AMC CEO Speaks on Short Thesis in New Letter

Market News Daily - AMC CEO Speaks on Short Thesis in New Letter.
Market News Daily – AMC CEO Speaks on Short Thesis in New Letter.

AMC Entertainment (NYSE:AMC) CEO Adam Aron is reiterating his take on the short thesis in a new letter published to shareholders.

On Friday, Vice Chancellor Morgan T. Zurn rejected a nine-figure settlement that would have let the conversion proceed while handing out extra stock to mitigate the impact on ordinary shareholders. 

Shares of the movie theatre company rose more than +87% after hours while APE shares dropped more than -14%.

The CEO took it to Twitter on Sunday to update shareholders on the risks, the company’s lawsuit, and his personal thoughts on the short thesis.

“AMC must be in a position to raise equity capital. I repeat, to protect AMC’s shareholder value over the long term, we MUST be able to raise equity capital.

That is especially the case now with the added uncertainty caused by the writers and actors strikes, which could delay the release of movies currently scheduled for 2024 and 2025.

If we are unable to raise equity capital, the risk materially increases of AMC conceivably running out of cash in 2024 or 2025, or of AMC being unable to satisfactorily refinance and stretch out the maturity of some of our debt (which is required of us beginning as early as 2024.)

The risk of financial collapse is not whimsical. Cineworld/Regal, the second largest movie theatre chain in the world, fell into bankruptcy and their equity holders were essentially wiped out. Bed, Bath and Beyond which was viewed as the third most watched meme stock, also fell into bankruptcy and their equity holders also were essentially wiped out.

Fortunately, at AMC, we have been much smarter, much more agile and much more skillful. We have risen to every Covid challenge heretofore, and I have every confidence in our continued ability to successfully navigate through these complicated times,” Adam Aron said in his letter.

AMC CEO on Eliminating Short Thesis

Market News Daily - AMC CEO Speaks on Short Thesis in New Letter.
Market News Daily – AMC CEO Speaks on Short Thesis in New Letter.

The best way to eliminate the Wall Street short thesis according Adam Aron is by successfully growing the company’s fundamentals.

Which makes absolute sense, though if you’re in AMC for a short-term flip it might not be very practical.

AMC Entertainment today is a company you want to invest in long-term, especially if you’re an absolute movie lover and have grown to be part of the company’s mission, survive first and thrive later.

A short squeeze is still very probable, although in terms of buying power from retail, as seen during the ‘meme stock’ frenzy of 2021, may slowly wear down as a reverse stock split will make it more expensive for new buyers to bulk up on the stock.

After all, short squeezes require big volume to trigger the process.

“AMC Entertainment must put ourselves in a position to be able to raise equity capital.

That is what will make it more likely that first we survive and then that we thrive. Indeed, over the last several years, there has been an enormous short share position in AMC stock.

In my view, the wisest way to defeat that short thesis is to take bankruptcy risk off the table, to the extent possible.

And we do that by AMC being able to raise equity if, as and when needed.

Accordingly, given the absolute imperative to be able to raise equity capital going forward, we take seriously the Court’s Friday ruling.

In response, yesterday we along with the plaintiffs filed with the Delaware Court, a modification of the legal release surrounding the settlement of the Delaware litigation in an effort to address the Court’s voiced concern.

If the Court agrees, it would be our hope to implement as soon as possible the plan approved in the AMC stockholders election in March,” said Adam Aron.

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Market News Today - AMC CEO Speaks on Short Thesis in New Letter.
Market News Today – AMC CEO Speaks on Short Thesis in New Letter.

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    Put your money back into the company Mr. Aron. A reverse split at this point is for your benefit and not the company’s. Shareholders saved your ass 2 years ago and this is how you repay them.

  2. Pepe

    How many times is this? 2? 3? It seems every time the momentum for a squeeze happens, my boy Adam intervenes and share price drops. Am I the only one that is seeing this? Am I imagining things?
    Clearly there is stock manipulation going on, but who is in it? I would like for a law firm subpoena all of Adam’s correspondence just to make sure he’s on our side.
    Why tweet about the letter now? Does he know the cash potential of a short squeeze on Monday? Has he ever heard of the GameStop squeeze?

    • Teraflash

      His priority is not a short squeeze but rather to avoid risk of bankruptcy. The
      fact that he issued a letter to inform shareholders is not a bad thing. If he had any say on a short squeeze happening then it would’ve happened a while back before APE was even issued. If you don’t like AMC or the CEO, just sell your shares and move on. I’ve done that several times already and my average is great 🙂

      • Joey

        So from your post: You’re not even close to being a true holder. You stated that you’ve bought and sold several times.~basically a fucking day trader. That also tells me you haven’t held long enough to know shit about AMC. Go back and look at the charts (long term, not short) and see the immediate run ups and correlate them to Adams’ posts. The other AMC holders that posted after me can tell you it’s happened before.

      • Teraflash

        I sold when it was at $68, $54 and $39. What do I know…not a diamond hand or cry baby for sure. I’ve even following AMC when it was under $3 and when Wanda group still owned it. That shows how much you really know or little that you know.


      I agree! Something is missing here and an investigation into Adam Aron is merited. All AMC investors who bought shares over $40 per share would be devastated by a 20-1 reverse split. The shareholders that saved the company are getting screwed.

    • Miguel

      100% agreed, AA is a con man, I once believed he was on our side, but those days are gone since I began seeing all the crap he’s been doing right when we go on a large run. From selling his shares, a dividence that almost lost its complete value that didn’t do a damn thing but lose inventors money, to diluting it to raise money and stopping the squeeze and now this crap. He wants to do a RS thinking this won’t get shorted down again. A RS is hardly every a positive thing unless your Tesla and a couple others out there. But mostly 95% of stocks that do a RS end up being right back in the same spot they were in before.

      This man has to go, 2.5 years since we retail have saved the company and the company still is bleeding money cause he hasn’t changed then format on which the company runs. Still running the same way he before the pandemic. He is terrible and everything he touched dies.

  3. Frank Nez

    Leave your thoughts below.

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