock.

This means that if they are unable to keep the minimum cash required in their margin accounts, they’ll be required to liquidate some or all of their positions!

This would create massive price action to trend in an upwards position.

We know that short sellers are losing millions of dollars every day.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is simply a waiting game.

The point is going to come where they can no longer afford to be negative each day.

This movement is about to get on a whole other level of excitement.

The fundamentals to this AMC short squeeze have not changed.

All retail investors will have to do is hold until short sellers cave in and close their positions willingly, or brokers margin call them.

Charles Schwab raises margin requirements

Charles Schwab raises margin requirements
AMC Margin Call

The broker is adjusting 100% margin requirements for AMC on all long positions, and 200% on short term positions.

As for GameStop, the margin requirement is 100% on all long positions and a whopping 300% on short term positions.

All this essentially means is that short sellers will be required to have more cash at hand as collateral.

So, not only are hedge funds losing a lot of money every day but are now being required to put enough cash into their accounts to cover their entire positions if need be!

You know what happens if they can’t cover right?

That’s right, margin call.

Instant liquidation of their accounts resulting in the MOASS we’ve all been waiting for.

Margin calls will result in a short squeeze

At first we might experience what’s known as consecutive gamma squeezes.

These are usually triggered by high volume in the market due to expiring call options in the money or very high purchasing days.

As more short sellers and hedge funds with larger short positions in AMC stock begin to cover, we will begin to experience the beginning of a short squeeze.

A short squeeze could last several days to several weeks.

During this timeframe, the stocks price will continue to skyrocket as more short positions are closed.

It really does feel like we’re coming to an end here.

This new beginning is going to change millions of people’s lives.


Proposition NSCC-2021-010 allows the NSCC to act as a third party lender to oversee every transaction between lenders.

It prevents short sellers from using naked shorting strategies and from creating FTDs.

This is one of the biggest AMC news yet regarding the stock.

It’s been delayed but should go into effect this new year.

The NSCC is also requiring that short sellers have more cash at hand to limit overleveraging their positions.

When should I exit my position in AMC?

I wrote an AMC exit strategy guide to help the community make a strategized decision on how to sell when AMC squeezes.

I do want to relay that this is only my take on it.

Many of you already have your own exit strategies, I understand this.

Regardless, it’s there if you need it and would like insight from a different perspective.

And lastly . . .


If you gained value from this article be sure to share it with the rest of the community.

Thank you to everyone publishing this information on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and on Discord groups.

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“Dumb Money” Gained More Than 1200% in AMC Stock Last Year

AMC Dumb Money 2022
Should you invest in AMC stock in 2022?

Dumb money may not be so dumb after all.

The group referred to as “dumb money” ended up making significant gains in 2021 from AMC stock.

Retail investors who got in early made a whopping 1200% return in their investment with the share price only sitting at $27 per share.

Those who traded the stock back in June made nearly 3000% in return when AMC reached $72 per share.

Is dumb money actually dumb?

Here’s what’s next.


Welcome to Franknez.com – the ape community made a ruckus last year and has become a beacon for change in the markets. There’s a lot going on this year and a lot more money to be made.

Let’s get started!

AMC stock took the internet by a storm all of 2021.

It was on the top 10 list of most searched words on Google, and it was the most searched ticker symbol in the markets.

Why did AMC get so much traction?

The story is incredible.

The Data Showed These Possibilities

AMC Short Squeeze Data

You might wonder, how the heck did this stock provide investors with more than 1200% in returns?

The truth is a small group of retail investors on Reddit’s r/wallstreetbets found data that predicted it to do so.

In fact, the data says AMC can still rise much higher than its climb to $72 per share.

See, we knew two things.

AMC stock was heavily shorted, and short sellers (investors betting against the stock), eventually needed to cover.

This meant that as retail investors bought the stock, the demand for it would increase the price, causing a short squeeze (massive price influx).

The people on the opposite side of the spectrum were hedge funds, financial institutions who lost billions of dollars betting the stock would go down.

In the midst of pursuing one of the biggest trades in history, retail investors were able to save AMC Entertainment from going bankrupt.

The century old movie theatre chain raised more than $2 billion dollars in cash and began innovating ever since.

Mainstream media fought hard

What surprised retail investors is how much mainstream media actually cared about their finances.

Finance media warned investors to stay clear from the stock, eventually attacking the company and anyone who invested in it.

The Fool, MarketWatch, Benzinga, Yahoo Finance, and other finance media began attacking the ‘ape community’.

Come to find out there was a massive conflict of interest given that all these news platforms were tied to News Corp., a company indirectly owned by the biggest hedge fund shorting AMC stock, Citadel Securities.

While mainstream media might have been able to scare a few people from their money, the ape community persisted to educate the public.

My platform introduced hundreds of thousands of people to AMC stock, and now millions.

YouTubers such as Trey’s Trades and Matt Kohrs used their channels to expose the data that triggered millions of retail investors to buy the stock.

As an early adopter, my blog has educated the public on the data that predicted these price moves and has fought for a fair market through investigative journalism.

Is the AMC short squeeze over?

is AMC short squeeze over
AMC Entertainment stock was the most searched ticker in 2021

The AMC short squeeze is not over, AMC’s reported short interest is still very high.

Although you cannot buy the stock at $2 or $5 anymore, entry at $25-$27 is very cheap compared to where the price can still go.

AMC’s share price rose from $14 to $72 when the short interest dropped from 20% to 14%.

The short interest is currently at 17% meaning shorts have opened new positions.

And as long as there are this many shorts betting against AMC, they have locked in positions to be squeezed out of.

Third wave price predictions are looking at AMC trading at hundreds of dollars per share.

As retail investors continue to buy and hold the stock en masse, AMC will continue to set new all-time highs (ATH).

Should you buy AMC stock in 2022?

AMC stock 2022
“Dumb money” is still buying AMC Stock in 2022 – AMC Short squeeze 2022

There are conditions to buying AMC stock in 2022.

First, be willing to invest money you can afford to lose because nothing is certain in the markets.

The stock market is a very institution-oriented device and still very much plays in the favor of banks and hedge funds alike.

Your risk tolerance will play a massive role in this trade but could very well be worth it.

To take things into perspective, majority of the community who got into AMC last year is still holding the stock even though they can cash out massive gains.

The reason being is conviction.

AMC has so much more potential, and we are all excited to see it come to fruition this new year.

If this sounds like it could be a play for you then you might want to consider it.

Opportunities like this don’t come very often.

I guess dumb money wasn’t very dumb after all.

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Gasparino Engages in Conflict of Interest: CobbleCord Scandal

Charles Gasparino CobbleCord Scandal
Charles Gasparino CobbleCord Scandal

The conflict of interests continues to unfold, we now have the CobbleCord scandal.

FOX Business’ Charles Gasparino has been recently caught a deer in headlights.

Information about his wife owning a streaming services company has retail investors not just looking at Charles Gasparino, but at FOX Business as well.

FOX Business has allowed Charles Gasparino to defend shorting AMC Entertainment without taking into consideration the narrow worldview of his personal interests.

Most of you might know Charles Gasparino from unprofessionally attacking retail investors on social media, trolling and taunting the ‘ape community’.

With his wife owning a streaming services company, it’s in their best interest that a company such as AMC Entertainment suffers from viewership.


Welcome to Franknez.com – the matters presented before you today are rather big news to the community. Gasparino could very well get fired for this major conflict of interest.

Let’s get started!

Is FOX Business Complicit?

FOX Business

Retail investors are wondering, is FOX Business complicit?

FOX Business has allowed Gasparino to influence viewers by representing a side of the story that provides some type of gain for his own personal agenda.

AMC Entertainment escaped from the depths of bankruptcy when retail investors saved the century old movie theatre chain from collapsing.

Hedge funds have overleveraged their positions in hopes of bringing the company down after losing several billions of dollars.

Anchorage Capital closed after 18 years, betting against AMC.

Melvin Capital would have closed earlier this year if Citadel Securities did not lend them a lifeline.

There’s a trend we’ve begun to see where overleveraged hedge funds are shutting down to losing short position bets.

Charles Gasparino, a strong short seller supporter, has used his influence on mainstream media to stray the public from buying AMC stock.

This advice has cost millions of curious investors to lose out on an opportunity like no other.

AMC is currently up more than 1300% year-to-date.

But short sellers are in extremely tough positions.

#FireGasparino Creates Frenzy on Twitter

The hashtag #FireGasparino is gaining traction on Twitter after retail investors discovered the information about CobbleCord.

The CobbleCord scandal creates real conflict of interest because of the two scenarios that take place here.

There’s a group of retail investors who saved AMC and are going long on the company to squeeze the short sellers from their positions.

Then there’s Gasparino who defends short sellers, trolls retail investors online, and exclaims AMC has no chance against streaming services, albeit his wife owning an industry-competitor company.

Viginia Juliano is Charles Gasparino’s wife and founder of CobbleCord.

She formerly worked with Showtime on their streaming services and considers herself to be a streaming evangelist.

The CobbleCord scandal only amplified when Charles Gasparino tweeted his lawyers would be in touch when a community member shared the topic.

Charles Gasparino CobbleCord Scandal

Now that the Kat is out of the hat, Gasparino might threaten to sue.

This isn’t the first time Kat has been reached out to in regard to legalities.

Ken Griffin’s lawyers have also reached out to Kat when discovering the preparation of #KenGriffinLied banner planes.

The act was sparked after the community uncovered Ken Griffin did indeed lie under oath when asked about Citadel’s communication with Robinhood during the trading halts earlier this year.

What Are Your Thoughts Regarding the CobbleCord Scandal?


Is FOX Business complicit?

Should Charles Gasparino get fired for engaging in conflict of interest?

Leave your thoughts below.

You can follow me on social media and subscribe to blog for more market news.

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Here’s Why Hedge Funds Fear Retail Investors Right Now

Retail Investors AMC Community
Retail Investors VS Hedge Funds

Retail investors have never been this invested in the markets before. A lot of you have been increasing your knowledge database all year.

We used to park our money in long term index funds or pick some of our favorite companies to invest in and that was it. We let the media decide how to move the markets and we made decisions based on that.

However, ever since investing in momentum stocks such as AMC and GME stock, retail investors have never had a chance at a fair market; until now. The AMC and GME community are changing everything.

From deciding the worth of a company, to being a driving force that has the ability to save industries, hedge funds have awoken a sleeping giant.


Welcome to Franknez.com – I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on the growth and impact of our community recently. Here are 5 reasons why hedge funds fear retail investors right now.

Lets get started!

#1. Knowledge Is Getting Spread

More retail investors have joined the markets and are getting a dose of knowledge every day. If you really think about it, more people have begun investing in the stock and crypto markets than ever before.

People are tired of not doing something to change their current positions in life. Be it monetary for most. Retail investors are in the markets and taking life changing measures to change their financial situations.

And I’m proud of you for that because that’s what it’s going to take to make it out there. Keeping your money in BofA or Wells Fargo isn’t going to multiply your money.

So kudos to you for taking calculated risk and allowing your money to work for you. And if you haven’t shown a friend or family member how to invest in the markets yet, I’m going to leave a link at the end of the article that you can send them so you can save your time from showing them how.

Meme stocks changed the markets in the way that it brought a ton of new retail investors to the game. But what happened next shocked hedge funds. The knowledge of malpractice in the markets spread and now we’ve created a massive movement towards having a fair market.

Knowledge in our community has spread and can continue to spread like wildfire. This is a massive threat now more than ever to hedge funds illegally shorting the companies we’re betting on.

#2. Naked Shorting & Dark Pools Have Gone Mainstream

What was once denied and hidden to the public for so many years has now become public. Naked shorting and dark pools have gone mainstream through platforms such as CNBC and FOX News.

Our community has magnified the cancer in our markets and the spotlight is now directed towards these problems.

We’ve forced the media to cover our story. We’ve forced change to an extent and we must keep making noise.

Naked shorting and dark pool trading must be stopped. I’ve seen many of you tag Gary Gensler and the SEC on Twitter. Keep it up.

Believe me when I say they see our concerns and they see your comments. Let your voice be heard even when it feels like it isn’t being heard. I hear you, the community hears you, and believe me they hear you too.

#3. We’re Putting Real Pressure On Regulations

We know the SEC hears us because they’ve been pushing regulations out although hedge funds continue to find a way around them.

However, we know that the SEC is only making themselves seem like they are doing something, so they don’t look complacent in the eyes of mainstream media.

But we know nothing has really changed. In fact, hedge funds are fighting the SEC on delaying liquidations and margin calls right this very moment.

OCC Requests To Delay Liquidation

Retail investors on Reddit recently came across a proposal sent to the SEC by the OCC (Options Clearing Corporation) to delay liquidation in short and long positions.

OCC request to delay liquidation
OCC Request To Delay Liquidation

Here are the rules the Options Clearing Corporation (OCC) is requesting:

  1. Rule 1104(b) – authority to delay the immediate liquidation of a suspended Clearing Member’s margin deposits and to use such deposits to borrow or otherwise obtain funds from third parties
  2. Rule 1106(e) – authority to determine not to close out a suspended Clearing Member’s unsegregated long positions or short positions in options or BOUNDs, or long or short positions in futures
  3. And Rule 1106(f) – authority to execute hedging transactions to reduce the risk associated with any collateral or positions not immediately liquidated or closed out pursuant to Rules 1104(b) and 1006(e)

We have the power to call out the SEC and Gary Gensler and say we do not approve this as it’s a violates the protection of retail investors from manipulation in the markets.

Only you can do that. We need to ensure that hedge funds get their positions liquidated for AMC and GME to squeeze. Squeezing hedge funds from their positions will do more than make retail investors rich, it will create real change for future investors.

We have the power to create a fair market. All we have to do is be proactive about what we want.

You can read the rest of the incredible DD on r/superstonks here.

#4. Hedge Funds Continue To Eat Millions of Dollars

For every day you hold, hedge funds shorting AMC and GME stock continue to face devastating losses.

I get it, red days aren’t the most exciting. And seeing the manipulation occur in front of our own eyes doesn’t make matters better.

But know this. You holding your stock is causing our adversary so much money that they’ve become so desperate to the point they are asking the SEC for delays on liquidations.

Community, I think we’re getting close.

We are crushing it!

Why Are Hedge Funds Delaying The Inevitable?

They are trying to wear you out. Patience is difficult, I know. By delaying liquidation, they chisel away at retail investors with low convictions.

These institutions have been playing a game of psychology with us all year. They’ve even used AI technology to predict retail’s moves. Their technology can’t give them proper data when all we’re doing is buying and holding the stock though.

This strategy has been our biggest advantage and I’m confident in saying it’s going to pay off.

#5. Retail Investors Are More Intelligent Than They Thought

I think it’s fair to say retail investors have been greatly underestimated. We tarnished reputations from $0.01 expert analyst predictions, denied our table to a two-faced Jim Cramer, and have made the average person a lot of money on paper.

I guess dumb money isn’t so dumb after all.

Our community has been doing the homework every day for almost ten months now and will not stop advocating a fair market.

This historic moment will never be forgotten. You reading this, yes you; have more power than you could ever imagine.

I’ve Never Said This…

There’s something I’ve been wanting to get off my chest for quite some time now. And I think I’m ready to say it now..

I’m proud of you.

I’m proud of you for staying grounded, for shunning negativity, and for sharing valuable content and data with the rest of us.

I’ve used my platform to protect the community, share the knowledge, and to communicate with you. But ultimately, it’s you who’s made a world’s difference, not me.

Your courage is moving mountains! And that’s why I love this community. Your courage has given me strength when I’ve needed it too. So thank you for simply being you.


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AMC Entertainment To Accept Bitcoin As Online Payment

AMC Entertainment Bitcoin News
AMC Earnings Call – Bitcoin + News

Not investing in Bitcoin yet? Bookmark this page to learn how you can start

Adam Aron, CEO and Chairman of AMC Entertainment announced during the Q2 earnings conference call that AMC theaters would be accepting Bitcoin as online payment for movie tickets by the end of 2021.

Adam said he had been doing deep research in blockchain technology to set up systems to make this happen. The CEO is well aware that its shareholders are big on crypto and wants to further provide value to the community.

In addition, AMC Entertainment will also begin to accept Apple Pay and Google Pay. The chains’ focus at the moment is on providing convenience on top of convenience.


Welcome to Franknez.com – today I want to talk about what this incredible announcement will mean for AMC Entertainment, the stock, and shareholders alike.

Lets get started!

There is so much to talk about here. The Q2 earnings conference call went amazing. AMC shareholders should be just as excited as I am. Cheers to continuous growth.

Adam Aron Shuts Down Naysayers

During the Q2 earning’s call, Adam Aron confidently shut down naysayers doubting AMC’s capabilities and projected growth. The chain is doubling sales through rising attendance and an increased ticket and food sales.

“In short, AMC crushed it in Q2” – Adam Aron.

If you listened to both Q1 and Q2 conference call, then you know just how confident, mature, and innovative AMC projected itself to be this time around.

Rich Greenfield must be planning another way to strike back at the company, that is unless he’s been found with his foot in his mouth.

AMC and GameStop Partnership Teaser

AMC GameStop partnership
AMC GameStop Partnership

Adam Aron left shareholders in awe after teasing about a possible partnership with GameStop for an ultimate gaming experience in AMC theaters.

He did not say much but did confirm that they are currently discussing innovation to deliver the ultimate move and gaming experience to both their shareholders and guests.

If we’re talking company fundamentals, talks of partnerships and innovation should reflect in both AMC and GME stock in the days to come. I will keep an eye out for more information as more updates unfold.

Warner Bros. Provides Exclusive Window To AMC Entertainment

AMC Warner Bros
AMC Warner Bros News

Warner Brothers and AMC Entertainment just came to an agreement of a 45 day window on new releases. Warner Bros. will not be releasing new films to Disney or other streaming platforms with a 45 day period of its premier.

What a jab to forces claiming AMC Entertainment would lose to online streaming. Streaming services will now be denied access to release new titles as soon as they are released.

Congratulations to AMC Entertainment and CEO Adam Aron on this massive move. As an AMC shareholder it makes me real happy to see this company succeed.

AMC Entertainment Is Working On Bringing Sports To The Big Screen

The AMC UFC showings were a massive success. Showings sold out quick and AMC Entertainment now wants to bring more to the big screen!

“My bet is that we will see more partnerships like this in the near future as venues seek to diversify their offerings and leagues look for increasingly innovative ways to engage fans”, via. Front Office Sports.

AMC UFC Showing

Adam Aron announced during the Q2 earnings conference call that the company is working on sealing contracts with the sports industry to screen several type of sport events.

These news has sports fans enthusiastic about new experiences for moviegoers. It’s this type of innovation that will put AMC Entertainment in the eyes of traditional investors who aren’t part of the ape community.

In addition, the CEO is also looking to reserve the rights to showcase more musical events such as that of Chance The Rapper’s ‘Magnificent Coloring World’. Music lovers will get a chance to experience grand shows and performances from the big screen very soon.

‘HODL’, Did You Catch It?

If you didn’t catch this bit during the conference it’s okay. It was very subtle but nonetheless massive news for retail investors.

Adam Aron confirmed him and executives would be ‘holding’ the stock. This means executives cannot sell their shares as AMC’s stock price begins to climb, preventing momentum.

Executives are required to hold their shares under contract for a certain amount of years before they can sell and cash in. For the ape community this means we’re in the clear from the company’s side that is.

So although we don’t have control of what other institutions do as the stock begins to surge again, we know Adam Aron and his team upstairs will not be selling.

A Bright Future Ahead

AMC ended the June 30, 2021 quarter with more than $2 billion of liquidity. This is double the highest quarter ending liquidity level AMC Entertainment has ever had in its 101 year history.

The chain plans to reinvest into the company to enhance the guest experience while increasing it’s revenue through new partnerships in show business.

So, what does this mean for AMC shareholders? Nothing but great news. I expect the buzz will bring in traditional investors for the long haul. AMC stock is the number 1 stock in the market right now and the community only keeps getting stronger.

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AMC Stock Is Primed To Bounce Back Up: MOASS

AMC Stock is primed to bounce back moass

AMC’s downtrend was not violent. Ladies and gentlemen the community has not sold. AMC’s turnover ratio is extremely low but more on that later.

AMC stock is about to bounce back up and I’m going to explain why. The data presented below does not lie, get excited.


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Community – I want to start off by saying thank you for sharing this information with the public. The community is growing every day and more retail investors are opting in for the opportunity of their lifetime.

I also want to give a special thanks to my Discord group who are always sharing FrankNez articles on social media. You guys rock.

AMC stock hits a new bottom?

AMC stock has been trading around the mid $30 range for a few days now. The stock dropped to the low $30s before beginning to consolidate upwards to mid levels now.

For about a month straight we’ve experienced AMC consolidate in a downwards trend so this little bounce back up could indicate the stock has hit a new bottom.

The last time AMC hit a new bottom was back when it dropped from $20 per share to the $5 per share. People bought AMC stock on the way down and were left bag holding for quite some time. Those who held have a huge payout on paper.

So if you bought at $70 per share while it was going down just be patient. Great things come to those who wait. The community has done an amazing job at keeping everyone informed when FUD arises. We’ve been able to eliminate it as soon as we see it.

The AMC community has never been stronger and more unified. Despite the desperate media attempts to divert the public from selling their stock, retail investors continue holding.

AMC has a low turnover ratio, what does this mean?

A low turnover ratio reflects a buy-and-hold investment strategy. AMC has a 3% turnover ratio which means almost every single ape holding AMC stock is not selling.

AMC turnover ratio

This data confirms the dip of the price is not due to retail investors selling. Short sellers have been borrowing millions of shares to short the stock. With majority of retail investors holding, there was very little volume to counter these synthetic sell walls.

Retail investors continue to hold the one asset short sellers need to buy back. The available shares to borrow has also gone down quite significant. This number has gone down to the hundreds of thousands.

Short sellers could continue to overleverage their positions but are currently under high scrutiny from broker firms. What will push AMC’s stock price right now will be buying power. This bullish momentum could ignite short sellers to close out their positions as the price and margin requirements continue to rise.

I believe this will be the last time we see AMC in its $30s. Those who took the advantage to bulk up this discount will experience mainly gains moving forward.

100/100 AMC short squeeze score

S3 Partners are a short interest and securities finance data provider. They deliver real-time and the most accurate short interest analytics.

The tools that S3 partners provides TA’s (technical analysists) allow us to get a technical analysis perspective on the short interest data. Trey and other traders saw AMC had a massive short interest which meant that by using the buy-and-hold strategy, retail investors have the opportunity to squeeze them out of their positions.

S3 Partners AMC short squeeze score

Well now we’ve been receiving a lot of data from these niche data collectors saying AMC is primed with a perfect score to squeeze. S3 partners is relaying a score of 100 out of 100.

We’ve seen Fintel’s short squeeze score reach 10/10 on their page as well. This is no coincidence as the data that has been made public by community leaders is now being reflected heavier on these platforms.

We’d be caught in a pickle if the data said otherwise but the numbers don’t lie. Whether AMC is trading at $30, $40, or $50, the stock is primed for a short squeeze.

Retail investors will have to continue to buy and hold the stock to see this come to fruition. If you’ve been doubting where AMC has been going, this should clarify so much. Trust the data.

Special thanks to r/amcstock

I want to give a special thanks to the creator of r/amcstock. I will not mention his name but we connected last month when he joined my Discord group.

This subreddit has been a tremendous help to the movement as it has allowed the community to stay informed. I also want to thank those of you who have been sharing my DD and articles on r/amcstock.

This is actually how the subreddit creator and I connected. He noticed you, the community sharing the information I’ve provided so thank you.

r/amcstock AMC

And of course this information would not be here if it weren’t for OisinB. Here’s the direct link to this subreddit post.

Hedge funds face serious scrutiny

If you’re following me on Twitter or are subscribed to my newsletter, you’ve more than likely already seen the massive scrutiny short sellers are currently facing.

Not only has Charles Schwab raised margin requirements for short sellers shorting both AMC and GME, but JP Morgan has jumped on the train as well.

JP Morgan warns hedge funds of intraday margin calls. If you missed that excerpt make sure to read it as it’s huge news! Brokers have just about had enough and taking the necessary precautions to prevent severe losses.

So what’s the deal with hedge funds right now? We know they’re losing millions each day. They’ve been able to drive the price down behind closed doors using dark pools. Naked shorting has now gone mainstream thanks to Melissa Lee from CNBC and Charles Payne from FOX Business.

Zoom out to look at the entire picture and you’ll find good karma is leaning towards the retail investors.

For info on AMC’s and GME’s negative beta, read the article here.

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AMC Stock: Could This Be The Dip Before The Rip?

AMC dip before the rip
AMC Dip Before The Rip

Why is AMC stock falling? If there’s anything we can learn from Volkswagen’s short squeeze is that it too dipped before reaching nearly $1,000 per share. Before Volkswagen’s share price drastically declined it had a solid bull run. Sound familiar?

Is this what’s happening with AMC stock? Ladies and gentlemen, strap on your seatbelts. Shorts are under high scrutiny and their accounts keep getting hit by intraday margin requirements.

Failure to meet margin requirements and it’s margin call time baby. This could very well be the start to that new life.

franknez.com personal finance blog

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Hedge funds vs retail investors

AMC continues to trend downwards shortly after a new wave of retail investors joined the ape army. Many of you are shaking in your boots right now.

Straighten up soldier, you’ve entered a financial war you didn’t even know existed. Are you going to let the people who screwed you over back in 2008 take your money again? Or are you going to hold your stock until you squeeze them out of their positions?

Community, they’re trying to scare you out of your money. Your losses on paper aren’t real until you make them real. Don’t collect your losses, hold your stock. Not financial advice, but advice from a friend.

Hedge funds have been finding loopholes to drive the price down while the SEC has gotten paid to turn the cheek. The sight has not been pretty. This is financial war.

Why is AMC stock going down?

The ape sentiment has not changed. We continue to buy and hold, so why is AMC stock going down? Could this be AMC’s dip before the rip? The answer might lie in the trades occurring in dark pools.

Dark pools are basically private trading systems inaccessible to the public eye. Trading here could be naked shorting which could be causing the price to fall using synthetic shares.

These shares aren’t real, they’re made up. If there’s anything we’ve discovered during this entire movement it’s that hedge funds have way too much power than should be allowed. That and the SEC has been compromised as we’ve seen they have absolutely no authority over these entities.

AMC’s stock price could be temporary

Reports have been made that the trading occurring in dark pools has been a whopping 60+%. This means more than half of AMC’s trading has been occurring in these private trading systems where retail investors have absolutely no way of accessing.

AMC dark pool data
AMC Dark Pool Data

Retail investors aren’t liquidating their positions, hedge funds are behind something much more maleficent. And in some cases, hedge funds aren’t even obligated to report this information.

Ladies and gentlemen, we must fight this corruption together. The SEC has been compromised and it is up to us to get loud. The good guys will win. But justice needs to be served in more than one area once this chapter is over.

A closing opportunity?

As AMC’s share price continues on this downtrend, is it possible shorts will cover? Yes they’re illegally driving the share price down behind closed doors but is it to manage their losses?

We know it’s costing them millions of dollars to hold their positions ever day. They’ve been paying a fee to borrow the stock all year. Will they take this opportunity to close their positions without significant losses and call it a day? Let me know what you think in the comment section below.

The ape community will only buy more

See the thing is that hedge funds have not exhausted the community. They’ve only made us hungrier. Our why, our reasons for this trade is much bigger than theirs.

AMC Entertainment is not bullish nor bearish, it’s apeish. And we’re not leaving until every single synthetic share has been covered.

And if you’re holding losses on paper right now and don’t know what to do, borrow my strength. I am not leaving you behind and I am not selling my position until we squeeze.

We’ve been there. I’ve been there. Our conviction gets tested when things get tough. Any major drop in the stock and expect apes to bulk up more than the first time. We aren’t going anywhere.

AMC compared to Volkswagen

AMC compared to Volkswagen

If we compare AMC to Volkswagen before it squeezed you’ll see a similar pattern here. Both AMC and Volkswagen had a bull run before beginning to decline.

This decline bottomed out before shorts covered their positions at a more attractive price. This resulted in Volkswagen to squeeze.

Think about the investors who got out of the short squeeze play as it was coming down only to find out the stock squeezed once it found its bottom.

Now put yourself in that position for just a moment. How would you feel if you liquidated your position right before AMC squeezed? I’d love to hear from you down in the comment section below, this is a challenging question.

Volkswagen, like AMC was also a short squeeze play. It took Volkswagen to rise and fall only to stand up even bigger than ever before. Kind of like life, ya know? Moral of this comparison? There was a dip before the rip.

How low will AMC go before it skyrockets?

Seeing as AMC’s highest price point prior to this movement was $35 back in 2016, it’s highly likely shorts took positions from this price range below. What they’re doing is a group effort so maybe John started shorting AMC around $20 and they’re not leaving John behind.

I mean who knows right? One thing is certain. Once AMC’s share price gets lower, apes will buy the stock at this significant discount inevitably causing AMC to rise again; forcing shorts to cover their positions.

Failure to do so would result in continuous losses. And if it takes doing this all over again I’ll do it. The short interest does not lie, the shares on loan do not lie, ladies and gentlemen the data does not lie.

The question here is, are you going to miss out on this opportunity? Or are you going to let it run its course? You decide.

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BREAKING: Are hedge funds about to get margin called by JP Morgan?

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Are Hedge Funds About To Get Margin Called by JP Morgan?

JP Morgan Margin Call AMC
JP Morgan Margin Call

According to RISK.net JP Morgan warns hedge funds of intraday margin calls. This sounds very similar to proposal 002. The U.S bank may demand margins up to “7 times per day” according to sources.

The tough love comes from the fear of losing money and covering hedge fund positions like global banks did with Archegos Capital earlier this year. It seems like they’ve started to notice a pattern here.

As always, I’ll give you my take on what this means for us retail investors and how it plays into AMC’s short squeeze news.


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Ladies and gentlemen banks have had enough. They’re tired of getting screwed over by hedge funds overleveraging their short positions. When hedge funds cannot cover the entire hit, brokers have to cover the rest.

JP Morgan is trying to prevent from becoming like one of the affected brokers that suffered significant losses due to Archegos shorting Viacom and Discovery earlier this year.

Although the SEC might be oblivious to what’s going on, this bank sure isn’t. And if you remember, Charles Schwab has also raised margin requirements for short sellers shorting both AMC and GME stock.

Archegos meltdown resulted in billion dollar losses for global banks

Archegos JP Morgan

Banks to massive losses due to Archegos Capital overleveraging their positions in highly shorted stock such as Viacom and Discovery.

Wells Fargo was one of the banks that did not suffer any losses. “We had a prime brokerage relationship with Archegos,” the bank said. “We were well collateralized at all times over the last week and no longer have any exposure.”

According the Reuters, Morgan Stanley lost nearly $1 billion dollars from the collapse of Archegos. Other banks hit were Credit Suisse Group and Nomura Holdings which were affected the most.

Global banks were expected to lose between $5-$10 billion dollars according JP Morgan. And now it seems JP Morgan is taking the precautions necessary to avoid enormous losses too. By issuing intraday margins, they make sure short sellers have enough cash at hand as collateral. This could possibly be the catalyst for what we’ve been waiting for.

If margin accounts cannot keep up with the daily demand for new cash in its accounts, JP Morgan may instantaneously close out overleveraged positions. This will cause AMC stock to soar.

Hedge funds and family offices are affected

Archegos was technically a family office managing billions in assets, not a hedge fund. Well now JP Morgan is demanding both hedge funds and family offices post more cash during the day if their trades loses value.

The news was provided to Risk.net by three people who are familiar with the matter. No further information aside from these intraday margin requirements were relayed by the publication.

If JP Morgan sees too much risk within some accounts, and they will, they have the power to liquidate margin accounts short selling both AMC and GME stock. The results would drive these stocks high enough to force all shorts out of their positions.

Managing margin call news expectations

It’s important for the community to take into consideration that most news regarding margin calls have merely been neutral, so far.

If this JP Morgan margin call news plays in our favor then excellent! We could very well begin seeing some short covering. But if it doesn’t, another catalyst will end up squeezing shorts out of their positions. This may be a new wave of volume or other brokers who do not want to risk their investments through these overleveraged hedge funds.

However, positive news like this should feed your conviction. When you’re in need of strength, borrow mine.

I personally believe were getting closer to this chapter coming to an end as hedge funds continue to face serious scrutiny. Think about this for a second, the cards are against them.

Retail investors, banks, whales, and the public are all against them. I’m interested to know your thoughts, leave me a comment below. Are you ready for this short squeeze? And when do you personally think this will liftoff?

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What The Fool Isn’t Telling You About AMC Could Hurt You

The Motley Fool AMC
The Motley Fool – AMC Stock

AMC is the #1 play in the stock market right now and The Fool along with other hedge fund affiliate partners don’t want you to dig deeper. Countless headlines are being published trying to scare new retail investors out of their money.

AMC is currently the heaviest shorted stock in the market right now. The short interest keeps going up and the number of shares on loan is a staggering 99 million shares.

I’m also going to go over what the utilization in AMC stock means. We’ve heard this many times over on Trey’s Trades videos so I’m going to break it down for you smooth brained apes.

franknez trey's trades

Welcome to Franknez.com – the blog where you can digest content on personal finance, side hustle ideas, entrepreneurship, and trending investing topics.

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AMC’s short interest keeps rising

If you’re following Matt or Trey on Twitter you’ve seen they consistently post the updated short interest number. What’s AMC’s current short interest? It’s currently 18.93% and rising.

The mainstream financial platforms will not tell you this. This information is being kept from the public but apes in the community will share this with you. It’s your right.

What is short interest in stocks?

Short interest is the percentage of shares of a particular stock that has been sold short but have yet to be covered or closed.

With AMC, 18.93% of the outstanding shares are being shorted and have not been covered. AMC’s current outstanding shares according to YCHARTS is 501.78 million. This means approximately 94.9 million shares are being shorted and must be covered.

Just to put things into perspective, Apple’s short interest is 0.65%. AMC short interest is high and it has been climbing all year. It’s the heaviest shorted stock in the market.

Hedge funds shorting AMC stock are also paying a short borrow fee rate for borrowing the stock. Hedge funds have lost billions of dollars year-to-date and continue to lose millions with every passing day they do not close their short positions.

The Fool, MarketWatch, and others protect partners

Not only are The Fool and MarketWatch hedge fund affiliates, but Robinhood, who halted buying both AMC and GME stock early this year are also an affiliate to Citadel Securities.

Citadel Securities is Robinhood’s clearing house. Moral of this story? Ditch Robinhood, and stop sharing and reading shill news articles trying to scare retail investors out of their money.

AMC shares on loan

AMC’s current shares on loan is a staggering 90+ million shares. The shares on loan has been high all year and the media will not tell you this. We found this number by dividing the short interest by the current outstanding shares available.

This is why retail investors have flocked over to AMC in order to squeeze shorts out of their positions. The shares on loan has been increasing since the beginning of the year.

Short sellers keep borrowing stock

As if the evidence couldn’t be more obvious, short sellers continue to overleverage their positions in order to short AMC stock.

AMC short shares available

Hedge funds have been digging themselves in a deep hole of debt all year. They’ve been leveraging their clients assets in order to drive down the price of a company that is no longer going bankrupt.

And unfortunately for these high ticket investors, the value of their investments will continue to plunge. AMC is a ticking time bomb for a short squeeze that’s been long overdue.

Forbes talks 10/10 AMC short squeeze score

Forbes short squeeze short

Unlike majority of financial platforms, Forbes hasn’t been blind to all of this information. “Dusaniwsky has developed a Short Squeeze score and ranks AMC ‘s and GameStop’s metric a 10 out of 10 for a short squeeze.

Forbes gives AMC and GME this 10/10 short squeeze score for the following reasons:

  • There is a large amount of dollars at risk on the short side (high short interest)
  • A large proportion of a security’s tradable float shorted (high S3 SI % Float)
  • There is scarcity of stock loan supply (high stock borrow fees)
  • And there is limited daily trading volume (high days to cover)

I want to give a special thanks to Chuck Jones, the senior contributor at Forbes for publishing this piece on AMC Entertainment and GameStop.

What is utilization in stocks?

A stock’s utilization can be seen as the ratio of a stock’s demand to supply.

InteractiveBrokers gives a perfect example of what this means for AMC Entertainment stock. APPL may have utilization of less than 1% because the stock has vast availability relative to the demand to borrow shares for shorting. AMC Entertainment may have utilization above 90% because of higher demand to short shares as compared to the number of available shares.

What is AMC’s current utilization?

AMC’s current utilization according to ORTEX is 91.39%. All data covered by professional and technical analysts shows us AMC is currently the heaviest shorted stock in the market.

AMC stock is in high demand by both retail investors and short sellers. This play will not end until shorts have covered all their positions.

Retail investors are betting on AMC

MarketBeat’s option change for AMC Entertainment stock looks rather healthy. The general public is betting on AMC stock to continue rising. Several call options are opting for $100+ strikes for this Friday’s close.

AMC call options
AMC Entertainment Call Options – MarketBeat

The sentiment from retail investors has never been more bullish on the stock. Impatient retail investors will not get this chance again as AMC Entertainment preps itself to take flight again.

AMC is running out of sellers

AMC is running out of sellers

According to Benzinga, “Volume in AMC’s stock has been declining, especially in terms of bearish volume, which indicates the stock is running out of sellers. This pattern is often seen before eventual large upward swings in a stock.”

The patterns and the data available is all you need to build a strong conviction towards AMC stock. The numbers don’t lie and neither do the patterns.

We can hype it up and talk about how much we love this movement but in the end it’s the data we must trust. And for the paper hands that have trolled you online, remember them after the squeeze. Because in life you will come across people who will want to put you down for doing something great with your life.

Hedge funds and their affiliate partners are only blockages you’ll have to learn how to manage. Nothing great ever comes easy so hold and remember your why.

If you enjoyed this article be sure to share it with someone in the community as you’re the one that has the power to make a difference. You can reach out any time using the social media links below as well!

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