California Restaurant Now Announces Unexpected Closure

A California restaurant now announces an unexpected closure after a long 20 year run in Downtown Disney.

Tortilla Jo’s announced it would be closing its Downtown Disney location at Disneyland in Anaheim, California, on Wednesday.

Customers are heartbroken, reports The-Sun.

The location will officially close down on March 31st.

Tortilla Jo’s is described as a lively restaurant in the heart of Downtown Disney.

“Savor authentic south-of-the-border specialties in a vibrant setting in the heart of the Downtown Disney District,” a description from Disney reads.

“A bright, welcoming space provides a casual yet festive backdrop for celebrations and impromptu dining alike.

“Enjoy your meal on the patio, amidst charming Spanish tiles, ceramic pottery, and rustic wooden furniture, or bask in the beautiful SoCal weather on the spacious Cantina Terrace surrounded by string lights and the energy of the promenade.”

Tortilla Jo’s served Disneyland goers for 20 years.

The Mexican restaurant announced it would be closing in an Instagram post.

“To our Tortilla Jo’s familia, thank you for an incredible 20 years!⁣” Tortilla Jo’s said in the post.

“Our last day of service will be March 31 — don’t miss your chance to enjoy your favorite dishes and raise a glass to all the memories we’ve made together over the past two decades.⁣ ⁣ 

“Visit us one last time and celebrate Tortilla Jo’s!⁣”

The Mexican restaurant said it will be having special closing deals coming soon to look out for.

It also said that its ventures with Disney have not come to a complete end and that the brand will have new Mexican restaurants coming to Downtown Disney in 2024 as well. 

It is currently unclear what these new restaurants will be like.

“Stay tuned as we share our final specials and more details on our newest Downtown Disney Mexican restaurants coming in 2024.⁣” ⁣ 

Tortilla Jo’s has another pop-up called Taqueria by Tortilla Jo’s that will also be closing on April 13.

“Taqueria by Tortilla Jo’s will stay open until April 13,” the post added.

Dedicated fans of Tortilla’s Jo’s expressed their sadness about the restaurant closing in the comments of the post.

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Other Economy News Today

Market News Today - California Restaurant Now Announces Unexpected Closure.
Market News Today – California Restaurant Now Announces Unexpected Closure.

A massive retailer now closes in California for good after several other chains shut their doors to an increase in crime.

The popular clothing chain Hollister has now become the latest retailer to close a store in San Francisco, California.

Major brands including Adidas and Nordstrom have shuttered outlets or announced store closures that will impact shoppers in Californian city which has been plagued by crime, reports The-Sun.

The Hollister store at the San Francisco Centre shopping mall closed last month, per The San Francisco Chronicle.

Pictures shared with The Chronicle showed the store premises boarded up.

The San Francisco location has been removed from the chain’s list of locations in California, per its website.

Hollister, which has more than 400 stores nationwide, still has a presence in major cities including Fresno, Sacramento, San Jose, and San Diego.

Bosses have not revealed the reason why the store in San Francisco has closed down.

Hollister is owned by Abercrombie & Fitch and its leaders reported robust growth, per a company earnings call.

Chiefs hailed the better-than-expected sales during the holiday period.

But, stores in San Francisco have been the victims of vandalism and theft.

Several retailers have closed stores in the city over recent months.

The only Adidas store in the Bay Area will also close this month.

Prices of items have also been cut by 50% ahead of the closure on January 13.

A Target store in San Francisco was one of nine that closed across the US in October because of rising theft.

Nordstrom closed its five-floor department store at the end of August after 35 years.

The closure of the store was mourned by devastated shoppers.

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Market News Today - California Restaurant Now Announces Unexpected Closure.
Market News Today – California Restaurant Now Announces Unexpected Closure.

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