A New Wave of Unexpected Layoffs in California Now Surge

A new wave of unexpected layoffs in California now surge as more businesses file WARN notices advising of upcoming job cuts.

It’s important to note that under the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act, an employer with more than 100 full-time workers must give 60 days’ notice before laying off 50 or more people at a single site.

So far this month, a total of 36 WARN notices were officially filed with the California Employment Development Department advising of upcoming layoffs in California.

Layoffs in California 2024.
Layoffs in California 2024.

The following businesses will be laying off in California this year:

  • Western Power Sports. 11 jobs cut in Fresno
  • Reins International California. 52 jobs cut in Canoga Park
  • The Ronin Project. 131 jobs cut in San Mateo
  • Apple. 614 jobs cut in Santa Clara
  • Sega of America. 49 jobs cut in Irvine
  • Resort Vacations. 24 jobs cut in Orange
  • US Display Group. 50 jobs cut in CoronaResort Vacations
  • A.C. Vroman. 12 jobs cut in Pasadena
  • Rico Corp. 6 jobs cut in Sun Valley
  • Abbott Vascular. 12 jobs cut in Irvine
  • Williams-Sonoma. 36 jobs cut in Richmond
  • UPS. 68 jobs cut in Ontario
  • Woodbury University. 10 jobs cut in San Diego
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific. 74 jobs cut in Carlsbad
  • Osso VR.67 jobs cut in San Francisco
  • Sakata Seed America. 36 jobs cut in Morgan Hill
  • Owens-Brockway Glass Container. 16 jobs cut in Fairfield
  • Happy Money. 89jobs cut in Torrance
  • Full Steam Staffing. 323 jobs cut in City of Industry
  • Sanofi.100 jobs cut in San Francisco
  • Bionano Genomics.64 jobs cut in San Diego
  • Image Solutions Apparel. 21 jobs cut in Torrance
  • Providence Holy Cross Medical Center. 8 jobs cut across California
  • Telecare Corporation. 100 jobs cut in Redwood City
  • Intel Corporation. 62 jobs cut in Santa Clara
  • Pacific Racing Association. 203jobs cut in Berkely
  • Transdev Services.179 jobs cut in Los Angeles
  • Lockheed Martin. 150 jobs cut in Palmdale
  • Genentech. 436 jobs cut in San Francisco
  • PIRCH. 17 jobs cut in Mission Viejo
  • Levy Premium Foodservice Limited Partnership. 124 jobs cut in San Diego
  • Retail Services WIS Corporation. 12 jobs cut in San Diego
  • Volta Inc.68 jobs cut in San Francisco
  • Temple Nightclub 86j obs cut in San Francisco
  • Experian Information Solutions.70 jobs cut in Costa Mesa

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Other Economy News Today

Market News Today - A New Wave of Unexpected Layoffs in California Now Surge.
Market News Today – A New Wave of Unexpected Layoffs in California Now Surge.

Shoppers now mourn the loss of a massive discount retailer of the the company announced that it would be closing all 371 of its stores.

99 Cents Only customers are begging for their favorite store to stay open despite plans for all locations to shutter, reports The-Sun.

The discount chain filed for bankruptcy last week, but an industry veteran is interested in saving some stores.

99 Cents Only stores across the south-western states are preparing to close down due to bankruptcy, but shoppers are not happy.

“This needs to stay open,” a loyal customer told the Los Angeles Times.

“I make OK money, and buying here helps me. But imagine if you’re on WIC? If you’re on Social Security?

“You need a place like this. Are people now supposed to go to Ralphs? Or Target? With what money?”

Another customer told the LA Times that the affordable prices of 99 Cents Only had helped keep her family afloat.

“I could buy toys for my younger kids, my older kids could get pens for school, and I could do groceries for all of us. And the prices, of course.”

“Well, everything is more expensive nowadays, so I guess this had to end,” she added.

99 Cents Only filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection Sunday, April 7.

In a statement, the company said inflation had made it business model unsustainable.

The company’s Interim Chief Executive Officer Mike Simoncic remarked on the announcement, stating the following:

“The last several years have presented significant and lasting challenges in the retail environment, including the unprecedented impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, shifting consumer demand, rising levels of shrink, persistent inflationary pressures and other macroeconomic headwinds.”

99 Cents Only has 371 locations spread across California, Arizona, Nevada, and Texas.

Since its first store opened in 1982 in Los Angeles, it has served as a local rival to Dollar Tree and Dollar General.

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Market News Today - A New Wave of Unexpected Layoffs in California Now Surge.
Market News Today – A New Wave of Unexpected Layoffs in California Now Surge.

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