What Will An AMC Short Squeeze Look Like?

what will an AMC short squeeze look like?
AMC Short Squeeze

AMC Entertainment stock is up more than 1600% year-to-date, but it hasn’t squeezed despite what mainstream media is telling you. Momentum and an upwards recovery is why AMC stock is surging again.

So, what will a short squeeze look like?

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Welcome to Franknez.com – today I want to discuss what an AMC short squeeze will look like for those of you who are still new in this trade.

Lets get started!

We finally broke AMC’s level of support in the $30 range and start a new chapter towards breaking $50. The stock just recently tested $48 before getting pushed back down by short sellers shorting the stock.

And although shorts are merely suppressing AMC stock from running its course, they are only slowing down the inevitable.

This minor move up to the $40 range combined with propaganda of a short squeeze is meant to divert new retail investors from getting in on this trade. Hedge funds are desperate as they consequently suffer billions of dollars in losses from the ape community alone.

But don’t let them scare you away from your money. AMC has not squeezed as short sellers have not covered their short positions.

There Are More Than 105 Million Shares On Loan

Ladies and gentlemen, if shorts covered their positions and AMC just went through a short squeeze, the number of shares on loan would have dropped significantly.

But they haven’t changed. Shares on loan are the number of shares that have yet to be returned to the lender by short sellers. If this number is not going down, it means short sellers have not covered their positions yet.

And as we know, you cannot have a short squeeze if short sellers do not cover their positions.

We would have also seen AMC’s short interest ultimately get obliterated to 1%-2%. It’s currently deemed ‘extremely high’ at 20%. Short interest is the percentage of short shares in a stock’s outstanding float.

AMC Entertainment keeps getting shorted no matter what the mainstream financial media platforms relay to the public. If you want real news and data subscribe to the blog. No propaganda here.

A Lid Full of Pressure Is About To Pop Open

Short sellers are about to go down in history for having the biggest losses to ever be recording in finance archives.

Hedge funds continue to gamble a trade they have been losing for 8 months now. That’s 8 months of suppressing a stock’s share price through the unethical practices of naked shorting and dark pool trading.

When the lid pops open here’s what you can expect.

Intraday Gains Will Be Astronomical

The short squeeze ‘claims’ from the mainstream media were that of only 20% gains. As this lid pops open, we can expect gains to run between 100%+ during intraday trading.

This is how you will know the short squeeze has commenced. We would need to keep an eye out on the short interest and shares on loan. This is basically our ‘fuel’.

We will be able to predict how much room for growth is available as these numbers go down. For example, if AMC reaches $1,000 per share but the short interest and shares on loan are still relatively high, then we know that AMC has not peaked yet.

The ape community would need to continue to hold to see numbers beyond that amount.

Differentiating Gamma Squeeze VS Short Squeeze

The 20% gains we experienced could be seen as a gamma squeeze. While this could have been a combination of momentum caused by FOMO, it could have also been micro short sellers closing their positions.

However, these micro positions didn’t even affect the short interest or shares on loan. This goes to show just how massive AMC’s share price will surge once big short sellers begin to close their positions.

It’s when these big players start covering that we’ll begin to experience the beginning of a short squeeze.

How Long Will A Short Squeeze Last?

As we begin to see massive intraday gains, the short interest data should let us know how much more ‘squeeze’ we have left. This means that we won’t know just how many days or weeks this squeeze may last for until we have an understanding of how many shorts have indeed closed their positions.

And although we won’t know exactly 100%, the short interest data can be a great guide to let us know how much juice is available on this trade.

This information will be relayed to the community as this trade continues to unfold. For now, we HODL until it’s payday.

We fortunately have a beautiful thing going. Short sellers on the other hand have had a bad day every day for the past 8 months. Now that SUCKS.

That Other World Is Waiting For You


That vision you keep seeing for you and your family is patiently waiting on you just as much as you’re waiting for it to come to fruition.

We are in a very unique position here. The data is out there and you have all the information you need to make this thing a reality for you.

Trey said in a recent video that only you are in charge of your financial situation. This play is meant for everyone to make money. And he’s absolutely right. We cannot tie the community down.

But one thing is certain on my part and that’s that I am not selling until shorts have covered their positions. That’s my promise to you.

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  1. Jake


  2. ZZZman

    Hey Big Caesar! Great work on the articles. Who says journalism is dead? just wondering and this is a personal question that you obviously you don’t need to answer. I’m just wondering when say that you won’t sell until every short is covered, this info is only reported every two weeks. That’s a lot of time to hold, especially if 99% of the shorts are covered the day after the latest short holdings are reported. In that case wouldn’t there be cause to be concerned that the price could drop drastically after squeezing? If I’m reading into what you’re saying too literally apologies. Thanks Again!!!

    • Frank Nez

      LMAO – I’m selling when MOASS bro πŸ˜‰πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

  3. Ollie

    Hello Frank, about 60% was traded in the darkpools since January. Estimated 18B shares. How much do you think is shorted from these shares? Can it be that there are a lot more short shares that exists and the float is a lot higher due to naked shorting (synthetic shares)? Love to hear your comments.

    • Frank Nez

      Hey Ollie, thanks for commenting brother. There is no doubt the stock’s suppression has been due to naked shorting inside dark pools. The amount could be massive!

  4. Shawn

    Great article bro keep it up my fellow 🦍 till we board our πŸš€ to the 🌝

    • Frank Nez

      Thanks brother ape! To the moon πŸš€

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    Thnx again for this great post. Let’s go to the moon πŸš€πŸ¦πŸš€πŸ¦

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  6. Adam M

    Excellent post my friend. How can we see the short interest and shares on loan for AMC? And, are these numbers reported in real-time?

    • Frank Nez

      Hey Adam! The best platforms right now on short interest are Ortex and S3. They’re the closest report we’re going to get to real-time.

  7. Jerome Lapus

    Thank you Frank. May God Bless you alwaysπŸ˜ŠπŸ™

    • Frank Nez

      I appreciate that Jerome, and my God bless you brother 🀝✨

    • T.

      I guess to have immediate knowledge of shorts closing their positions would be great. There must be some brokerages that have this data as they are brokering the deal. So how does the ordinary person have the chance to sell at the right time. I just witnessed a squeeze on sprt and I only had 4 shares so sold one at 16 then 36 lastly 53. Then saved one. I did hold much better and remained more calm after being part if the amc first squeeze. Regards T

  8. Stephen

    Frank, I appreciate your efforts to keep people enlightened about, what’s really going on. Keep it up:) Buy and Hodl!

    • Frank Nez

      Thanks Stephen – HODLing STRONG brother πŸ’ͺ

  9. Janice L Weber

    Thank you so much for this info and guidance. You continue to be so helpful to new investors, answering questions vital to getting a restful night’s sleep!

    • Frank Nez

      I appreciate that Janice – thank you for being a reader 🀝

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