Is AMC Entertainment Stock a Steal Right Now?

is AMC Entertainment stock a buy?

AMC Entertainment stock has fallen below $5.50 now.

The last time the stock traded at these levels, retail investors had just begun to flood the market with the goal to squeeze shorts from their positions.

In 2021, novice investors managed to elevate the movie theatre’s share price from $2.50 to $22.00 before ultimately coming back down to today’s levels.

But retail investors wanted more.

The community grew and people with all sorts of backgrounds from all around the world began purchasing the stock.

The result months later was a massive surge to $72 per share.

Is AMC Entertainment stock a buy right now?

Let’s dive into it.

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Can an AMC Short Squeeze Be Replicated?

AMC Short Squeeze Reddit

AMC’s biggest price surge in 2021 happened due to a combination of retail investors and big institutions heavily buying the stock.

And because AMC had a lot of short activity, the few percentages of shorts that closed their positions further contributed to the ‘buy back’ volume in AMC.

The environment was just perfect though, AMC peaked during a bull market, which made it easier for ‘buying’ sentiment to be there.

Today, Fintel is reporting AMC’s short interest at 19.42%.

AMC’s short interest was 21% when it began to deflate and surge to its all-time high.

What will trigger an AMC short squeeze?

A big chunk (percentage) of short sellers all closing at the same time.

This happened in 2021 when AMC’s short interest dropped from 21% to 14% when price surged from $14 to $72 per share.

Heavy buying pressure from both retail and institutional investors is a start.

But the market conditions have to be right, sort of like they are today.

Shorting Conditions Will Cease

At some point the markets have to come up again.

This is law in the stock market.

And when they do, buying pressure will begin to take over, not just from retail investors, but from institutional buyers as well.

This is where we can expect market makers to go long on securities again.

How long until we enter this environment again is currently unknown primarily due to economic uncertainty.

The point is the market goes through these drawdowns and eventually resuscitates from the grave.

Is AMC Entertainment a Risky Investment?

Is AMC Entertainment stock a risky investment

AMC Entertainment has always been a risky investment, but the beauty about high risk is high reward.

Just ask those who capitalized from a starving movie theatre chain at $2.50 per share when it surged more than 3000%.

Today AMC Entertainment has improved its fundamentals drastically, despite its heavy debt burden.

The company CEO is an expert at raising cash which is how AMC has been able to stay afloat after the events of the ‘meme stock’ frenzy.

Analysts say AMC is burning more cash than it is currently generating, and the CEO has already sold majority of his stock, banking more than $40 million in the process.

Insiders sold their shares in 2021 when the stock was breaking all-time high records.

Replicating another massive surge will require the participation of millions of new retail investors.

Many holding their AMC shares aren’t buying anymore but rather remaining patient until market conditions change again.

Is AMC Entertainment Stock a Buy Today?

Is AMC Entertainment stock a buy?
Is AMC Entertainment stock a buy?

Value investors capitalizing on short-term gains during today’s market conditions may benefit from AMC’s micro surges.

If AMC Entertainment is unable to hold above previous major demand levels around $5.50-$6, squeezing short sellers could prove to be a much bigger challenge in today’s market.

We want to see green flags when buying AMC Entertainment stock, such as:

  1. CEO, insiders, and other institutions beginning to buy shares of the stock
  2. Increasing revenue and decreasing debt
  3. Market conditions shifting from bearish to bullish trends

While AMC Entertainment stock today is a steal, weakness in the market may suggest the stock has room for further decline.

But just as quickly, large short positions closing may send AMC’s price up without notice.

Leave Your Thoughts Below

AMC Entertainment stock continues to be a big curiosity among investors even as we enter the new year.

Where do you see AMC Entertainment in 2023?

Leave your thoughts in the comment section of the blog below.

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  1. T

    Not a good time winning is a good feeling, but this is not going to happen. They will close trading before making brokerages cover. Save time and money do not invest. You will be glad you did. Leave the losers behind who have lived aggressively luxurious lives off your hard earned invested money.

  2. Janice

    Is this a good time to invest in AMC.

  3. T.

    The big players work in unison the game is lost they can pull out of market anytime with massive short positions in place. Or attract investors with big stock purchases. We are just meat in a grinder. The only reason we are here is we were lured here without knowledge of shorting until frank explained with articles pulling the blinds off our eyes to unethical wolfpack tactics. Investing is dead. And I’m not really into investing in Elon anymore as he can’t deliver an affordable car to working class and with Republicans in house no more credits towards purchase of an EV for people who make for instance under 50 grand a year. Who work and pay tax. Not those who don’t work make 100s of thousands and pay zero tax. There must be other doors to investing that don’t use the crappy unethical and completely careless New York stock exchange. It’s publishers clearing house repackaged. A throwback to corrupt days like the night Chicago died. Take heed be safe don’t invest. Regards ^^


    AMC’s biggest challenge is the corrupt SEC. We hear that Brokers are loosing billions yet, the amount of short shares continue to go up. We all know that shorts need to be covered however there is no indication that they will be. Will it take a class action lawsuit to expose the corruption at the SEC? Will it take heavy press to expose the corruption at the SEC? We can’t expect change or a short if something different is not done. To do the same thing over and over again and expect a different outcome I believe is the definition of insanity.

    • FrankNez

      It’s FINRA who’s primarily the biggest corrupt player here. They allow the execution of synthetics in the market. The SEC just needs to do better work at identifying why it’s important to tackle this problem.

  5. summ1

    I bought another 38 shares today, the shorts haven’t covered so i’ll keep buying & hodling

  6. Jack

    It honestly feels like the same BS every time I read an article about the AMC stock. I have around 10k invested and after a few years, it’s starting to feel like a joke. I keep seeing an article here and there about how the stock is being shorted and how it could short squeeze, but no one is calling in on those shorts and if no one is making them pay, then why does anyone think they ever will?!?! It feels like I’m in an insane asylum seeing all these articles say the same thing and NOTHING has happened since the $72 surge.

  7. Fireball RW

    Personally I think it will go lower, Interest rates just went up, I don’t see Adam Aron trying to join upstream like some other companies are to stop the Naked Shorts.At this point I am not sure he cares about Naked Shorting or Synthetic Shares what ever you want to call them. Unfortunate he has not said anything about the stock price getting lower. I don’t know anymore maybe he is waiting for it to get to $2.00 again. Until I see something happening I am just a bag holder , I can Not afford to keep throwing good money after bad.
    If it heads towards $3, I will reconsider.I am with all of you and Pray he surprises us and it runs through the roof, for all of us.

  8. Mr. Jamie Gorilla

    The way I see it is this. AMC is heavy shorted. Retail owns roughly 80% percent of shares. Institutions 20% percent. Heavy shorted stock. Shorts need to cover. Shorts will cover. AMC will squeeze. Its a play. NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE. Do your own research 🤙🏻

  9. FrankNez

    Let’s start a discussion! Leave your thoughts below.

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