HKD Stock Squeezes from $13.54 to More Than $2.5k

HKD Stock Short Squeeze
Market News: HKD stock surges more than +20,000% after IPO

HKD stock squeezes from $13.54 per share to a whopping $2,521.72 per share in just two weeks.

The stock traded a low of $13.54 on July 19th, gradually growing in the coming weeks leading up to today’s massive price runup.

Brokers halted HKD where it stopped trading around $2,200.01 per share and then again at $1,800 per share.

The SEC then intervened and suspended the stock, something that happens due to serious concerns about the activity of a company’s stock, operation, or other financial information.

What is HKD stock and why did it have this incredible squeeze?

Let’s discuss it down below.

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What is HKD stock?

AMTD Digital, Inc., also known as HKD stock, was founded in 2019 and is headquartered in Singapore.

AMTD Digital is the integrated digital solutions platform of AMTD Group, an Asian financial services centric conglomerate, per Crunchbase.

Headquartered in Singapore, AMTD Digital strives to build a one-stop, comprehensive, cross-market, innovative digital financial services platform.

AMTD Digital aims to leverage its scarce and comprehensive digital financial licenses and offer integrated digital banking, digital insurance, digital asset exchange, digital payments and remittance, and other digital licensed businesses across Southeast Asia and in the Greater Bay Area.

HKD stock caught the attention of investors after share prices soared to extreme levels in only a matter of weeks.

The stock is currently halted and suspended by the SEC as they investigate the price surge.

HKD stock IPO date

HKD Stock joined the stock market on Friday, July 15th where it more than doubled its IPO price.

AMTD Digital soared +142.59% out of the gate despite Friday’s volatile trading day.

The company had only raised $124.8 million through its initial public offering.

Its market cap soared past $407 billion in just two weeks since its IPO date.

Why did HKD stock go up?

why did hkd stock go up

AMTD Digital has a low share float of just 19 million shares.

That means when there’s overwhelming demand for the stock, and there are few sellers, the stock price goes vertical.

According to data from Fidelity, Tuesday’s top traded stock among its customer base was AMTD Idea Group.

Business insider says it looks like buying has been from retail, but I highly doubt that as Reddit forums have investors questioning why no one caught this.

If I were to take a guess, it was an institutional pump and dump.

I’d love to learn what you think.

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  1. Becky

    Can they be hiding money in HDK? I also don’t think a lot of retail got in & with Phase 6 coming & smaller banks & members of ISDA potentially going under can any of that tie in? IDK just a dumb APE

  2. Larry

    I’m long on AMC but if a squeeze like that happened to AMC the same thing should happen. Just my opinion but multiple thousand dollars a share in AMC equals same result from SEC and disappoint everyone who kept diamond hands waiting for those kind of prices. Hope I’m wrong. Oh what happens to those AMTD shares now? Will SEC let them trade again?

  3. Candace

    Can AMC rip just like this?

  4. Kelly C Vitale

    I find it a coincidence that AMTD digital is based out of Hong Kong & Singapore.Nancy Pelosi went to Singapore yesterday.She gets inside information & is also great at selling us out to China as well as China Joe!I don’t think this was a coincidence that it went up 25,000% & Nancy just happens to go to Singapore same exact time this happens.They should investigate it.

    • ganstaboi

      She doesn’t need to be at the originating country in this digital world. She can go to Chicago where Citadel is who is also responsible for the ipo and is suspiciously in need of collateral. Just ask Kenny, no need to go to china

  5. Francis

    Hi Frank- when you do the short interest page is there a way to see % owned by insiders and % owned by institutions? Can you display that information if so. The stocks that are squeezing recently seem to be those with a higher percentage owned by institutions. Thanks!

  6. david palazzolo

    will AmC ever rip like this?

  7. Frank Nez

    Let’s start a discussion! Leave your thoughts below.

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