Mullen CEO Pays Homage to Tesla in New Interview

Market News Daily - Mullen CEO Pays Homage to Tesla in New Interview.
Market News Daily – Mullen CEO Pays Homage to Tesla in New Interview.

Mullen Automotive (NASDAQ:MULN) CEO David Michery paid homage to Tesla in his latest interview.

David Michery also states that he believes Mullen Automotive can be #2 in the EV space as Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) has already claimed the #1 title.

“You don’t wake up in the morning and you’re a Tesla, you earn that.

You do that over hard work, effort, no one knows how hard Elon Musk worked his entire life to get to this point.

This man slept on his warehouse floor in sleeping bags while he was trying to build cars.

The man works harder than any person on this planet.

He’s dedicated, they don’t see these 23 hours a day this man worked.

If people had the work ethic that this man has there’d be a lot more successful companies in the world.

Whatever my 18 or 20 hours a day, are nowhere near the amount of effort that that man puts forward.

He’s a winner because he works harder than anybody else,” Mullen’s CEO David Michery said.

Like Tesla, Mullen Automotive has also become a target for aggressive short sellers.

The company stock is currently trading at $0.43 and is down more than -94% this year-to-date.

Here are some additional statements David Michery had to say about his company and Telsa.

Mullen CEO Speaks on Tesla

Market News Daily – Mullen CEO Pays Homage to Tesla in New Interview.

“There’s one gigantic goliath in the space and that’s obviously Tesla and I don’t think anybody will every compete or be able to perform at that level but I guess if you can get close and whoever can become the second guy in the space and capture significant part of market share I think will do extremely well.

Right now that has to be seen.

I don’t care who you are until you can deliver substantial numbers of product no matter what they are; commercial, retail products, whatever you’re going to deliver, you have to be able to do it in volume, and you have to have velocity, and so we are shooting to be special.

We want to be one of the guys that said not only can we delivery quality products that are assembled in America but products that are reliable, and that are serviceable on not just a domestic level but on a global level.

We’re working diligently, I work 18 to 20 hour days literally seven days a week. I don’t do a lot of talking; I’m focused on delivering, and I’m going to let actions speak louder than words.

I like our chances, I think that Mullen has all the right people in place not just our vehicle lineup from a commercial perspective, but the factories that we have, the partnerships that we have, the people that we’ve hired, we are now moving in a direction to be a real force to be reckoned with in the space.

We’re not a company that is going out of business unlike everything I read and see out there.

This is a company that’s the complete opposite, but again until the dust settles and people realize who’s going to be #2 in the space, cuz’ no one will ever uproot Tesla in my opinion.

When the dust settles, let’s see who’s going to be that number two guy and we hope it’s gonna be us.

We think we’re doing all the right things to be that number two guy, but time will tell and sometimes you win some, sometimes you lose some, it’s just staying in there fighting every day,” David Michery stated.

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Latest Mullen Automotive News

Mullen Auotmotive received $20 million from Acuitas Capital on June 1st.

In return, Mullen will provide Acuitas with 19.43 million shares of common stock and pre-funded warrants and warrants exercisable for 59.07 million shares.

Mullen Automotive announced that it had entered into a letter of agreement (LOA) with Acuitas Capital in connection with an existing securities purchase agreement (SPA).

The LOA stated that Acuitas provided Mullen with $20 million of capital on June 1.

The remaining $45 million of the SPA will be paid out on June 12.

However, instead of issuing and providing Acuitas with 27.56 million shares of Series D preferred stock as originally agreed upon, Mullen will instead provide Acuitas with 19.43 million shares of issued common stock and pre-funded warrants exercisable for 8.07 million shares of common stock.

“These warrants have an exercised price of $0.001 and are immediately exercisable.

Mullen also provided to Acuitas warrants exercisable for 50.99 million shares of common stock.

These warrants have an exercise price of 72.55 cents per share,” per IP.

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Market News Daily - Mullen CEO Pays Homage to Tesla in New Interview.
Market News Daily – Mullen CEO Pays Homage to Tesla in New Interview.

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