This Essential Company Has Now Emerged From Unexpected Bankruptcy

An essential company has now emerged from an unexpected bankruptcy, allowing the business to access additional capital.

Air Methods emerged from bankruptcy with court approval on December 29.

Air Methods Corporation is an American privately owned helicopter operator.

The air medical division provides emergency medical services to over 100,000 patients every year.

It operates in 48 states with air medical as its primary business focus.

“Today marks an important inflection point for Air Methods in our transformation journey as we enter our next stage focused on investing in the business and executing on our growth initiatives for the benefit of our healthcare partners, communities, customers, and patients,” said CEO JaeLynn Williams. 

The company had said at the time of its Chapter 11 filing that it planned to complete the process before the end of 2023.

It made that deadline with two days to spare.  

“With a stronger balance sheet and additional financial resources, we remain focused on serving our contractual partners, opening new greenfield bases, optimizing our field operations, expanding our frontline team, and going in-network with commercial insurers.

We are well-positioned for long-term success and excited about the opportunities ahead,” Williams added.

The new company has retained its previous management and emerges from the bankruptcy process in a better position, reports TheStreet.

“With increased financial flexibility and access to additional capital, we will be better positioned to continue opening new greenfield bases, accelerate our talent acquisition initiatives, execute on our growth initiatives, and equip more emergency personnel with the expertise needed to safely deliver the highest quality air medical care for generations to come,” Williams said in a media statement.

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Other Economy News Today

Market News Today - This Essential Company Has Now Emerged From Unexpected Bankruptcy.
Market News Today – This Essential Company Has Now Emerged From Unexpected Bankruptcy.

Massive banks have now cut a whopping 62K positions according to the latest reports from Financial Times and Banking Dive.

20 of the world’s largest banks shed at least 61,905 jobs total in 2023, the Financial Times found last week, citing company disclosures and a tally of the outlet’s own reporting of large-scale reductions.

“There is no stability, no investment, no growth in most banks — and there are likely to be more job cuts,” Lee Thacker, owner of Silvermine Partners, a financial services headhunting firm, told the outlet.

Among the banks measured, UBS — perhaps unsurprisingly — made the deepest cuts: 13,000.

The Swiss government persuaded the bank to take over its flagging rival, Credit Suisse, in March.

Credit Suisse, by its own count, had already said it expected to cut 9,000 jobs in a wide-scale restructuring.

For his part, UBS Chair Colm Kelleher has said 2024 would be “the first year we don’t have the cover of the ‘easy’ costs,” a label he applies to headcount math.

Not far behind UBS among staff cuts in 2023, however, was Wells Fargo, at 12,000, the Financial Times reported.

The bank reportedly cut 7,000 jobs in the third quarter alone and spent $186 million on severance costs in that three-month span, according to the outlet.

But Wells appears headed for a far deeper cull, having set aside between $750 million and $1 billion in the quarter that just ended for “unanticipated” severance costs, CEO Charlie Scharf said last month. 

“We have seen turnover come down,” Scharf said at Goldman Sachs’ U.S. Financial Services Conference.

“Unfortunately, we’re going to have to be more aggressive about our own internal actions.”  

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Market News Today - This Essential Company Has Now Emerged From Unexpected Bankruptcy.
Market News Today – This Essential Company Has Now Emerged From Unexpected Bankruptcy.

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