Is AMC Entertainment Getting Ready for a New All-Time High?

is AMC Entertainment getting ready for a new all-time high?
Market News Today: Will AMC stock reach a new all-time high?

AMC Entertainment (NYSE:AMC) has officially surpassed gains upwards of more than +100% in 2023, is AMC getting ready for a new all-time high?

The movie theatre stock hit $8.41 on Tuesday during the market open.

On January 3rd, AMC stock traded below $3.93.

AMC’s short interest has also gone up significantly this week alone, rising from 23% to nearly 26% on Tuesday.

Why does AMC’s short interest matter?

In this article, I go over the importance of this number figure and how it is one part of the equation to an AMC short squeeze this year.

But more on that soon.

Share of AMC Entertainment jumped to $72 per share in June of 2021, months after the first price runup in late January.

Shareholders were able to capitalize on the move to $20 during the ‘meme stock’ frenzy, and again months later when AMC reached its all-time high.

Will a third runup be the biggest one yet?

Let’s discuss it.

AMC’s Short Interest is Higher than It Was in June

AMC all-time high
AMC all-time high 2021 –

That’s right, AMC’s short interest is now higher than what it was in June when the company stock surged to $72 per share.

AMC’s short interest was near 23% before we saw shorts begin to close some positions.

Today, AMC’s short interest is nearly 26% and has more than 197 million shares out on loan.

AMC’s shares on loan (shares borrowed to short the stock) have been steadily rising ever since the movie theatre stock peaked in 2021.

These are shares that will eventually have to be returned back to the lender through a market buy-back; causing share prices to rise.

See, short sellers were able to take advantage of extremely low fees to short the stock but have now come across an interesting issue.

The cost to borrow AMC stock has risen to astronomical numbers, currently going as high as 731% to borrow overnight.

Ortex is reporting the CTB at over 250%; a fee this high may cost short sellers several millions of dollars per month.

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Will AMC Stock Keep Going Up?

will AMC stock keep going up
Will AMC stock go up?

As I’ve mentioned in previous articles this week, AMC shareholders now have more runway to bring share prices up through sheer buying power.


Because short sellers cannot afford a 250%-700% borrow fee to short the stock like they used to.

This means some suppression in the share price has lifted — hence why buying power has been driving the price up this year.

AMC’s trading volume rose to more than twice its average trading volume of 35 million on Tuesday.

We did see the stock get short laddered which explains why we saw an increase in short interest, but it’s costing institutions a lot of money to do so.

Is buying time with an interest rate of 250%-700% worth it?

Short sellers may be stalling momentum from completely taking over, but eventually the pressure has to let off.

A rising short borrow fee and heavy buying pressure may just be the thing AMC needs to reach a new all-time high this year.

But I’m curious to know what you think.

Leave a comment down below.

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  1. John vonneumann

    AMC squeezes when it has over 21% SI. Lately shorts have tried desperately to keep it under. That in turn has caused massive FTDs and massive short interest. In two weeks or less c will have a +500% CTB again. If bulls hold through the rally then it’s very possible to see $20.

  2. BearTrapper

    Shorts were able to head off the short squeeze when they orchestrated the fraudulent use of tokenized shares from FTX. The squeeze would have run up much higher but they decided to try to get everyone to sell and then were going to use the tokens of no value to run the price down. In the grand scheme they are now stuck and the real Moa-SS has begun.

  3. Howard Selcer

    Short sellers can do this forever it seems. Retail that have been holding for 12-18 months don’t have money to invest into AMC. What now?

    • Frank Nez

      There tends to be significantly less buying in a bear market — bull market may bring in strong enough liquidity to trigger bigger price moves.

    • celso

      Te equivocas, existen grandes intituciones y otros fondos de cobertura que están dispuestos a sacar tajada del trabajo de los minoristas que han estado aguantando estos dos años. En cualquier momento una gran inversión puede disparar el precio. No siempre los cortos han ganado la batalla

  4. Frank Nez

    Leave your thoughts below.

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