AMC Stock Price To $100 Per Share Soon?

AMC stock to $100 per share soon
AMC Stock to $100 soon? #AMC #AMCstock

When in doubt zoom out. AMC stock is seeing massive consolidation in the $55 range. Despite the heavy shorting, the monthly chart has never looked healthier.

We got a glimpse of what AMC Entertainment’s stock looked like at $70+ per share weeks back. But when will we hit $100 per share? And is it on the horizon?

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Community, you already know that the $100 range is not a squeeze. This is merely fundamental movement due to heavy buyers and technical chart patterns.

A squeeze will be violent. With that said, I want to go over some of the technical analysis Trey has recently put out.

Next level of resistance

We saw a small pullback from the $60 range down to about $54-$56. We’re now looking for the stock price to test above $56 where it will bounce up to the high fifties, low sixty dollar range.

According to Trey, the next level of resistance could be in the high sixties to low seventies after a clean break of about $63.

This technical analysis is seen through the data presented by a Fibonacci Retracement.

What is a Fibonacci Retracement?

A Fibonacci Retracement is the technical data in a chart that indicates where support and resistance levels are very likely to occur.

This chart shows every possible level of resistance and can predict the pullback levels as well as the next level of gains.

Is a Fibonacci Retracement reliable?

This technical setup has allowed TA’s (technical analysts) to gain insight when swing trading a stock. This chart view has also helped Trey communicate to the community AMC’s possible price action whether it be any type of pullback or rip.

The Fibonacci Retracement has been very helpful thus far and continues to be the technical setup to determine the next possible moves.

Raising the bar over $77

Trey expresses that once AMC’s stock price reaches a new all-time high above $77, we should experience a clean move passing $100 per share.

This is a great video for both new apes and seasoned apes to get a glimpse of that $100 range. And Trey, sending positive thoughts out to you brother. Keep taking care of your health.

That it’s coming up, it’s coming up. Retail investors must continue to hold the stock in order to claim $100 per share. The community has the power to claim the stocks price.

If a stock is bullish, it’s because its shareholders make it bullish. As long as the community continues to play offense, AMC’s stock price will fundamentally continue to surge.

So, how soon will we see $100 per share?

This is really going to depend on when we cross that resistance level of $63 or so. Crossing this amount will trigger the push for next level around $70 that will further take AMC’s stock price past $100.

I understand shorts continue to short the stock. This is the primary reason why AMC Entertainment is consolidating.

Them attacking the upticks only validates just how bullish this stock is. The funny thing is they’re losing money every day. While short attacks might slow the progress down, they can’t prolong the inevitable.

Before you think of selling at $100

Charles Payne

Don’t be a paper hand Portnoy. Or else…

LMAO, if you don’t know what I’m referencing that’s okay. Remember that AMC Entertainment hasn’t squeezed yet. I understand everyone’s financial situation is different.

However, the road to $100 per share is all going to be fundamental. The community is in this for a short squeeze. Many of us are already up several gains, but we continue to hold the stock.

There’s more money in my accounts than there has ever been but I don’t have the slightest excitement to cash in. Why? Because shorts haven’t even covered. And I know this is majority of the communities sentiment.

What hodling can mean for you

Holding your stock means you own AMC Entertainment, the company. You truly are an owner of this gigantic century old business.

Your shares are your tickets to that world you keep envisioning. Don’t forget why you got in the first place. All great things take time, so be patient. Blessings are coming for all.

Except hedge funds, they’re totally screwed.

Continue to spread the message

I have to say, I’m extremely proud of my Discord community. Apes here are sharing great DD amongst each other. Our new members are always learning something new.

Here’s a personal invitation to the Discord if you’re not a member yet. AMC with Frank Nez is a safe environment for retail investors to learn about AMC and and get their voices heard.

If you found this article to be helpful in any way, shape, or form leave me a comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

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  1. Tim

    Hi Frank,

    just wondering if your outlook changed now that we are back in the 30Β΄s…

    Decided to buy a couple more in the upper 40Β΄s, but now underwater, of course.

    Enjoy reading your articles, good insight, thanks a lot!

    • Frank Nez

      Hi Tim,

      My conviction in the stock hasn’t changed. If this drops low enough it also gives short sellers an opportunity to cover before it goes back up. Not worried – shorts have to cover, there’s no way around it. Thanks for reading 🀝

  2. Mona Lisa

    Thanks Frank!
    As always it’s a pleasure to read your articles. Straight up facts without any BS.
    Selling at 100 ? Hello NO! I’m holding strong until they cover.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Frank Nez

      Thanks for coming back! I appreciate your comment 🀝✨

  3. Craig Gifford

    Frank, I ready all your articles as I watch Trey and Matt. You three tell it like it is. I appreciate the great DD you all do. Your precise touch putting it in words that make GREAT sense. I’m a father of 3 kids, 8 grandkids, 2 of those kids live with my wife and I. We are both medical professionals and finding time to read dig in to some DD is very time consuming. I trust you 3 to keep us informed of the changes and surprises we apes come across at times. God bless you and you family Frank. Thank for holding for us! I’m holding for you. 747 shares worth.

    • Frank Nez

      Craig, I appreciate your comment brother 🀝 Believe me when I say we will continue to share any and all data that presents itself to us. Love to hear you guys are in the medical profession, my fiancΓ© is too. God bless πŸ™

  4. Scott

    Hi Frank, I enjoyed your article enough to take the time to tell you I have never left a comment before,,, it was nice to read an unbiased no axe to grind beef with the company piece good job!!

    • Frank Nez

      Hey Scott! I appreciate that brother, thank you 🀝

  5. Brandy

    I just want to say thank you for what your doing! I’m new to this whole world of stocks and investing and the way you explain things, I can actually understand you makes the world of difference! So glad I stumbled across your page and group… It’s truly amazing! I don’t own many stocks of AMC but, I am definitely holding the ones I do have because when this hits the moon…. It’s going to be life changing for my family!

    I almost teared up when you explained how I actually owned that part of this company.. I’ve never did anything like this in my life before! Not letting go of it until I see big rewards!! Power to the little people!!

    • Frank Nez

      It brings me great pleasure to provide value to the community. Thank you for commenting Brandy 🀝✨

  6. James

    Thanks Frank, and the other mature Apes who continue to provide information, guidance and reality to the new Apes, as we continue on this once in a lifetime journey to the moon. I understand that some Apes keep losing focus of the big picture, but with the patience and due diligence from you and the other Apes, our hopes and dreams will eventually come to fruition.
    Thanks again for your expertise.

    • Frank Nez

      Thank you for your comment James – blessings are coming brother 🀝

  7. Phil Camilleri

    Always enjoy your articles.

    • Frank Nez

      Thank you Phil, I appreciate that brother 🀝

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