There are many instances where you may have multiple files on your Mac but would rather have them in a single file.

Working with many documents can be challenging at times. However, there are a few simple ways that you can combine PDFs.

This is useful whether you’re building a portfolio or just looking for ways to reduce the amount of file clutter on your computer.

MacOS makes it simple to combine multiple PDFs.

This enables you to rapidly combine two or more PDF files into a single document.

It is easy to learn how to merge two pdf files mac to a single document. When you learn the steps to doing this, you can easily import individual pages from one PDF document into another.

Stay on this page to learn how to combine multiple PDF files on Mac.

How to Combine Multiple PDF Files on Mac Using the Finder

You can use Finder to combine multiple PDFs into a single file.

To use this option, proceed with the steps listed below:

  1. To launch the Finder application on your Mac, click the Finder icon in the Dock.
  2. Choose the files you wish to include in the PDF and click “Add.” The order in which the files appear in the PDF is determined by the order in which you pick them.
  3. A Finder window that displays files and folders, with three files chosen and the option to Generate PDF selected from the Quick Actions menu.
  4. The new file will be created automatically with a name comparable to the one you chose for the previous file.

How to Combine PDF Files using a Mac Preview

Preview is an application that comes pre-installed on every Mac, allowing users to open PDF files and images on their computers.

Integrating multiple PDF files on a Mac with Preview is easy.

Follow the steps below to combine PDF files using a Mac Preview:

  1. To begin, launch Preview. Choose View > Show Preview if you do not see the Preview pane on the right side of the screen.
  2. Load each of the individual PDF files that you intend to merge.
  3. Then, select each Preview window, and after clicking the View menu, choose Thumbnails to see all of the pages in thumbnail format.
  4. After that, select the individual PDF pages you want to merge with another PDF.
  5. Move the thumbnail of the first PDF file until it is aligned with the thumbnails of the other PDF files.
  6. Lastly, on your Mac, select File > Save the merged PDF. The two PDF files will be combined into a single PDF, and the second file will begin on a new page in the new PDF that is created from the combination.
  7. If you need to rearrange the pages of your new PDF, you must double-click on it and change the view to Thumbnails. Then, drag and drop the pages in the thumbnail view into the order that you prefer.

If there is one thing that is bound to happen, you will end up with many files on your computer.

These files could be anything from work files, to images to random web pages.

It is possible to combine multiple PDF files into a single document, especially if you want to have similar documents in one location.

With the Finder or Preview on your Mac, you can easily combine multiple files into a single file to make them more accessible and your work easier.

This article has done the challenging task by outlining the steps to merge files.

So, follow the steps and get those documents in order.