Gasparino Engages in Conflict of Interest: CobbleCord Scandal

Charles Gasparino CobbleCord Scandal
Charles Gasparino CobbleCord Scandal

The conflict of interests continues to unfold, we now have the CobbleCord scandal.

FOX Business’ Charles Gasparino has been recently caught a deer in headlights.

Information about his wife owning a streaming services company has retail investors not just looking at Charles Gasparino, but at FOX Business as well.

FOX Business has allowed Charles Gasparino to defend shorting AMC Entertainment without taking into consideration the narrow worldview of his personal interests.

Most of you might know Charles Gasparino from unprofessionally attacking retail investors on social media, trolling and taunting the ‘ape community’.

With his wife owning a streaming services company, it’s in their best interest that a company such as AMC Entertainment suffers from viewership.

Welcome to – the matters presented before you today are rather big news to the community. Gasparino could very well get fired for this major conflict of interest.

Let’s get started!

Is FOX Business Complicit?

FOX Business

Retail investors are wondering, is FOX Business complicit?

FOX Business has allowed Gasparino to influence viewers by representing a side of the story that provides some type of gain for his own personal agenda.

AMC Entertainment escaped from the depths of bankruptcy when retail investors saved the century old movie theatre chain from collapsing.

Hedge funds have overleveraged their positions in hopes of bringing the company down after losing several billions of dollars.

Anchorage Capital closed after 18 years, betting against AMC.

Melvin Capital would have closed earlier this year if Citadel Securities did not lend them a lifeline.

There’s a trend we’ve begun to see where overleveraged hedge funds are shutting down to losing short position bets.

Charles Gasparino, a strong short seller supporter, has used his influence on mainstream media to stray the public from buying AMC stock.

This advice has cost millions of curious investors to lose out on an opportunity like no other.

AMC is currently up more than 1300% year-to-date.

But short sellers are in extremely tough positions.

#FireGasparino Creates Frenzy on Twitter

The hashtag #FireGasparino is gaining traction on Twitter after retail investors discovered the information about CobbleCord.

The CobbleCord scandal creates real conflict of interest because of the two scenarios that take place here.

There’s a group of retail investors who saved AMC and are going long on the company to squeeze the short sellers from their positions.

Then there’s Gasparino who defends short sellers, trolls retail investors online, and exclaims AMC has no chance against streaming services, albeit his wife owning an industry-competitor company.

Viginia Juliano is Charles Gasparino’s wife and founder of CobbleCord.

She formerly worked with Showtime on their streaming services and considers herself to be a streaming evangelist.

The CobbleCord scandal only amplified when Charles Gasparino tweeted his lawyers would be in touch when a community member shared the topic.

Charles Gasparino CobbleCord Scandal

Now that the Kat is out of the hat, Gasparino might threaten to sue.

This isn’t the first time Kat has been reached out to in regard to legalities.

Ken Griffin’s lawyers have also reached out to Kat when discovering the preparation of #KenGriffinLied banner planes.

The act was sparked after the community uncovered Ken Griffin did indeed lie under oath when asked about Citadel’s communication with Robinhood during the trading halts earlier this year.

What Are Your Thoughts Regarding the CobbleCord Scandal?

Is FOX Business complicit?

Should Charles Gasparino get fired for engaging in conflict of interest?

Leave your thoughts below.

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  1. jlarsen5860

    FOX is losing me as a viewer. I can assure them Chuck Gasbagarino isn’t helping their cause. I’ll bet it’s mighty uncomfortable sitting at the dinner table with Virginia. She has to know CobbleCord may be the next thing trending after #kengriffinlied and #firegasbarino.

  2. Steven

    Chucky G regularly lies to Fox viewers to serve his own interests. Does Fox care that it employs liars? Have you watched their content much? Still, never pass up an opportunity to inform people of the truth, especially when uncovering lies. Great job!

  3. Hapi Sullivan

    Fox news and this gentleman, Gasparino. Always about the money and what is in it for me to gain for MYSELF?. Has either ever considered simply doing the next right thing, irregardless of the money? I myself am not perfect at all, and when I make a mistake (often I do) that affects others, I try to amend that situation through apologizing, and then changing my actions. Personally, I need to sleep at night with a clean conscience. Honesty is not an option, it is a core principle of life which we all try and live by, a day at a time. Thank you for listening.

  4. John

    I agree he should be fired definitely conflict of interest we’re in a time of no second chances…

  5. Eric Ape Cuttill (@CuttillEric)

    We all knew that it would lead to this…these types of things (@cgasparino under scrutiny) will keep happening until we get paid and the market is transformed……heads will roll. Just realizing the reality of it all…The Ape Movement is growing as fast as inflation….BUY<HODL<RICH

    • Gabriel Perez

      We all love the news station but with clowns like this destroying the viewings it’s terrible he’s an interest of conflict this man should be immediately fired

    • Frank Nez

      Yup! Exactly

  6. Tony

    Charles Gasparino = the Chris Coumo of Fox Biz. Deserves the same fate

  7. Luis sanchez

    Fire Him Its obvious he used his platform to promote shorting Amc in order to help wife. Then in true form threatens to sue someone because you dont like what they said even though what they said was True…Maybe he meant his Lawyer would be Calling Kat to offer a bribe bc i dont see what crime she committed…Nice try Assperino

    • Frank Nez

      A bribe! Lmao, right?!

  8. Luis sanchez

    Stop Shilling…Amc failing helps streaming services You must be a Hedgie

  9. Steve Rein

    Not sure as a commentator he voices his opinion like it or not or agree or not. As far as a conflict I do not see AMC as a streaming service, but more of a movie theater chain.

    • Frank Nez

      That’s the issue. He’s pro shorting AMC, a movie theatre chain. Where online streaming is the ‘future’, and movies are ‘not’ – there’s an agenda when they own a streaming services company. Given that he has a mainstream platform to skew people from helping a struggling movie theatre chain is a definitive conflict of interest.

  10. Concerned viewer

    A. He is clearly motivated by his own agenda. 2. His insults to investors ,whomever they may be, are despicable.
    C.He has a platform to provide news and opinions that affect public sentiment , which due seem to look like a conflict of interest in this case.

    Can The Gas

    • Frank Nez

      Right on the target 🎯

  11. Shaun Morris

    I don’t know if fox news was knowingly complicit, but if they condtinue to allow this behavior, then I would now consider them complicit. The retail investor has been lied to for too long and is getting smarter.

    • Frank Nez

      I couldn’t agree more 💯

    • Adam Joseph

      They should know. I’ll bet there’s a clause in his contract that requires him to divulge any information regarding business holdings of he and his spouse to Fox to shield Fox from liability for exactly this type of conduct. They’re either complicit or he’s in breach of contract

  12. Darryl Grant

    What an embarrassment to the US markets. Wow!

  13. AMC Apette

    Berating retail investors is a fire able act

  14. Aaron

    He’s just as corrupt as the politicians and Ken Griffin. He’s trying to take out AMC for his own financial gain with his wife’s streaming service. In my book fire him.

    • Frank Nez

      It’s incredible how corrupt opposing forces are..

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