AMC Theatres May Introduce New EV Charging Stations

Market News Daily - AMC Theatres May Introduce New EV Charging Stations.
Market News Daily – AMC Theatres May Introduce New EV Charging Stations.

AMC Entertainment (NYSE:AMC) movie theatres may introduce new EV charging stations.

The innovation will introduce the movie theatre giant with a new source of revenue if it decides to move forward.

AMC Entertainment CEO Adam Aron conducted a poll on Twitter asking shareholders what they thought about the idea.

Nearly 22,000 users have voted since the publication of this article with more than 82% voting in favor for the movie theatre chain to introduce EV charging stations at locations.

“With more and more electric powered and hybrid vehicles being sold every day in the U.S., and people often parking their cars at AMC Theatres for about 3 hours, do you think we should install for-pay electric charging stations at our theatres where we control the parking?”

AMC Entertainment recently launched its AMC Perfectly Popcorn brand, available in Walmart stores, and now its branded credit card.

The company is offering moviegoers cash back and other bonuses when they use their AMC credit card for purchases.

If there’s one thing AMC Entertainment has proven to do very well it’s raising capital out of thin air.

Are EV Charging Stations Profitable?

In short, yes.

But like gas stations, the bigger bucks are earned at the convenience stores, which means this may just be a passive source of income for the movie theatre company.

EV-Lectron says there is high demand for EV charging stations, especially in areas where public charging stations are few and far between.

Still, the innovation could be a great way for the company to broaden their income sources and attract an emerging audience, already pro electric vehicles.

But I’m curious to hear your thoughts on this idea.

Do you think AMC Entertainment should introduce new EV charging stations?

Leave your thoughts below.

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Market News Today - AMC Theatres May Introduce New EV Charging Stations.
Market News Today – AMC Theatres May Introduce New EV Charging Stations.

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