FINRA Attempts to Gaslight Public on New Email Leaks

Market News Daily - FINRA Attempts to Gaslight Public on New Email Leaks.
Market News Daily – FINRA Attempts to Gaslight Public on New Email Leaks.

The self-regulatory agency FINRA just attempted to gaslight investors on the new email leaks involving their knowledge of the fraud occurring in ticker symbol MMTLP.

FINRA was responsible for halting and delisting MMTLP without notice.

Investors were also promised stock of Next Bridge Hydrocarbons as a ‘spinoff’ but have not been delivered to this day.

Hundreds of billions of dollars are estimated to be stuck in limbo with shareholders having absolutely no access to their funds.

The MMTLP scandal has grown quite drastically and has even been picked up by Project Veritas founder James O’Keef after several publications made their way to his sources.

In efforts to derail the public from the scandal, FINRA has attempted to gaslight investors on social media by making claims of fraudulent emails purporting to be from FINRA.

Here’s what the regulator said on Twitter:

“There is an ongoing phishing campaign that involves fraudulent emails purporting to be from FINRA and using the domain names “” or “”.

These emails are not connected to FINRA, and firms should delete all emails from these domains. “

But the emails from the transcripts (email leaks) are correct, ending in, per official email information on record.

The attempt has been a failure, but an attempt, nonetheless.

Congress Gets Involved in MMTLP Investigation

Market News Daily - FINRA Attempts to Gaslight Public on New Email Leaks.

A letter from Pete Sessions, Member of US Congress (TX 17th) was leaked on Wednesday from this week reaching out to Meta Materials CEO George Palikaras for aid on the MMTLP investigation.

“Several issues have been brought to my attention surrounding the trading and ultimately the U3 Halt issued by FINRA on ticker symbol MMTLP.

It is my understanding in talking with FINRA personally, that there has been a “hiccup” in the matter and that there may be short positions that have not settled in the trades of MMTLP.

Furthermore, the CEO of OTC Markets has also publicly stated that there are indeed short shares that are trapped because of the FINRA halt.

Additionally, there are concerns about the exchange of MMTLP shares for shares issued by Next Bridge Hydrocarbons.

Approximately 165 millions shares were to be involved in this process, with the intent for individual shareholders to be assigned their positions in book entry form with the transfer agent American Stock & Trust (AST).

Currently, there are many individual holders with their long position of shares in their respective brokerage accounts.

There appears to be lack of broker transparency of shareholder ownership interests and this problem has cause a potential issue for Next Bridge Hydrocarbons corporate governance,” said Pete Sessions of Congress.

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Market News Today - FINRA Attempts to Gaslight Public on New Email Leaks.
Market News Today – FINRA Attempts to Gaslight Public on New Email Leaks | FINRA MMTLP Emails.

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    AMC is probably affected as well. Is the FBI involved yet? FINRA executives should be investigated and fired.

  2. Frank Nez

    Leave your thoughts below.

    • Johnny V (@jv3o3)

      Hey Frank, I honestly don’t see the correlation between their notice regarding them experiencing “an ongoing phishing campaign,” and this article as it refers to the emails made public through the FOIA request. In the tweet published by FINRA they clearly identified the domain address of the bad actor(s) which were being used. Even you acknowledge the difference between the domain address mentioned by them and the one seen on the FOIA documents. In addition, when you click on the link provided in their tweet, it takes you to a page with more detailed information as to what the exact content of the phishing emails will contain. Perhaps I’m missing something and therefore don’t understand your perspective on how everything just mentioned is related. I’m definitely open to further explanation from your mindset if you have the time. Thanks

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