California Businesses Are Now Making Unexpected Move To Texas

California businesses are now making an unexpected move to Texas according to new data that shows a relocation of headquarters.

In 2023, a total of nineteen big businesses relocated their headquarters to Dallas-Fort Worth this year, and eleven of those involved companies moved from the Golden State.

Since 2020, almost 150 companies have relocated to Texas, with 40% of them moving from California.

This has led to a job boom in Texas, which everyone is loving, especially moving companies like movers in Grand Prairie who have been working tirelessly to make all those moves happen.

This boom in employment is something that Texas Governor Greg Abbott is proud of.

“Texas is the economic envy of America. Over 2 MILLION jobs added since 2015.

Two years of uninterrupted job growth Over 14 MILLION Texans working.

We’ll ensure Texas remains the best state to work & run a business,” stated the Texas Governor.

Cacique Foods, one of the leading brands in Mexican food products, relocated the company’s corporate headquarters from California to North Texas in May.

Cacique is the market leader and has products in 80% of grocery stores across the United States.

The company’s new corporate headquarters is in the Las Colinas district, north of Dallas College’s North Lake Campus.

They will also build a processing factory the size of almost four football fields in Amarillo.

Arcadia Biosciences is another company that made the move from California to North Texas.

Arcadia is a publicly traded company that makes plant-based food, beverage, and body care products.

“We selected Dallas as our corporate office location due to its central location, ease of travel options in and out of the city, and its business-friendly climate,” said CEO Stan Jacot.

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Market News Today - California Businesses Are Now Making Unexpected Move To Texas.
Market News Today – California Businesses Are Now Making Unexpected Move To Texas.

SNAP benefits will now increase for the year 2024 according to the latest updates from the United States Department of Agriculture.

At the beginning of each federal fiscal year adjustments are made to the maximum allotments, deductions, and income eligibility standards for the SNAP program, also known as the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program.

These modifications are driven by fluctuations in the cost of living, representing the financial requirement for maintaining a basic standard of living, and inflation.

SNAP is specifically designed for low- and no-income households to allow them to have proper nutrition through food and drink, mostly helping older citizens, disabled people as well as others to feed themselves and their families.

Households with more people in them will receive more money, and it depends on how much is the household’s total income, reports NewsWeek.

Eligibility is determined based on the monthly household income, including earned income from employment and other assistance programs such as Social Security payments, child support, unemployment insurance, and cash assistance.

Caseworkers also look at the total assets of a household, for example, how much money they have saved in a regular account, but any assets that are not reachable.

For example, the household’s home, personal property, and retirement savings do not count.

Most people with low or no income are definitely entitled to SNAP assistance. There are some exceptions to this rule.

Individuals who are on strike, all people without a documented immigration status, and certain people with drug-related felony convictions in some states.

There is something called the Thrifty Food Plan.

This plan mainly assesses the expense of a food basket designed for a family of four, servings are based on the USDA’s estimation of the cost needed to provide nutritious, budget-friendly meals for a household.

Maximum allotments, derived from this cost, are recalculated in June each year per the USDA website.

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Market News Today - California Businesses Are Now Making Unexpected Move To Texas.
Market News Today – California Businesses Are Now Making Unexpected Move To Texas.

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