AMC CEO Adam Aron Curses Mainstream Media

AMC CEO Adam Aron Curses Mainstream Media
Market News Daily: AMC CEO Adam Aron Curses Mainstream Media.

AMC Entertainment (NYSE:AMC) CEO Adam Aron has cursed two mainstream media outlets in the past week.

The CEO expressed his anger on Twitter as bigger media outlets continue to report misinformation about the movie theater chain company.

In March, Adam Aron put MarketWatch on the spotlight when it was reporting APE (NYSE:APE) at a 93.79 billion market cap.

“Market Watch currently showing 93.79 billion APEs outstanding. Clearly WRONG, wildly so. We are calling them now demanding this get corrected immediately. Also reviewing many other data sources to check for accuracy. So curse-word-here irresponsible that they publish false info,” said the CEO on Twitter.

Robinhood (NASDAQ:HOOD) and other brokerages were also reporting AMC Entertainment at a $417 billion market cap and even $421 billion market cap.

The CEO had no comments on Robinhood though users did report the broker eventually fixed AMC’s market cap.

But the latest misinformation by Benzinga really upset the CEO.

Last month, reports came out about Amazon considering the acquisition of AMC Entertainment.

Amazon insiders said these were real talks within the company but that neither party had any real offers on the table.

Here is where Benzinga messed up.

Benzinga Reports False Information about AMC

Benzinga AMC
Market News Daily: AMC CEO Adam Aron Curses Mainstream Media.

The media company was reporting on its website that AMC Entertainment was acquired by on Tuesday, March 28, 2023.

Benzinga later made the following statement:

“A Benzinga stock profile page inadvertently displayed information about AMC Entertainment and Amazon that originated from a rumor reported by another media outlet earlier this week.

The stock page should have noted the unconfirmed nature of the information and the language has been removed.”

But AMC’s CEO wasn’t content with the statement.

Adam Aron cursed the media outlet on social media stating the following:

“It is longstanding company policy not to comment on M&A rumors and speculation. Comment once, you have to do it always. But then comes along this DUCKING web site. Obviously the information highlighted in orange did not happen on March 28! #AreTheseDUCKERSjustDumbOrEvil

“Many 4-letter words rhyme with DUCK. Buck, Cuck, Huck, Luck, Muck, Puck, Suck, Tuck,Yuck. Can you think of any four letter word I forgot to include? To paraphrase the talented and always lively Samuel L. Jackson, “I am aghast and angry, you Mother Duckers.”

The CEO later said, “the 2023 award for Dumbest Most Incompetent Web Site on the Planet goes to…! While it issued a correction after we shamed them Sunday, I do not see an apology. But that doesn’t matter because we would not have accepted it. Shameful contemptible conduct!”

Apes Have Warned the CEO of Mainstream Media

In the past, apes have warned the CEO of mainstream media misconduct.

Now Adam Aron is getting a taste of what shareholders have been putting up with and reporting for years now.

For too long, the CEO neglected to acknowledge the manipulation of the media and other reports related to the company’s stock.

Perhaps this will lead AMC CEO Adam Aron to go down the rabbit hole of the injustices occurring in his company stock.

But I’m curious to know what you think.

Leave your thoughts below.

AMC Entertainment stock is down more than -22% on Tuesday.

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Market News Today – AMC CEO Adam Aron Curses Mainstream Media.

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  1. Josie

    Hey Aaron. Is the big boy crying because someone’s lied about his company. Oh my God ….grow up ….take it like a man. It’s funny how you can screw over all your shareholders but when it comes to someone that’s doing false advertising about AMC then you cry. How about crying for your shareholders …..that lost a lot of money due to your stupid games. Calling your split a dividend by driving your stock down from $22 to five dollars and then try to do another reversal split and making sure that a lot of shareholders didn’t get their vote proxies so that you can turn around and say yes for us. You should be ashamed of yourself. You’re nothing but a crook. So stop crying maybe… I will give you a tissue

  2. Chip

    AA is nothing but talk. He will actually end up doing nothing to help the retail investors. He has already made his millions and now he is screwing the retail investors that helped save this company 2 years ago. The retail investors put their trust in AA and are now losing the money they invested in AMC.

    • Frank Nez

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Chip.


    Mr. Aron is full of shit and does nothing to protect his investors. He should resign today and get someone in there that gives a damn.

    • Frank Nez

      🤔 the current situation is unfortunate.

  4. Stevehoping

    Wish he would spew the same vitriol against those who have been manipulating the stock price for the last 20 months, especially with his big APE play designed to be a “pounce” on the shorters.

    • Frank Nez

      I wonder if he will eventually be led to look into it.

  5. Frank Nez

    Leave your thoughts below.

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