Customer Now Claims Bank of America Was Stealing Their Money

A customer now claims Bank of America was stealing their money after losing hundreds of dollars that were in her account.

In a TikTok video from March last year, Deliah (@Dsdreamland) claimed Bank of America is stealing money from people.

She told her fans how she had $1,800 in her account before a trip to California.

Deliah said that a hotel put a $500 hold on her account, but claimed the money was never returned.

She claimed that a Bank of America representative tried to tell her the funds had been re-added.

But, Deliah alleged there was no proof that the money was reimbursed.

“They’re trying to talk to me like I’m stupid,” she claimed.

Deliah revealed that checking her bank account is part of her morning routine.

She said she still looks at it – even if she knows how much money she has in it.

She said she only adds money into it when she knows she’s going to need it for bills or going out of town.

Deliah said she put in $1800 ahead of her trip to the Golden State.

She claimed the money didn’t return to her account on the day she checked out of the hotel.

And, she slammed the alleged attitude of the Bank of America representative when she queried the issue.

She said that she had been a Bank of America customer for years.

Viewers rushed to comment under the video and others claimed they were not reimbursed for missing money.

Some resorted to canceling their accounts after reportedly losing the money.

Hotels place holds on accounts to ensure guests have enough money to cover fees.

The money may not be released to guests straight away after leaving the hotel.

Since Deliah’s video from March, there has not been an update on the situation, reports The-Sun.

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Other Banking News Today

Market News Today - Customer Now Claims Bank of America Was Stealing Their Money.
Market News Today – Customer Now Claims Bank of America Was Stealing Their Money.

Chase now makes unexpected customer account closures according to a new report which prevented a user from accessing money.

The Chase customer, which posted to Reddit, says they were left without any access to their money after the bank abruptly closed their account.

They first opened the bank account in November and have been using it regularly since then, reports The-Sun.

On Reddit, they explained that they were trying to buy something when they found out the account had been suspended.

They called Chase but were not given a reason as to why the account was closed or what they could do to get it back open.

The user further explained that they had filed five disputes since opening the account due to things like being charged twice for one product.

They were also selling Stanley Cups online and had five different Zelle users send them money within four days.

“Now I’m freaking out wondering why they closed my account?” they wrote.

“I am also scared they won’t find those disputes in my favor now since the account is closed, and I will owe the money?”

“I don’t want a collection, I don’t want in trouble because I don’t do anything wrong like money laundering, crypto, etc! Help!”

In the comments, the responses didn’t paint an optimistic picture.

“Multiple disputes plus multiple Zelle payments from various accounts? You’re a giant fraud flag,” wrote one person.

Another added: “Your disputes might be justified, but Chase just doesn’t want to deal with you anymore.”

“Spot on. 5 disputes in 2 months? That’s on pace for 30 in a year, for a brand new account to boot. What kind of banking institution would want to deal with that?” replied a third user.

Banks typically cannot comment on individual customers’ matters.

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Market News Today - Customer Now Claims Bank of America Was Stealing Their Money.
Market News Today – Customer Now Claims Bank of America Was Stealing Their Money.

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