Layoffs in Indiana Now Grow Prior To The Holidays

Layoffs in Indiana now grow prior to the holidays according the latest WARN data.

One of the latest companies to announce job cuts in Indiana is Pepsi.

It is important to note that under the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act, an employer with more than 100 full-time workers must provide a 60-day notice before laying off 50 or more people at a single site.

Pepsi has filed a WARN act with the Indiana Department of Workforce Development advising of upcoming layoffs.

“PepsiCo, Inc. will be discontinuing its management and operation of the facility it currently operates at: Pepsi Beverages Company in Muncie 2901 N Walnut St Muncie IN, 47303 At present, PepsiCo employs approximately 101 individuals at this location…

Effective December 31, 2023, PepsiCo, Inc. will be discontinuing its management and operation of the facility,” the company said in a statement.

“We will be working closely with leadership, unions, and other stakeholders to ensure a smooth transition during this process with minimal impact to our employees and customers,” the company continued.

Below is a list of upcoming layoffs in Indiana soon:

  • TRIN, Inc. 155 job cuts on 11/01.
  • Proterial Cable America, Inc. 109 job cuts by 11/17.
  • Twenty Twenty Custom Molded Plastics. 93 job cuts on 11/04.
  • Sonoco Products Company (Sonoco TEQ). 53 job cuts by 12/15.
  • Stealth Enterprises, LLC. 53 job cuts by 12/31.
  • Pepsi Beverages Company. 45 job cuts by 12/31.

So far, there has been approximately 4,351 layoffs in Indiana this year across 39 businesses.

California remains the #1 state with the most layoffs in the country.

In second place is New York followed by Colorado, IllinoisTexasWashington, New Jersey, FloridaMichigan, and Georgia.

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Other Economy News Today

Market News Today - Layoffs in Indiana Now Grow Prior To The Holidays.
Market News Today – Layoffs in Indiana Now Grow Prior To The Holidays.

A massive retailer in Florida now closes several stores after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in September.

Soft Surroundings is currently undergoing liquidation sales and is closing more of its stores in Florida.

The company was founded in 1999 and opened its first store in 2005.

“The business grew to over 80 stores but experienced financial difficulties, closing twenty-five stories in 2021″, reports Ash Jurberg.

In September this year, the business sought protection from creditors in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court and filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Last week, a bankruptcy judge confirmed the women’s apparel retailer plan, including a $22.7 million sale of its e-commerce platform and a $400,000 settlement for its unsecured creditors.

According to reports, 65.4% of Soft Surrounding’s total sales come from online sales, and it will close all stores across the United States and focus on e-commerce.

This week, Gordon Brothers, the global asset experts, launched closing sales at all 43 Soft Surroundings retail store locations throughout the United States.

Below are the three stores in Florida that are still open and are running liquidation sales.

  • 23151 Fashion Dr., Suite 117, Estero, FL 33928
  • 140 University Town Center Dr., Suite 264, Sarasota, FL 34243
  • 998 Del Mar Drive, Suite 102, The Villages, FL 32159

Discounts between 20% and 50% on all items, including casual wear, shoes, and home products, specifically catering to women.

Everything is on sale, including new arrivals perfect for holiday parties and gift-giving.

“We encourage consumers to shop early to take advantage of the best selection of products and great savings throughout the stores while supplies last,” said Durien Sanchez, Managing Director, Retail at Gordon Brothers.

The discounts are only available in stores and not online.

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Market News Today - Layoffs in Indiana Now Grow Prior To The Holidays.
Market News Today – Layoffs in Indiana Now Grow Prior To The Holidays.

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