A Florida Bank Customer Now Reports Shocking Money Transfer

A Florida bank customer now reports a shocking money transfer after $27,000 disappeared from his account right before his eyes.

Luca Bencini, an Ivy League graduate and Federal Aviation Administration flight instructor, noticed $27,000 was drawn from his Bank of America account.

“I got an email from Bank of America, and it said, ‘Did you open up a bill-pay to an unknown American Express card?'” Bencini told local NBC affiliate WTJV.

“I went to my account, I saw that $27,000 was drawn to that American Express card. At that point, I immediately called the Bank of America for fraud, and that’s where the whole thing started,” he added.

When Bencini called to file a claim, Bank of America denied his refund.

The man told WTJV that the bank concluded that there was no fraud committed because “they used a device that was known to use bill pay.”

“But it wasn’t my laptop nor my PC. Both of them were shut down while I was traveling, and nobody came into the house,” he said.

When Bank of America claimed the charge wasn’t fraudulent, Bencini reached out to detectives at the Broward County Sheriff’s Office.

He had hoped that the detectives would help them determine if his Bank of America account was breached.

WTJV took the matter into its own hands and reached out to Bank of America on behalf of Bencini.

Bencini then received a call from the executive offices of Bank of America.

They had told him that “they had decided to return the money or refund the money.”

“So, we were obviously … extremely happy about it,” he said.

There has been numerous reports of Bank of America customers getting cheated from their money and even accounts being closed without warning.

Have you experienced any of these injustices? Leave your story in the comment section down below.

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Other Banking News Today

Market News Today - A Florida Bank Customer Now Reports Shocking Money Transfer.
Market News Today – A Florida Bank Customer Now Reports Shocking Money Transfer.

A retiree now suffers from an unexpected bank overdraft fee after $13,000 was mysteriously drained from her account.

Virginia Wimer, 95, turned to local NBC affiliate WFLA after $13,000 had disappeared from her Bank of America checking account.

She was charged $4,000 in an overdraft fee at the time her money had been stolen.

Bank of America reportedly reimbursed her the $13,000 but due to an overdraft protection on her account, $4,237.83 was charged to her Bank of America credit card, which the bank has been unwilling to reimburse.

Wimer filed a claim for the charges, but the claim was reportedly denied.

According to a letter sent from the bank, her claim was not approved because the $4,237.83 was an overdraft protection charge, reports The-Sun.

Bank of America had reportedly said that the decision to deny the claim was final.

Wimer told the outlet that she can’t sleep well because the charges are on her mind all the time.

Wimer’s caregiver, Jerry Starr reached out to the bank and was told that the bank was escalating the situation and looking for a positive outcome for Wimer.

However, after investigative reporter Shannon Behnken reached out to the bank, they followed up with Starr and told him that Wimer would have to continue to pay for the overdraft charge.

“That’s wrong. And that’s why I called you. This is wrong.”

“They don’t hear us,” Starr said of the bank.

Bank of America said that Wimer would still have to pay the money back because it was a loan to her checking account, according to Behnken.

Due to privacy concerns, Behnken said the Bank of America spokesperson cannot share further details at this time.

This is a developing story.

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Market News Today - A Florida Bank Customer Now Reports Shocking Money Transfer.
Market News Today – A Florida Bank Customer Now Reports Shocking Money Transfer.

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