Nasdaq Reports 0.18% APE Institutional Ownership

APE institutional ownership
Market News: Latest APE institutional ownership report.

Nasdaq’s latest report on APE is showing the security only has 0.18% in institutional ownership.

AMC’s Preferred Equity was recently listed on Yahoo Finance’s ‘Top Most Shorted Stocks List‘.

The stock has had an insane amount of demand in the market from retail investors, but overleveraged shorting has suppressed the stock’s price from rising.

APE has fallen below $1 despite above average daily trading volume.

But institutional ownership has also largely declined according to the latest Nasdaq report.

And with AMC Entertainment selling APE shares through Citigroup, holders of the equity keep getting hammered.

Here’s the latest on APE.

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New and Sold Out APE Positions

APE institutional holdings -
APE institutional holdings –

According to Nasdaq, there are only 8 new institutional positions in APE with 298 total sold out positions.

This is equivalent to 327,046 institutional shares added versus 145.5 million shares sold.

Out of 13 institutions holding APE, 4 remained unchanged.

APE institutional ownership
APE institutional ownership | APE institutional holdings – Source(s): Nasdaq

This means retail investors have very little help from institutions in driving the share price up.

Nearly all institutions who received APE through AMC have sold it.

AMC Entertainment capitalized from APE in October when it was able to claim $106 million and pay down some debt.

Not even insiders are buying the equity.

But AMC shareholders are convinced that APE’s high short interest mixed with large buying pressure will trigger an APE short squeeze.

Does APE Need Institutional Buyers to Squeeze?

I’d love to hear your opinion on this.

The past has shown us that both retail and institutional investors moved AMC Entertainment stock to higher highs in 2021.

Retail investors were able to successfully instill confidence in institutions as AMC’s share price began to rise.

Or is APE’s major decline simply a factor from this year’s bear market?

Leave your thoughts in the comment section down below.

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  1. Joeape

    APE is temporarily here, because of market suppression it was created to be sucked into the machine, break the MF machine. Reward the hodl they will.

  2. Eric Cuttill

    I believe that they “actually” owe 10x the float minimum…
    I believe that no matter what Nasdaq decides to lie about, it makes no difference..
    Simply because they have to buy billions of these $APE units to cover positions they were short in $AMC upon splividend(hence the Buy APE and sell AMC narrative)…
    So needless to say, It really doesn’t matter… $APES are gonna be rich
    and the institutions involved in this mess will be insolvent.
    As well, #WeKnow #CHECKMATE $AMC $APE

  3. Lex

    It’s our understanding that there will be a short swerve and it’s imminent < institutions are hanging on this to make a nice Xmas bonus. 200% to 400% is not impossible

  4. FrankNez

    Let’s start a discussion! Leave your thoughts below.

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