AMC Sues Nearly 20 Companies in New Lawsuit

Market News Daily - AMC Sues Nearly 20 Companies in New Lawsuit.
Market News Daily – AMC Sues Nearly 20 Companies in New Lawsuit.

AMC Entertainment (NYSE:AMC) is suing nearly 20 insurance companies in a new lawsuit.

The company is claiming they’re breaching its liability policies by refusing to cover the cost of a major investor lawsuit the theater operator plans to settle for more than $100 million, per Bloomberg.

The new lawsuit followed hours after lawyers leading the shareholder case asked for $20 million in legal fees as part of the proposed settlement.

“These claims fall squarely within defendants’ coverage obligations,” meaning they’re “obligated to, among other things, pay 100% of the defense and settlement costs,” AMC said in its 35-page complaint against 17 liability insurers.

AMC’s new lawsuit stems from the dispute in Delaware’s Chancery Court with a pension fund and two other shareholders who challenged the company’s plan to convert the APE preferred units into common stock.

“The settlement—worth more than $100 million at current trading prices, according to recent court filings—would resolve claims that the APE conversion reflects a complex corporate engineering scheme aimed at unfairly sidelining ordinary shareholders.

The deal would give each owner of common stock an additional share for every 7.5 they hold,” said Bloomberg.

Vice Chancellor Morgan T. Zurn, who has received a tidal wave of stockholder letters opposing the agreement, recently scheduled a June 29 hearing to evaluate its fairness.

She has said she’s committed to issuing a full written opinion approving or rejecting the settlement, a ruling that would likely come by the end of September.

Latest AMC Lawsuit News and Updates

AMC Entertainment lawsuit news and updates.
AMC Entertainment lawsuit news and updates.

Recently, AMC CEO Adam Aron said he was seeking to file a new lawsuit against Robinhood after the trading platform had falsely reported AMC Entertainment had filed for bankruptcy.

“This company has filed for bankruptcy. This typically happens when companies are close to running out of money or have trouble repaying their outstanding debts,” Robinhood reported under ticker symbol AMC on its platform.

“What the DUCK !!!!! I am getting multiple reports that Robinhood briefly posted today that AMC filed for bankruptcy.

How can companies like Robinhood do this?

So ludicrous, so wrong, so irresponsible.

On Friday, we report Q1 earnings, and will announce our sizable cash position,” said AMC CEO Adam Aron in a statement on social media.

He later wrote:

“I am so Ducking angry about this. They are either incompetent or evil, and either is absolutely inexcusable. Obviously, there is no truth to their postings. Outrageous behavior. I have already asked our lawyers if we can sue the Dastards. #IncompetentEvil”

Robinhood responded on the AMC bankruptcy notice after investors and the CEO raised concerns about the lucrative reporting.

The following statement was released by the broker:

“On 5/1/23 at 1:45 pm ET, Robinhood experienced a technical issue leading to an incorrect banner being applied to AMC. The banner was removed at 1:48 pm ET. We apologize for this error.”

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Market News Today - AMC Sues Nearly 20 Companies in New Lawsuit.
Market News Today – AMC Sues Nearly 20 Companies in New Lawsuit.

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  1. RAY B

    yet another “clerical error” like the “buy button” in an industry where errors should be inexcusable and the perps should pay dearly!

    as long as it damages the average investor or company, it seems to be OK SOP. I wonder who put them up to “this error”?

  2. T

    This lawsuit sidelines every shareholder and will cause our stock to lose value so they can just skim the fat. It’s no different than shorts and I do believe they are directly involved in our stock going down. Why should a handful of people split up 20 million. That’s undermines the entire company and put everyone else in jeopardy

  3. Charles osborne

    Guess you haven’t seen where shareholder vote weren’t counted and mirrored or where citadel conspired with an adam to create ape and called it project popcorn supposedly

    • Frank Nez


  4. T.

    Would it not be proper to sue the Delaware court system, pension fund and 2 individuals for not including everyone. We need to do this, let’s pile paperwork onto these grifters.

    • Frank Nez


  5. Chris

    The find suing and the 2 individual investors are not than likely working for hedge funds and we should sure them back for kicking the can around on the conversion… the stock market is rigged and pathetic

  6. Frank Nez

    Leave your thoughts below.

    • T.

      Shorts have forever been unknowingly sidelining shareholders. The ape conversion to regular shares seems like small potatoes. Not sure why just Delaware and why just 2 shareholders and a pension fund get settlement. Personally only winners is crooked wall street and crooked courts and this crooked pathetic greed. Throw that lawsuit in garbage for not including every shareholder. I never heard about it and I want my 2 cents.

      • Charles

        Project popcorn

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