The Latest Presidential Poll Now Has Unexpected Results

The latest presidential poll now has unexpected results as the election campaign begins in earnest, sources are confirming.

A rematch between Trump, the former president, and Biden has been all but confirmed in the general election after former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley last week dropped out of the GOP primary, leaving Trump without opponents, reports NewsWeek.

“Since then, a series of polls have suggested Biden will narrowly beat Trump in the November vote.

But with eight months to go, and the polls so tight, this could change and a number of polls have also indicated that Trump will win the election.”

One poll by the Kaiser Family Foundation showed Biden leading Trump 47% to 44%.

There were 1,072 registered voters surveyed between February 20 and 28 in this poll.

Another poll of 1,350 registered voters by Emerson College put Biden ahead of the Republican by two percentage points, 51% to 49%.

The survey was carried out between March 5 and 6.

Of the 6,334 registered voters surveyed by Morning Consult between March 1 and 5, 44% would vote for Biden and 43 percent for Trump.

And Biden would beat Trump 43% to 42%, according to TIPP polling.

Founder of the Democrat supporting New Democrat Network think tank, Simon Rosenberg said he was “optimistic” about the Democrats winning the election.

“A central reason I’ve been so optimistic about us winning in November is that I always believed that when it became clear to voters that it was Biden vs Trump, and the Biden campaign began in earnest, a big chunk of our wandering coalition would come home,” he said.

“Biden would then gain 3-4 points and open up a small but meaningful lead in national polling. It’s possible that is what we we’re seeing now.”

However, in other polls, Trump is projected to beat Biden.

A March 2 poll of 1,115 likely voters by Redfield & Wilton Strategies gave Trump a four-point lead over Biden, 43% to 39%.

A March 3 to 5 poll of 1,450 registered voters by YouGov forecasts Trump to garner 44% of the vote share to Biden’s 42%.

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Market News Today - The Latest Presidential Poll Now Has Unexpected Results.
Market News Today – The Latest Presidential Poll Now Has Unexpected Results.

Florida house prices now plunge as the insurance crisis worsens during a difficult market, sources are confirming.

The price of condos listed for sale in Florida continue their slide, as the state faces a worsening insurance crisis and sellers struggle with high homeowner association (HOA) fees, reports NewsWeek.

“The housing market in the Sunshine State is currently in a difficult situation. On one side, skyrocketing insurance costs are pushing owners to sell their condos; on the other, rising costs are discouraging buyers.”

According to the latest update by real estate platform Redfin, published in late February, sales of condos in Florida plummeted in January even as listings jumped and prices fell, proving how reluctant buyers are to invest in such properties.

While condo prices were up an average 8.4 percent year-on-year in the U.S. in January, some of Florida’s major metros saw a significant drop, with Miami reporting a 2.5 percent slump and Jacksonville a 6.5 percent decline, according to Redfin data.

And in Orlando, condo prices were down just 4.8 percent year-on-year.

As of early on Wednesday, there were 44,623 condos listed for sale on Zillow in Florida, out of a total of 204,248 properties for sale in the state.

Some 12,509 of these condos had a price reduction, a sign that sellers are willing to accept less than they think the property is worth if that means offloading it quickly, says NewsWeek.

“The current crisis in Florida’s condo market is due in part to the rising costs of keeping a condo in the state, including higher HOA fees, as well as skyrocketing home insurance premiums.”

HOAs are now required to regularly assess the safety of condo buildings and collect more money for maintenance and repairs if necessary.

According to the website Florida Realty Marketplace, average HOA fees typically range between $100 and $350 in Florida, though this cost may vary depending on maintenance requirements and community amenities.

Meanwhile, the state appears nowhere near finding a way out of the insurance crisis that has been unfolding for the past few years.

According to the Insurance Information Institute (Triple-I), Florida homeowners are paying the highest premiums in the country, an average of $6,000 in 2023.

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Market News Today - The Latest Presidential Poll Now Has Unexpected Results.
Market News Today – The Latest Presidential Poll Now Has Unexpected Results.

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