Antara Cashes Out a Whopping $72.4 Million in APE Shares

Market News Daily - Antara Cashes Out a Whopping $72.4 Million in APE Shares
Market News Daily – Antara Cashes Out a Whopping $72.4 Million in APE Shares

Antara Capital LP, AMC Entertainment’s (NYSE:AMC) largest institutional shareholder just cashed out a whopping $72.4 million in APE shares (NYSE:APE).

An SEC filing shows the company disposed more than 48 million APE shares at the price of $1.51 on Wednesday March 15, leaving the company with a total of 179.2 million shares in its armory.

Shares of the equity fell on Wednesday from its opening high of $1.65 to $1.42.

APE is currently up +18% this year-to-date, though shares have fallen more than -78% since its inception.

Soon, retail investors will no longer be able to purchase the equity as the shareholder vote to merge APE and AMC common stock has been approved.

The proposals, including AMC’s 1-for-10 reverse stock split, have been temporarily delayed until the Delaware lawsuit has been cleared, per CEO Adam Aron.

However, screenshots of a filing have surfaced on social media showing the plaintiff’s motion to intervene has been DENIED.

This means AMC’s proposals will carry out without further interference.

Shareholders await an official announcement from AMC CEO Adam Aron.

What is Happening with AMC Entertainment Today?

Today, AMC Entertainment is going through some major changes with its stock, now that proposals to merge APE with AMC and a reverse stock split have been approved.

The value of APE and AMC will merge to reflect one single share price — APE will be delisted upon the completion of this merge.

A 1-for-10 reverse stock split will multiply AMC’s share price by 10, but divide shareholders share count by 10.

Ex.) AMC’s current share price of $4.21 will go up to $42.10 in a reverse stock split.

Investors holding 10 will hold 1 share, investors holding 100 shares will then hold 10 shares, and investors holding 1,000 shares will hold 100 shares after a reverse stock split.

“Today was a huge step forward for AMC. You voted YES, YES & YES! And it was a landslide vote too — 88% yes for Proposal 1, 87% yes for Proposal 2, and 87% yes for Proposal 3. My sincerest thanks for giving AMC the tools we need to continue fighting the good fight on your behalf,” said the CEO on Twitter.

“Saving AMC is my professional mission. And remember that I own millions of AMC shares and APE units too. So, I very much want for AMC to succeed. I am absolutely and passionately convinced that what you approved today is in the best interests of AMC and of all our shareholders.”

Antara cashed a good chunk of APE shares, and AMC’s CFO Sean Goodman managed to collect $230K from selling nearly all his shares.

But it seems Adam Aron isn’t interested in selling at the moment, but rather raising cash to keep AMC Entertainment afloat.

AMC CEO Adam Aron Hints at Destroying Short Thesis

Market News Daily - Antara Cashes Out a Whopping $72.4 Million in APE Shares
Market News Daily – Antara Cashes Out a Whopping $72.4 Million in APE Shares

CEO Adam Aron hinted at destroying the short thesis earlier this month.

The movie theatre chain has been under attack by short sellers since before the pandemic.

However, short sellers saw an opportunity when the world’s largest movie theatre chain closed its doors in 2020 due to the pandemic lockdowns.

Adam Aron says the company went from earning millions per month to $0 overnight during the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic.

When retail investors found how high the short interest data in AMC was, they piled up to squeeze short sellers from their positions by purchasing shares of the movie theater chain en masse.

At first, investors were able to drive AMC’s stock price to $20 in January.

Then, shareholders saw AMC stock hit an all-time high of $72 per share in June.

Since then, low borrow fees have made it easier for short sellers to bring the stock back down.

But now that short borrow fees have skyrocketed, retail investors have clearer runway to squeeze short sellers again.

On Twitter, Adam Aron responded directly to a user regarding AMC’s short thesis.

The user said, “Shorts attack companies they feel they can destroy. If you become a successful company you destroy a short’s thesis hence no logical reason to continue shorting. This is @CEOAdam strategy and the only strategy that has ever worked in the history of the market! #AMC#AMCSqueeze.”

To which the CEO answered:

“Joe, you nailed it. I could not have put it better myself”.

Feel free to leave your thoughts below on what’s happening with Antara and Ape, or anything else happening with the company for that matter.

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Antara Cashes Out a Whopping $72.4 Million in APE Shares
Market News Today – Antara Cashes Out a Whopping $72.4 Million in APE Shares

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  1. Tony Montana

    I feel like I am living in a complete scam. I did not receive voting materials and did not have the time to research on obtaining a control number to vote on the proxy vote we site. This whole thing felt like a dictatorship sham referendum to annex some lands. It is a yes vote on my behalf if I can’t figure out how to vote… what kind of scam is this? I feel like the vote was just a show to maintain the appearance that retail has power. I feel like retail is paper trading in some Citadel darkpool and doesn’t really own any real shares. I think every stock share should be assigned a serial number.

    • Frank Nez

      It’s crazy to hear some of you didn’t receive the voting proxy

  2. WarriorKERRY

    Unfortunately it won’t matter what price AMC goes up to because they’ll short it right back down to the single digits. Dark pool abuse, trading back and forth, naked shorting, spoofing, we’ve seen it all before and there is no enforcement whatsoever by the Department of Justice.

  3. Fireball Rw

    I do not believe that Retail who owned according to Adam Aron 90 % of the stock voted enough for a yes vote , Antara Did along with all the Shorts, Who was there to verify the count for retail? Since when has a absent vote counted as a yes vote. That should tell you everything.

  4. T.

    When is someone going to start a real stock market no shorting and more regulation to ensure ceo is not out golfing or making millions while everyone else gets a reverse split . We need companies that strive not leachers. Frank I never know if you are blowing sunshine in our asses, but you have pointed out many unethical practices.

  5. Michael Stenson

    Well, I personally don’t know anyone that voted yes. But, I only know about ten shareholders. I’m still having a hard time believing the proposals passed with such landslide votes. 87%+ on all 3 proposals? I just don’t know. I hope this helps shareholders in the long term, because I believe the short term could be painful for some. I bought in at reasonable prices, unlike many others out there- and am still in the red. Time will tell.


    Did anybody else receive their AMC voting document on March 14th?

    • Josie

      Wow I was one of them. I never got my papers in the mail. I had to call both my banks TD and Royal. I had to first call back later on in the afternoon or the next day to get my ticket number so I can vote on the proxy. This was a lot of hurdles and a lot of time on the phone but you know what I wanted to vote no so bad that I actually went over that hurdle just to stick it to Erin. The banks also told me a lot of people had to call Lynn for their proxy tickets. This is bullshit I have been in the stock market since 1996 never did I ever have to do this. This goes to show you that if you did not vote the company voted on your behalf and of course they said yes. watch by the time they do the reverse or split the stock will be at two dollars times 10 wow maybe I’ll go to McDonald’s. I am pulling out my money by then. Erin you should be shot and pissed on.

      • Frank Nez

        That’s wild

        • jean clark

          i”m 80 years old, & have lost all my savings. I did not get to vote either. What a scam. that APE WAS.

  7. Frank Nez

    Leave your thoughts below!

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