Has AMC Entertainment Stock Reached the Bottom Yet?

Will AMC keep going down?
Stock Market News: Is an AMC reversal underway?

AMC Entertainment stock closed at $6.12 on Tuesday.

The movie theatre chain stock was unable to break below $6 after a big support level was tested at least five times.

Does this signify AMC Entertainment stock has reached the bottom?

It’s certainly a possibility since the level has proven to be a big demand zone in the past.

If institutional investors begin taking advantage of AMC’s dip, the movie theater stock could have a significant bounce.

And as long as the retail community continues to support the company, heavy volume could be underway.

Let’s discuss it.


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Why the $6 Level is Important

AMC Level of support

The $6 level has proven to be a strong demand zone for AMC Entertainment stock since 2021 before the price began to surge.

This demand zone would take AMC from $6 to $9 and $14 before selloffs from Wanda Group at the time would send the stock back to $6 per share.

After AMC’s split, the stock and its preferred equity have both been on a steep decline.

But AMC isn’t the only stock in a downtrend, the entire market is melting.

Shareholders saw strong support on Tuesday when AMC’s share price could not break below $6.

The stock retested this level at least five times and moved up after hours.

Will institutional investors come in soon?

This is the idea.

Will AMC Stock Keep Going Down?

AMC has a strong demand zone around $6 per share, which means it could send the stock back up to retest higher levels.

However, if the price breaks below this demand zone, it’s possible AMC sees lower share prices and the demand zone becomes a level of resistance.

It would be ideal for a combination of both retail and institutional investors to come in and pick up shares at current levels.

Heavy buying pressure could replicate the events that occurred in June of last year when the stock shot up to $72 per share.

But this is going to require a lot of buying power on the intraday charts.

I’m curious to know what you think.

Leave your thoughts below.

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  1. Annamaria Glanas Vu

    I think the bottom is around 2 dollars for amc

    • Travis Mosely

      That may be a good thing. Then they will close their shorts.

  2. Travis Mosely

    I am an X,xxx holder. Been in the game since February 2021. Average buy is now about $21.50. I purchase about $200 a weekly, sometimes bi-monthly. It’s definitely on sale, just sometimes wonder why I feel like our AMC has been diluted by going the APE route. I know AA has a spine and I have no doubt that he is doing the best he can for AMC. I just wonder why I am starting to feel, that us retailers voted against share dilution, but it feels like he found a way around our votes and created APE shares which basically went around our vote to add more shares to the AMC pool. It cut our AMC shares in half monetary wise and that to me seems suspicious. Just kinda sucks. Definitely not a shill, just a large APE looking out for us.

    • David

      Well, if this helps pay off the debt then David is all for it

      • Travis Mosely

        I understand. It just kind of seemed a run around to make more shares of which we voted against. But I am in it for the long run. I am diamond handing it.

  3. Frank Nez

    Let’s start a discussion! Leave your thoughts below.

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