AMC Stock Is About To Squeeze: Here’s Life Next Week

AMC short squeeze

Short sellers continue to bet against AMC in hopes to cover their losses at a significantly lower price. AMC Entertainment is up almost 2500% year-to-date and has hedge funds accruing losses daily.

Contrarian hedge funds seem to be in a very sticky situation. They’re overleveraging their positions to the point of no return. Put on your helmets, we’re going home.

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Remember when we dealt a massive $1.2 billion blow to hedge funds back in May? Well shorts have doubled down their positions ever since. A short squeeze is imminent and it’s going to be MASSIVE. They’re amplifying their losses and all it’s going to take to squeeze them out is volume.

Whether we create this volume tomorrow, next week, or next month is completely up to us. That’s right apes, it’s time for us retail investors to play in offense one last time.

Short sellers borrow millions of shares to short AMC

It is truly remarkable to see the lengths the human psyche will go just to protect its pride.

According to Stonk-O-Tracker, short sellers are borrowing more than 2 million shares to currently short AMC Entertainment stock. “Shorting the stock” is a method used by short sellers to drive the price of a stock down.

And although short selling has served it’s purpose to keep things balanced in the past, it has since been taken advantage of; allowing hedge funds to shatter businesses across the United States. A very un-American way if you ask me.

AMC stock continues to get shorted
How to read Stonk-O-Tracker for beginners

However, shorting AMC stock has now been a pride game. They refuse to accept AMC Entertainment is no longer going bankrupt and continue to lose millions with each passing day.

That’s right. According to Business Insider hedge funds cannot plug up this sinking ship. If you’ve been spectating this entire game then you must know this is only the beginning to an end.

CNBC has also shamed short sellers with Cramer stating, β€œanyone shorting AMC or GameStop is out of their mind“.

AMC stock reaches an all-time high

AMC stock reaches new records

AMC’s highest stock price pre-pandemic was around the mid $30 range. The stock price has soared due to an increase in demand for these moon tickets.

Hedge funds are borrowing moon tickets and selling them for less pushing the stock price down. They eventually have to buy these tickets back to pay the broker they borrowed them from.

However, enough demand for the stock will result in a price increase. The brokers will see hedge funds cannot keep up the pace and demand the tickets back they borrowed.

Hedge funds will have to buy back the tickets (stock) from retail investors at a higher price, furthermore multiplying the demand. Your stock’s price will skyrocket due to squeezing these “short sellers” out of their positions.

This narrative paints exactly what’s occurring with AMC Entertainment at the moment.

Hedge funds now need more capital to operate

Charles Schwab raised margin requirements for short sellers betting against both AMC and GME stock a while back. This means brokers are taking notice of their overleveraged positions and now require them to keep larger sums of cash at hand as a form of collateral.

Hedge funds are now being looked at by their brokers who already think their bet is a risky play. This is truly the beginning of the end.

A short squeeze can happen next week

You read that correctly. Seasoned apes, or retail investors, have brought short sellers to the edge of the cliff. You just don’t know it because they began pushing back by doubling their short positions.

However, they’re literally the last fuel to take us to Andromeda. It’s a whole lot of us, and not so many of them. So what’s it gonna take to trigger this mother of all short squeezes?

More of us. That’s right – volume is the final catalyst to this momentum trade. We have short sellers on the edge of their seats right now. Their entire job was to make us feel like we were shrinking. They did this by further overleveraging their positions and moving the price down as the stock was held.

However, they’ve dug their graves so deep now that with an increase in retail investor and buying power, a short squeeze is now imminent.

Where will you be when AMC squeezes?

Have you thought about this? I want to prepare you for this life changing event. We know all it’s going to take for AMC to squeeze now is one final push.

I don’t believe the community should be preparing to hold anymore. Let go and prepare for this play to finally squeeze. Start preparing yourself for that moment of offense as we give AMC that last push.

This is the final call for new retail investors to join the trade. After this, only the archives of what you could have been a part of will remain. The chapter would have closed, and there will only be ‘what ifs’.

AMC short squeeze prediction?

AMC short squeeze prediction

No, this is not an AMC short squeeze prediction. View it as a farewell to the world you’re currently living in. The doors on this ship aren’t opening anymore. There’s no DD that will make or break what’s occurring right now. Only information for the archives.

If you can’t sense it in the air are you even breathing? Leave everyone who doubted you on Earth. Are you going to push the hedgies over the cliff now? Next week? Or are you going to patiently wait for the inevitable?

AMC begins to squeeze while you’re at work

What do you do? Let me know in the comment section below what your exact reaction is as AMC begins to see massive gains while you’re on the job. I’d love to hear about it.

And if you haven’t joined my Discord group, here’s a personal invitation. When AMC squeezes we will be observing it here and sharing any and all information related to this event.

I’ll leave my social media accounts below in case you need to reach me.

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  1. Mario Celenza

    Im fairly new to investing and does it ever seem i got on this Ape to moon group at the right time , i really enjoy reading all of your articles Frank it helps with the DD thank you.

  2. deltakappa29

    I hope it happens while im at work so I can call everyone and brag.. I just want it to hit 500 to 1000

  3. Aaron

    Love this article keep up the work instead like other which is own by Citadel keep hating.

    As for me brought more moon tickets thanks to hedgie dip at $38.97 now we close at $47.88 today. So ya I’m pump for this life changing event chilling on the moon giving the hedgies the bird while they sit here on earth.

    Maybe then SEC will stop watching porn and do something for once.

    • Frank Nez

      haha thanks for commenting Aaron – πŸš€

  4. Matt

    I’m going to cry like a big fucking baby, and then I’m contacting a realtor in California to buy a house so I can get joint custody of my daughter. I imagine myself falling to my knees like William Defoe in Platoon. Holding xxxx shares. Bought 7 more shares today. #tothemoonandback

    • Frank Nez

      I added to my position yesterday too – best of luck Matt, rooting for you brother

  5. Alex

    Hello , I am Alex from Spain . I have 500 shares and I also want to be part of the ape army!!! We wiil drestroy to Hegde funds!! Hooold!!

    • Frank Nez

      Welcome Alex – happy to have you here 🀝

  6. Toddfather

    Exercising my options have let me with almost 9k shares at an $11 average. This has already changed my life. I’m stoked for what is to come.

  7. Kara

    I’ll likely be at work when it does squeeze but understand a squeeze can sometimes take days so hopefully I can catch it on the way down!

  8. AJ

    I was first told about this movement at $10 a share. Should have listened. I finally got smart and bought in the low 50s. I have 200 shares. It has been an eye opening experience for me to see just how crooked and corrupt America can be. How big money can cheat the system and pay small fines while profiting billions of dollars. Bet against American companies and put them out of business for a profit. The media won’t talk about it. The governing bodies ignore it and we sit and watch the wealth gap get bigger and bigger and bigger. Regardless of what side of the aisle you vote for one thing is clear. There is no free market in America and when politicians leave office they leave a whole lot richer. It’s time we stand up and stick it right back to the people that have kept us down and demand change.

  9. Nije

    I have over 140 shares for the past month awaiting this eruption “Diamond Hands”

    • Frank Nez

      Right on! πŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ’Ž

  10. Sharissa

    If it happens next week, I’ll be at Disney World with the Family 🀣 so the happiest person on earth will be at the happiest place on earth…allegedly.

    • Frank Nez

      Imagine! That be awesome

  11. Jan Weber

    I am new to all this, on a fixed income, but want to be part of the ape army! Such fun! I am only able to afford 2 shares, planning on buying them tomorrow, and then going to enjoy the ride! As am retired, can watch it all from my armchair. Would be nice to gain enough to pay off some debt.

    • Frank Nez

      Welcome Jan, thank you for being here 🀝✨

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