AMC’s Preferred Equity ‘APE’ Falls Below $1

Market News: APE falls below $1 as short sellers suppress the stock.
Market News: APE falls below $1 as short sellers suppress the stock.

APE is now trading below $1.

Short sellers have been able to attack AMC’s Preferred Equity through the use of overleveraged shorting methods.

APE recently made #1 on Yahoo’s “Top Most Shorted Stock List“.

The equity closed at $0.98 per share and fell as low as $0.90 on Wednesday.

Majority of the market pumped during JPow’s announcement but both AMC and APE finished red on the day despite above average trading volume.

APE had an exceptional amount of buying power reaching 62.8 million, it’s average trading volume is 16.2 million.

The manipulation of APE in the market has shareholders looking at the CEO.

Citigroup’s Ties with APE and AMC Entertainment

Citigroup APE
Citigroup APE ties. AMC Entertainment news + more.

AMC Entertainment announced that it would hire Citigroup to help it sell 425 million APE shares.

This comes from the movie theatre chain’s strategy to capitalize from its shareholders to pay down debt.

Shareholders have argued in the past that the issuance of APE should have been voted for.

AMC Entertainment was able to successfully and legally claim a fraction of shareholder’s hard-earned capital in order to keep raise cash.

While there are shareholders who are willing to give their entire paycheck to the company, others weren’t too happy with the move.

Now it’s been disclosed that Citigroup has been shorting AMC Entertainment for the better part of over two years now.

Citigroup’s 13F-HR filing shows the company has been selling shares while trading put options in the derivatives market.

Meanwhile, the bank has also been downgrading AMC’s share price and promoting it in the media.

That’s right, the partner that is helping AMC sell APE shares has also been capitalizing from shorting the company.

Shareholders Look to Adam Aron for Answers

While there are shareholders that have total trust in AMC’s CEO Adam Aron, there are others who simply want answers.

Shareholders are invested in AMC Entertainment in order to capitalize from the company, but it currently seems to be the other way around.

AMC Entertainment just launched their online merchandise store, which is incredibly bullish for the company as it allows them to venture into other income streams.

This however does not prevent certain shareholders from wanting answers on APE’s dilution and massive suppression in share price.

Still, majority of shareholders seem to hold on to the CEO’s statement when he said to not confuse his silence with inaction.

But I’m curious to know what you think.

Leave your thoughts in the comment section down below.

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  1. Paul

    The only thing a retail investor can do is to buy off a LIT Exchange and Directly Register thier assets so that they can’t be used against them by shorts.

  2. T.

    Here’s what’s happening everyone is greedy. How I got mixed up in this crusader crap when the whole market is a Ponzi scheme. Worse than gambling worse than Publishers Clearinghouse. Regards T. …. At least you make it bearable with shards of honesty, splashes of excitement and I’m hoping you are shorting because I didn’t and I’m in the ocean no sail no rudder no lifeboat. Completely worked my ass off for criminals in suit and tie, sociopaths with one goal. #how bout like button on this site for comments? Why always ask for website when posting.. such a waste of time….

  3. Chip Turner

    AA needs to explain what he is doing to reimburse all the retail apes that saved his company from bankruptcy!


    I have spent 6 months with the idea of how to pay off the debt and release AMC, bonds or warrants for shareholders… A miserable $1K per shareholder and it would be liquidated, I brought up the idea on twitter and only one person replied “that’s what APE is for”. I am European and 50% of us cannot buy APE, I do not have any training to affirm this idea either, so I would like someone to enlighten me or propose another plan C, my conviction as an APE remains intact, because we are and we have AMC, AA works for us and is ape family, true apes will never leave AMC or any ape behind.💎🐒🐒🐒🐵🇪🇸

  5. Larry

    My only solution is to average down in AMC and APE and keep on keeping on. Not much more to say. Im only in these at less than 1% of all my holdings. While APE is under a dollar Fidelity requires a limit order to buy now and thats True for any stock under a dollar. As for Adam please run the company and get AMC in the green. Looking forward to the movies more and more.

  6. AMC fan

    This article certainly has created unneeded FUD unfortunately. I seriously doubt that Adam Aron knew about the FTX tokens backed by APE shares and that is how they were able to hide their short positions on APE to mysteriously push the price down. Also, the majority of shares are still being sent to the dark pool.

    • FrankNez

      There’s no FUD here. It’s an open discussion where everyone gets to share their opinions.

  7. Jimmy norton


  8. Fireball RW

    AMC Entertainment was able to successfully and legally claim a fraction of shareholder’s hard-earned capital. A FRACTION ! BS a lot more than a fraction. Something stinks really bad . Would it not be a conflict of interest if Citigroup’ is shorting the company and you hire them to get you the most money for the stock, How does that work? Adam Aron knows everyone who is invested in his company long or short. This REALLY Stinks , Again Lou was right not only in saying sell your APE when it first came out , and how APE was going to kill this play. He almost begged Adam Aron to just hold of for awhile as he thought we were extremely close to a squeeze. Just maybe he did it on purpose not to just raise money ( He Could have waited a few months that Lou wanted ) but to stop the squeeze. Why ? Because he knows we will be gone if it squeezes , Lou also said Adam Aron is not our friend. Remember when we were coming back at around 30 something , he killed the momentum once again . How? He sold like a few million of his personal shares and used the excuse he is getting old and planing ahead. BS why is his timing always perfect .
    He also stopped it once before I just can’t remember know but I will and post it. Something is not right . Would you give the keys to your house to someone who wants to Rob you . Well exactly what Citigroup wants by shorting the stock why would you have them sell Ape?
    Yes I am pissedoff, I am a large bag holder because of shit he pulls.

    • Jack

      Oh please like nobody knows if it would have squeezed or not The HF would be doing exactly what there doing now the sec needs to take the law n apply it hard core n send a message otherwise it won’t stop. If u get caught cheating in a year n there is no consequences u r gonna keep cheating that’s what little Dic ken is doing n Gary is suck it as well there r nobody in Congress that have balls that r strong enough ithey t all ola dirty dushe bags w kids who hate n despise them

      As for Lou really this guy is a bad as Tthat dick named Trey

  9. Mary

    The whole market it manipulated and corrupt. This is just the beginning of the downfall of their greedy and deceptive practices. There’s no hiding from the truth anymore. AA scramble if you need in silence but the hammer is coming for you too. Watching this is better than any AMC movie showing. Can’t wait for the next blockbuster. Title: AA, Meme Stocks and Don’t Drop the Soap F*****s!!

  10. Vincent

    AA should have been transparant in August and inform investors that they could buy APE after the AMC/APE split/dividend… he didn’t and he used indeed the words “pounce” that people would be rewarded etc when holding AMC, seems also not to be true after 3 months. In 3 months from 10$ to under 1$, well that’s just amazing without even communicating. We all know a CEO like AA should care about his company which he does rather then being busy with his stock/obviously making a squeeze possible isn’t favorable for him neither so he wouldn’t take that as his job BUT his AMC investor team should provide answers when you ask them… they don’t reply! I urge more investors to write an email and demand answers, mail: …. Respect for AA for his passion in AMC but he isn’t supporting at all retail and made bag holders of them or most of retail now in 3 months time! We should have sold in August and buy back later on … but yea too late

  11. Justan Ape

    I would be interested to know why he is using a company to sell ape shares that has been against the company the entire time.

  12. Michael John Stenson

    AA might as well be a little energizer bunny, cause he’s banging the drum for Citadel and himself while completely railroading investors. I too thought he cared about his investors, but he’s just like every other jerk CEO out there. He’d drown every investor to keep himself floating, and he’s literally proven it with his actions.

  13. Fireball RW

    Remember when Adam Aron tweeted POUNCE when it was announced APE was coming. Well it pounced alright into the ground.

  14. Fireball RW

    What I really think is Lou called Adam Aron out months ago , and how Ape was bullshit.
    He hated that move and he was right. Lou said sell your APE while you can . I feel like a JERK now. That moved killed our momentum and my bank account .

  15. celso amoeiro perez

    Creo que AMC no está correspondiendo a los que le hemos ayudado a mantener su empresa a flote. Hemos donado mucho dinero de forma gratuita a otro personaje de película. No hay excusas, en este momento ya no hay excusas

  16. Randy Reno

    AA seems to have some explaining to give to the share holders about Ape hitting the market at $10 per share now closing below .99 cents per share in such a short time span. Where is the value for us bag holders?

    • Concerned APE

      Just like the Youtubers do, I officially submit the disclaimer that I do not condone or support violence.

      With that said …. this is a crazy, crazy world right now in 2022. I would not want to be Adam Aaron if it was ever discovered that he played the retail community stringing them along to the benefit of hedgies, institutional investors and the 1%. I’m a REALIST and I see the world as it is. Again I do not condone violence.

  17. FrankNez

    Let’s start a discussion! Leave your thoughts below.

    • Carlos G Urias


    • Carlos G Urias

      Where is my comment ??

      • FrankNez

        I see your comments just fine.

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