Hedge Funds Spend Billions to Attack The New SEC Rules

Market News Today - Hedge Funds Spend Billions to Attack The New SEC Rules.
Market News Today – Hedge Funds Spend Billions to Attack The New SEC Rules.

Private equity, capital ventures, and hedge funds are spending billions to attack the new and approved SEC rules according to Financial Times.

“The US Securities and Exchange Commission’s decision last month to adopt sweeping new rules for the private fund industry is prompting some smaller fund managers to look for their first full-time general counsels and chief compliance officers.

Larger firms are considering not only whether to recruit more staff, but also the need for different kinds of lawyers in light of new rules that will change the way they interact with their investors.

And the entire industry is gearing up to invest more on compliance and reporting technology,” reports FT.

Industry groups have lobbied furiously against the proposals since they were first put forward in February 2022, saying institutional investors should be free to make their own deals with fund managers.

The rules, which were recently passed on a 3-2 vote, aim to provide investors with detailed quarterly reports on performance and increased disclosure on expenses and provide overall greater transparency.

“Economically, our investors, large or small, benefit from greater transparency and integrity,” SEC chair Gary Gensler said after the vote.

“These are significant enhancements in the capital markets.”

“These rules will help protect workers’ pensions and create a more transparent and accountable private funds market,” said Senator Sherrod Brown, who chairs the banking committee.

But Wall Street is pushing back and so are lobbied regulators tied to the big players.

The rule “is unnecessary government interference . . . [that] will squelch competition in the name of enhancing it,” said Hester Peirce, an SEC commissioner who has close ties to a lobbyist group of anti-regulators.

The new rules would impose “significant costs” and big changes on the industry, said Elizabeth Shea Fries, partner at Sidley.

“This is trying to make private funds more like registered funds.”

Hedge Funds Are Doing Anything Possible to Stop These Rules

Market News Today - Hedge Funds Spend Billions to Attack The New SEC Rules.
Market News Today – Hedge Funds Spend Billions to Attack The New SEC Rules.

Representatives of private equity firms, venture capitals, and hedge funds have lobbied lawmakers to disrupt new proposed SEC rules, reports WSJ.

In July, the SEC finalized new transparency regulations meant to shed light on the U.S money market fund industry.

“The amendments will revise the primary rule that governs money market funds to remove the ability for a fund board to temporarily suspend redemptions if the fund’s liquidity falls below a threshold.

These money market funds will be required to provide daily disclosure of the percentage of its total assets invested in weekly liquid assets (as well as daily assets) on their website to provide transparency to investors and “increase market discipling”.

Private-equity and hedge funds are bracing for what could be the biggest regulatory challenge in years to their business of managing money for deep-pocketed investors, says WSJ.

“Since the agency first proposed new rules for the industry last year, representatives of private equity, hedge funds and venture capital have met frequently with SEC officials to try to dissuade them, SEC meeting logs show.

They have lobbied lawmakers to push back against the SEC’s plans and formed a group to fight the final rules, which could differ from the proposal.”

“Investors need increased transparency, more informative and useful data, and prohibitions on abusive and conflicted practices,” Sen. Elizabeth Warren and seven other Democratic senators wrote in a May 15 letter urging Gensler to complete the rules.

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Market News Today - Hedge Funds Spend Billions to Attack The New SEC Rules.
Market News Today – Hedge Funds Spend Billions to Attack The New SEC Rules.

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