A Massive Breakfast Chain Now Begins to Close Down

A massive breakfast chain now begins to close down after reportedly falling behind four months on rent, sources report.

An IHOP location has suddenly stopped operations, effective immediately, leaving employees without jobs, reports The-Sun.

The beloved breakfast food chain has shut down its store located on the Louisiana Boardwalk on Friday.

Employees were reportedly given no warning that the restaurant would be closing, according to local radio station, 710 KEEL.

The outlet noted that employees only found out about the closure when they showed up to work where they were told they needed to search for new jobs.

Employees who were on the schedule for the day had the option of sticking around to clean up the store or heading home for the day.

The Louisiana-based IHOP recently changed from a 24-hour operation to reducing their hours back to normal times.

This location was reportedly four months behind on their rent, according to the General Manager of the Louisiana Boardwalk, Ashley Warner.

She noted that many customers often complained about the customer service they received at the Louisiana location.

Some customers even took to Yelp to share their reviews on the IHOP located on the famed boardwalk.

“When I stay here I like to get breakfast first thing in the morning. So the front door says it opens at 6am Google says 7am but the last four times I went there they were not open and didn’t know when they were going to because it all depends on when the cook wants go get out of bed and actually show up to work.

“This is one location that should be closed down,” one review that was posted in December 2023 read.

“My husband and I and friends from out of town went here and this place needs to be closed down it was the worst food and service.

I’m embarrassed that we took them here the bathrooms were filthy,” another reviewer shared.

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Market News Today - A Massive Breakfast Chain Now Begins to Close Down.
Market News Today – A Massive Breakfast Chain Now Begins to Close Down.

In-N-Out now makes unexpected closures due to crime, sparking safety concerns for workers and customers, sources report.

The iconic burger joint, which has 400 locations, is being forced to close doors over rising crime.

In-N-Out announced that it will be leaving Oakland, California, in two months on March 24.

After over 18 years at the location, the business has suffered from so much crime that despite its profitability, the chain is axing the store, reports The-Sun.

“We have made the decision to close our In-N-Out Burger location in Oakland, California, due to ongoing issues with crime,” Denny Warnick, Chief Operating Officer said in a statement.

“Despite taking repeated steps to create safer conditions, our Customers and Associates are regularly victimized by car break-ins, property damage, theft, and armed robberies.”

One employee told the San Francisco Chronicle of the time that her vehicle was ransacked while she was at work.

“They broke the windows on both passenger sides,” Juliana Velazquez told the outlet.

Even while speaking to reporters, a car pulled into a spot that was covered with shattered glass from another break-in.

However, those in charge of security and law enforcement in East Oakland will not be shocked by the news.

Oakland Police told SFGATE of the increased crime levels in the area with 271 vehicle burglaries at a nearby gas station last year as well as 15 robberies and five stolen vehicles.

The In-N-Out location is around two miles away from the Oakland International Airport and rental car companies warn users to keep an eye on their belongings and to fill up at gas stations away from the area.

“Oakland is lawless,” said a user on Facebook.

“This whole plaza feels like a walk on the wild side,” they added.

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Market News Today - A Massive Breakfast Chain Now Begins to Close Down.
Market News Today – A Massive Breakfast Chain Now Begins to Close Down.

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