How The AMC Apes Cracked Wall Street [Explained]

how the amc apes cracked wall street

CNBC just released the short documentary, “How The AMC Apes Cracked Wall Street” and highlight the strong sentiment behind the AMC and ape movement.

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve gone mainstream. You’ve gone mainstream.

I knew we’d get here eventually, perhaps after MOASS though?

Let’s have a little discussion on just how far we’ve come.

Welcome to – all year we’ve been fighting against the mainstream financial platforms who never wanted us to get this far. But we made a ruckus.

Let’s talk about it!

The Ape Community Gets Recognized

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Our community of degenerates has been recognized by politicians, influencers, and the mainstream media.

We are a beacon for change, apes.

This documentary by CNBC opened my mind.

I mean, I knew the change we were making was going to be recognized some day.

But to see how much we’ve accomplished in less than a year is truly remarkable.

What originally became a quick money play ended up transforming our lives and became a movement fighting against market corruption.

While the short squeeze play is still on the table, I feel like we’ve given much bigger meaning to this community.

Do I believe massive moves are still in AMC’s future? Absolutely.

Have we done enough as a community? I think we can do more and I’ll tell you why.

We’ve done an amazing job at addressing real problems in the market.

However, we’re not done yet.

How Has The Ape Community Changed The Market?

The ape community has brought light to many significant problems within the markets.

Payment for order flow, or PFOF has proven to be one of the biggest concerns retail investors have faced.

Payment For Order Flow CNBC

Market maker Citadel Securities, who is also a hedge fund and dark pool, processes nearly half of all retail investors trades by paying for order flow from brokerages such as Robinhood.

Citadel Securities is one of the top 3 financial institutions shorting AMC stock.

The ape community was able to drive AMC’s stock price to all time highs due to the community buying in masses.

Citadel Securities along with other hedge funds have suffered billions in losses due to these retail rallies.

PFOF creates major conflict of interest as it makes decisions that are in the best interest of a specific party πŸ“Š.

Now the SEC says that considering banning PFOF is on the table.

Apes Have Exposed Dark Pool Trading

dark pools cnbc

While dark pool trading was somewhat considered to be a myth, the AMC community first raised the possible existence of them when AMC’s share price was skewed despite its heavy volume.

Sure enough, short interest data platforms such as S3 Partners have been able to calculate the percentage of trades going through dark pools.

Dark pool trading has been suppressing AMC’s share price to prevent hedge funds from eating daunting losses like they did with GameStop.

Apes made no hesitation to reach out to regulators via Twitter and express their concerns.

#DarkPoolAbuse has been a commonly used hashtag within the community expressing the concerns in the market.

As apes got louder, we gained the recognition from Charles Payne of FOX Business and Melissa Lee of CNBC.

Dark pools were mentioned on national television and were accepted as being a real problem for retail investors.

SEC Chairman Gary Gensler has mentioned that his team is looking real closely at dark pools and hedge fund business models.

While dark pools have not been banned yet, our community has made enough noise to grab the attention of regulators and influencers with the power to make real change happen.

We’ve Created An Investing Culture

amc apes

Originating from Reddit, then progressing to YouTube and journalism, our community is spread across many social media platform groups.

And although content creators and influencers all share very similar narratives, we all provide a different type of value to the community.

You might have gotten into AMC through an article or video you came across.

You were exposed to apes, rockets, memes, community, friendships, battles, laughter, and so much more πŸ”₯πŸš€πŸŒ”.

Every ape is so different, but every ape has a ‘why’.

A reason for why they got in the short squeeze play of a lifetime.

This is how we connected at a very deep level and why the community grew so strong.

We’ve created an investing culture where we can find plays to make money and also be a voice for change.

Nothing makes me feel more proud than when apes say I have one of the most educational Discord’s in the community.

This is what it’s about.

It’s about helping others and exposing life-changing opportunities to our people.

Apes Will Evolve Over Time

Apes might have originated from GameStop and AMC but I believe that as we diversify our plays and learn about other opportunities, our community will have a positive and abundant impact on other communities too.

As the ape community grows, there will be an abundant amount of content that will help new retail investors understand our culture.

We’re not going anywhere unless it involves the moon, Mars, or Pluto.

We Saved A Century Old Movie Theater Chain

apes saved AMC

That’s right, you did that 🍿.

You played a major role in the company’s success even if you only own one share.

Because of retail investors, AMC was able to raise more than $2 billion dollars in cash, allowing the company to prosper and innovate.

And although the company is still paying off pandemic debt, no one wants to see their favorite movie theater chain go away.

Adam Aron has been an amazing CEO.

He strategically worked with shareholders to ensure the survival, innovation, and growth of this century old company.

Now we’re the ones that get to tell our children, “we saved this movie theater chain” when we take them out to a movie.

I don’t know about you but I think that’s something every single one of us should be pretty damn proud of πŸ’ͺ.

Apes Are Cracking Down On Corruption

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

The ape community is a beacon πŸ—Ό for change.

For change in the markets, change in the way we trade and how we transfer information for the greater good of the community.

I’ve been saying for months that for change to happen we need to make a ruckus and you’ve made a ruckus.

CNBC just covered you. They just covered your voice. The mainstream media said “I acknowledge you”.

Celebrate the win apes and keep your eyes open for more abundant opportunities.

If you haven’t watched the documentary CNBC just released on the community I strongly suggest you do.

How The AMC Apes Cracked Wall Street

Final Words And Thoughts

Keep fighting.

Our mission is not over yet.

We must still ban dark pool trading, PFOF, and ensure that we do whatever it takes to ensure a fair market.

Make money, make lots of it; but don’t ever forget how powerful your voice is.

Your voice is a catalyst.

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