A Massive Bank is Now Stealing Disability Benefit Checks

A massive bank is now stealing disability benefit checks according to a grieving customer who feel cheated out of their money.

A Green Dot Bank customer has gone public to tell her story about the bank’s negligence and how scammers feed from those in desperate need of help accessing their accounts.

Cassandra Walker says “Green Dot bank has stolen thousands of dollars from my multiple Green Dot Bank accounts from my disability benefits checks and I have repeatedly contacted them and begged them to give me back my money.”

“The last disability benefits checks they have stolen was on February 26, 2024 and I have no Massachusetts ID valid one but I have repeatedly sent them multiple Government issue documents that can prove my identity information and they are refusing to release my money.”

“I have cancer and I have no medications and they took my money that I need to pay for my medications.”

“They had me switched my direct deposit for my disability benefits checks to multiple Green Dot Bank accounts and Walmart money card was the last one that they had me switched my disability benefits checks to and waited for my disability benefits checks to direct deposit on February 26, 2024.”

“They blocked my account and canceled my bank debit cards and closed all of my Green Dot Bank accounts because in April 2023 four of my Green Dot Bank accounts kept being compromised and I filed disputes for everyone of them and green dot canceled all of my disputes and never investigated any of my disputes for the missing money that kept being stolen from my green dot Savings Vault accounts in my Green Dot Bank Accounts.

“And they closed all of my bank accounts because I reported them to the FTC and the FCC and and Agencies.”

Unfortunately, Up Down Radar’s help and status forum is filled with scammers claiming they can help grieving customers.

Customers have even alleged that these scammers are connected to the bank, a way of defrauding their very own customers.

“It is just not today’s failures. My account was hacked. I have jumped through hoops with Greendot. I turned in a complaint and received a claim number. I have submitted all of the documents to get my money back.

I was told I would receive the reimbursement for my account this week, however, all I got was a call asking me to resubmit the info I just submitted. I am about to believe this bank is stealing my funds and wonder if someone on the inside is not the hacker.

Where is the good old FDIC support when you need them on this one. From the complaints I am reading, someone is not following through to protect the American public,” reports another customer.

Do you think Green Dot is committing bank fraud? Leave your thoughts below.

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Other Banking News Today

Market News Today - A Massive Bank is Now Stealing Disability Benefit Checks.
Market News Today – A Massive Bank is Now Stealing Disability Benefit Checks.

A massive bank now freezes money from direct deposits affecting several users. The giant says it was an unprecedented glitch.

Bank of America clients have been saddled by direct deposit delays following a payment processing glitch.

Customers began to report digital payment delays to Bank of America.

Social media users tagged the bank to explain how their paychecks hadn’t yet hit their accounts in November.

“Bank of America Day 4 & still no direct deposit, no update on potential resolution,” one user wrote on X.

“Or at the very least what’s being done to resolve the issue, no transparency, no assistance, no communication from you all at all. Nothing. Wow. This is so bizarre.”

Wells Fargo clients also reported experiencing direct deposit lags, and both banks reported questions to The Clearing House.

The Clearing House is an automated clearing house system that operates as a private sector in the US.

The Clearing House told CBS MoneyWatch that payment instructions were sent to banks due to a “processing error.”

Payments were delayed since banks needed to process data and incoming payments to clients’ accounts.

The company said it worked with the affected customers and the Federal Reserve to fix the issue.

“Many of the delayed payments have already been posted, and we will continue working with financial institutions to ensure the remaining transactions are processed,” The Clearing House wrote.

An ACH network enables money to be digitally transferred between US bank accounts.

The Clearing House and the Federal Reserve Banks process millions of payments daily, as per The Clearing House.

Its process involves an operator sending a file to a bank or credit union and allowing the institution to transfer funds into a client’s account.

The Clearing House posted a statement on its website saying the payment error resulted from masked information, “due to a TCH error.”

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Market News Today - A Massive Bank is Now Stealing Disability Benefit Checks.
Market News Today – A Massive Bank is Now Stealing Disability Benefit Checks.

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  1. Rosa

    I have been fighting with Green Dot Bank since Feb 23rd! It’s been a nightmare! I filed 2 police reports. I’ve filed complaints with CFPB, FTC, IC3, MN Dept of financial institutions, MN Attorney General’s office, Systemic Advocacy Management, Walmart ethics, MN Dept of commerce! EVERYONE! They all said the same thing… Its the federal reserve who regulates green dot bank & forwarded my complaint to federal reserve. I had $4149.65 on my acct when it was originally blocked! My acct was blocked for a MONTH when they finally unblocked my account WITHOUT notifying me like they said they would with an email. My account was emptied out in less than an hr! I filed disputes & I’m supposedly getting a refund check in 10 business days. I’ve been told nothing but lies & been giving the runaround since feb 23rd so im not too confident about that check showing up. I’ve found hundreds of complaints on multiple websites of people in my same situation who said they NEVER received their refund checks or if they did it wasn’t the full amount they were supposed to get.

    • Frank Nez

      So sorry this happened to you, Rosa. I will continue to raise awareness on this large issue.

  2. Frank Nez

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  3. Frank Nez

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