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Antara Capital Discloses Shorting AMC Entertainment Stock

Market News Daily – Antara Capital Discloses Shorting AMC Entertainment Stock.

Antara Capital just disclosed it shorted AMC Entertainment (NYSE:AMC) stock in a new SEC filing.

“The exercise of a call option by a third-party holder obligated Antara Master Fund to effect a short sale of 10,700 shares of Class A Common Stock and borrow shares from an unaffiliated broker for delivery against the sale.”

“The exercise of a call option by a third-party holder obligated Antara Master Fund to effect a short sale of 600 shares of Class A Common Stock and borrow shares from an unaffiliated broker for delivery against the sale,” said the filing.

Antara disclosed shorting 11,300 total shares of AMC Entertainment from Wednesday, April 19 through Thursday, April 20.

Antara Capital has been selling AMC stock all year according to their insider transaction history.

Today, the institution holds zero shares of AMC Entertainment stock per Fintel.

Antara Insider Transaction History

Antara Cashes Out a Whopping $72.4 Million in APE Shares

Market News Daily - Antara Capital Discloses Shorting AMC Entertainment Stock.

An SEC filing shows Antara disposed more than 48 million APE shares at the price of $1.51 on Wednesday March 15, leaving the company with a total of 179.2 million shares in its armory.

The company currently has a 17.2% ownership in APE (NYSE:APE).

Soon, retail investors will no longer be able to purchase the equity as the shareholder vote to merge APE and AMC common stock has been approved.

The proposals, including AMC’s 1-for-10 reverse stock split, have been temporarily delayed until further notice.

AMC shareholders have raised concerns about Antara Capital, who was until now AMC’s largest institutional shareholder.

Like Wanda Group in 2021, the institution has dragged AMC’s share price down every time it sold shares.

One thing we saw happen after Wanda Group sold all their shares is it gave retail investors runway.

As AMC Entertainment stock ran up, there was no more heavy selling which meant shares had breathing room to keep rising.

Whether history repeats itself or not is something time will certainly tell.

Latest AMC Stock News 2023

latest amc stock news 2023
Latest AMC Stock News 2023.

Analyst firm Benchmark raised its growth estimates for AMC Entertainment Friday, citing better-than-expected domestic box office performance.

AMC will be reporting its fiscal first-quarter results before market open on May 5.

Benchmark now estimates that AMC will report first-quarter revenue of $912 million, up from its prior estimate of $831 million.

Analysts surveyed by FactSet are looking for first-quarter revenue of $930 million.

“Domestic box office exceeded our expectations,” Benchmark analyst Mike Hickey wrote in a note released Friday.

The analyst firm also raised its estimate for adjusted EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) to a loss of $37 million from its prior estimate of an $86 million loss.

Analysts surveyed by FactSet are looking for an EBITDA loss of $33 million.

Benchmark currently has a hold rating for AMC Entertainment.

Benchmark’s Hickey expects AMC to raise capital as soon as the settlement is resolved.

“We think AMC will immediately tap the capital markets on a successful transaction,” he wrote. “The capital raise would likely be used to provide relief to AMC’s significant net debt obligations.”

Market News Published Daily

Market News Today - Antara Capital Discloses Shorting AMC Entertainment Stock.
Market News Today – Antara Capital Discloses Shorting AMC Entertainment Stock.

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APE Shares Rise More Than 75%: Will They Keep Rising?

Market News: Will APE shares keep rising?
Market News: Will APE shares keep rising? APE Stock News + updates.

APE shares rose more than 75% on Thursday.

Volume skyrocketed past 177.6 million, up 158 million in trading volume from its average of 19.6 million.

Shares rose from $0.67 its previous closing day to $1.20.

The equity is currently up 5% after hours.

So, what happened?

And can we expect APE shares to continue rising?

Let’s discuss it.

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The Latest on APE Stock

APE stock (AMC’s Preferred Equity) has been the topic highlight since its inception earlier this summer.

AMC Entertainment was able to raise several million dollars from the equity to pay down its debt.

The price of the equity has since come down drastically as short sellers piled in forcing share prices to a low of $0.65.

APE stock price today
APE stock price today – APE stock news and updates.

And just as the possibility of the equity merging with AMC is announced, APE share surge more than 75% reaching $1.20.

CEO Adam Aron announced on Twitter today that there will be a shareholder vote to convert APE equity to AMC common shares.

He also commented on the possibility of a 1-for-10 reversal stock split for AMC stock.

It’s the biggest news in the AMC community thus far.

So, why did APE shares rise so much today?

And where did so much trading volume come from?

Retail investors are speculating insider buying triggered the massive price surge and heavy volume.

Others are alleging it’s the company’s way of injecting value back into the equity before APE re-merges with AMC common stock.

The truth is, it’s hard to say.

APE was never intended to be a valuable asset for investors, but more so a valuable asset for AMC Entertainment as a company.

Will APE Shares Keep Rising?

If insiders are injecting the equity with value before shareholders vote for the merge of APE and AMC, then it’s very possible the equity may continue to rise.

As of right now, where the immense amount of volume came from is undetermined.

What’s certain is many shareholders weren’t too happy about the creation of APE in the first place as it created unnecessary loss for shareholders.

Here are the CEO’s comments published on Twitter:

“Also, APEs worked exactly as intended to let us raise needed cash, buy back debt, explore M&A. But a huge discount in APE market price vs common stock must be addressed. We’ll hold a shareholder vote. It’s time to convert APE preferred into AMC common to eliminate that discount.”

APE shares have been massively shorted to cents, AMC stock is now trading below $5, a solution has to be addressed.

And so it has.

Adam Aron is proposing a 1-for-10 reversal stock split where shareholders will get left with 1 share of AMC for every 10 shares they hold in exchange for a higher share price.

The idea is to give shareholders the illusion of a higher share price by reducing the number of shares they hold.

The value of an individual’s portfolio would remain the same amount.

However, if an investor holds 10 shares of AMC, they will convert to 1 share.

If an investor holds 100 shares of AMC, after a 1-for-10 reverse split they will hold 10 shares.

All for the sake of making the value of AMC shares appear much higher.

With AMC currently trading around $4.50, a 1-for-10 reverse stock split would mean the stock will then trade at $45 per share.

Leave your thoughts below

I’m curious to hear your thoughts on what’s currently occurring with AMC Entertainment and its APE shares.

How do you feel about the entire situation at hand?

Leave your thoughts below for the community to see.

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APE Shares Fall -8.91% Despite Heavy Buying Volume

Market News: What is happening with APE?
Market News: What is happening with APE?

APE shares fell -8.91% on Wednesday despite having heavy buying volume.

AMC’s Preferred Equity (APE) made it on Yahoo’s list as the #1 Top Most Shorted Stock on its list.

According to Fintel, APE had 5.4 million shares going to dark pools today with approximately more than 50.6 million shares having been shorted, via NYSE.

APE volume traded above average closing Wednesday’s rally around 23 million shares.

So, what is happening with APE?

Let’s discuss it.

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Massive Selloff in APE Fuels Declining Share Prices

Why is APE going down? APE stock news and updates | Franknez.com.
Why is APE going down? APE stock news and updates | Franknez.com.

Nasdaq’s latest report on APE is showing the security only has 0.18% in institutional ownership.

The stock has big demand in the market from retail investors, but overleveraged shorting has suppressed the stock’s price from rising.

But institutional ownership has also largely declined according to the latest Nasdaq report.

And with AMC Entertainment selling APE shares through Citigroup, holders of the equity keep getting hammered.

According to Nasdaq, there are only 8 new institutional positions in APE with 298 total sold out positions.

This is equivalent to 327,046 institutional shares added versus 145.5 million shares sold.

Out of 13 institutions holding APE, 4 remained unchanged.

NASDAQ Report - APE institutional ownership | Franknez.com.
NASDAQ Report – APE institutional ownership | Franknez.com.

Retail investors have very little help from institutions in driving the share price up.

Nearly all institutions who received APE through AMC have sold it.

AMC Entertainment capitalized from APE in October when it was able to claim $106 million and pay down some debt.

I think it’s fair to assume insiders won’t be buying APE anytime soon as it’s primarily a tool to capitalize from its shareholders, rather than a long-term investment.

Is An APE Short Squeeze Possible?

will APE squeeze?

Some AMC shareholders are convinced that APE’s high short interest mixed with large buying pressure will trigger an APE short squeeze or trigger major price action like we saw with AMC in June of 2021.

And hypothetically speaking, they’re not wrong.

But APE would need to get backed up by institutions with strong enough buying power to scare short sellers out of their positions.

Because despite retail’s efforts, capital is just being eaten up by dark pools, selloffs, and heavy shorting.

And unfortunately, Gary Gensler is nowhere in sight to level the playing field.

Are you holding APE?

I’m curious to hear your thoughts.

What is your sentiment around APE?

Leave a comment down below.

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