APE Shares Fall -8.91% Despite Heavy Buying Volume

Market News: What is happening with APE?
Market News: What is happening with APE?

APE shares fell -8.91% on Wednesday despite having heavy buying volume.

AMC’s Preferred Equity (APE) made it on Yahoo’s list as the #1 Top Most Shorted Stock on its list.

According to Fintel, APE had 5.4 million shares going to dark pools today with approximately more than 50.6 million shares having been shorted, via NYSE.

APE volume traded above average closing Wednesday’s rally around 23 million shares.

So, what is happening with APE?

Let’s discuss it.

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Massive Selloff in APE Fuels Declining Share Prices

Why is APE going down? APE stock news and updates | Franknez.com.
Why is APE going down? APE stock news and updates | Franknez.com.

Nasdaq’s latest report on APE is showing the security only has 0.18% in institutional ownership.

The stock has big demand in the market from retail investors, but overleveraged shorting has suppressed the stock’s price from rising.

But institutional ownership has also largely declined according to the latest Nasdaq report.

And with AMC Entertainment selling APE shares through Citigroup, holders of the equity keep getting hammered.

According to Nasdaq, there are only 8 new institutional positions in APE with 298 total sold out positions.

This is equivalent to 327,046 institutional shares added versus 145.5 million shares sold.

Out of 13 institutions holding APE, 4 remained unchanged.

NASDAQ Report - APE institutional ownership | Franknez.com.
NASDAQ Report – APE institutional ownership | Franknez.com.

Retail investors have very little help from institutions in driving the share price up.

Nearly all institutions who received APE through AMC have sold it.

AMC Entertainment capitalized from APE in October when it was able to claim $106 million and pay down some debt.

I think it’s fair to assume insiders won’t be buying APE anytime soon as it’s primarily a tool to capitalize from its shareholders, rather than a long-term investment.

Is An APE Short Squeeze Possible?

will APE squeeze?

Some AMC shareholders are convinced that APE’s high short interest mixed with large buying pressure will trigger an APE short squeeze or trigger major price action like we saw with AMC in June of 2021.

And hypothetically speaking, they’re not wrong.

But APE would need to get backed up by institutions with strong enough buying power to scare short sellers out of their positions.

Because despite retail’s efforts, capital is just being eaten up by dark pools, selloffs, and heavy shorting.

And unfortunately, Gary Gensler is nowhere in sight to level the playing field.

Are you holding APE?

I’m curious to hear your thoughts.

What is your sentiment around APE?

Leave a comment down below.

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  1. celso amoeiro perez

    Qué piensas tú? Siempre se repite la misma situación y siempre bajan las acciones, dime qué piensas tú?

  2. Phil Billington

    “And with AMC Entertainment selling APE shares through Citigroup, holders of the equity keep getting hammered”
    I really think you need to check your facts properly before publishing. Only 14 Million of the extra APE AMC can sell have been sold. That leaves over 400 million yet to be sold. They are not being dumped on to the market which is what your article insinuates.
    A buyer must be identified have the money and then approved by AMC board before they sell any APE at all. Which would occur through Citigroup.

    • FrankNez

      What you quoted, means shareholders are being affected. The article literally said NOTHING about shares being dumped ‘on to’ the market. Not sure if you’re reading this upside down or what. It’s such a short piece too 🥴

    • T.

      Fast as you can invest shorts just take it. Anywhere, anytime and any stock. This is not investing this is donating to the rich who pay 0 tax.

    • John Barton

      Agreed! APE is solid and a preferred stock – meaning it cannot be delisted either. The entire market is down and may go further, but the only questions apes 🦍 need to answer is this – “is AMC going out of business?”

      The answer to that is an emphatic no!!!

      All apes need to do is “go to sleep” until bottom is reached and the turn around to a bull market comes —- MOASS 🤑

      Expect another HF or 2 or 3 to bite the dust, and another coin to collapse, and a bank or 2 (Credit Suisse? Duetche?)

      Patience … AMC is a sure thing

      • Gary

        🦍 STRONG 💎💎💎

  3. Michael John Stenson

    I’m tired of being cheated. But I’m not going anywhere. None of us are going anywhere. If AMC thrives, how can APE be a bad investment? How long will blatant crime by the white collar class be ignored?

  4. FrankNez

    Let’s start a discussion! Leave your thoughts below.

    • Robert

      With all the buy orders being hidden in the otc dark pools and not going to a lit exchange, how can true price discovery happen? How is this legal? Better get fixed soon cause this is crime!!

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